Assalamu ‘alaykum.

I’m sending this messages from Brussels in Belgium to the people of Pakistan to say to them that – your moment in history has arrived. India won her freedom 75 years ago; and it is time enough for Pakistan to win her freedom as well. For the first time, perhaps, in Pakistan’s history, a leader emerege who slapped the ‘Yankee’ Generals on their faces when he declared, defiantly so, that “Pakistan” will no longer fight America’s war for America. He then proceeded to deliever an even more powerful slap on the face of Pax Americana when he declared that “Afghanistan has broken the shackels of slavery”.

I have confidence that the people of Pakistan will not betray such a leader, and hence, will now wage a historic struggle for freedom that will dazzle the world. Insha’ Allah…

With Love,

Imran N. Hosein

Assalamu ‘alaykum.

I regret to announce that a vehicle crashed into the rear of my car as I was driving with my wife to our new home in the remote Trinidad countryside. She had some back-pain from the impact of the crash, but has now recovered – Alhamdulillah.

I am forced to postpone travel to UK by, perhaps, a month, in order to attend to legal matters pertaining to crash, to ensure that my car is repaired Insha Allah.

My lecture in Birmingham on January 28th is now postponed to a new date that will soon be announced, all other lectures in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, and London, as well as in Brussels and Rotterdam, are similarly postponed to new dates soon to be announced Insha Allah.

I regret the inconvenience caused to those who were planning on travelling from far to attend my lectures.

With Love,

Imran N. Hosein

As’salamu ‘alaykum! We are pleased to announce that In’sha’Allah, Sheikh Imran N. Hosein will be delivering a lecture entitled

Khidr & The New Model of Islamic Scholarship in Akhir Al Zaman

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Khidr & The New Model of Islamic Scholarship in Akhir Al-Zaman



As’salamu ‘alaykum! We are pleased to announce that In’sha’Allah, Sheikh Imran N. Hosein will be delivering a lecture entitled

The Qur’an and Inflation

in 4 Eton Rd 4 Eton Road Ilford IG1 2XG United Kingdom Sun, 29 January 2023, 15:30 – 18:00 GMT.

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The Qur’an and Inflation



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As’salamu ‘alaykum! We are pleased to announce that In’sha’Allah, Sheikh Imran N. Hosein will be delivering a lecture entitled “An Islamic Eschatological Analysis Of The Russia-Ukraine War” in South Birmingham West Midlands UK B99 United Kingdom Sat, 28 January 2023, 17:00 – 20:00 GMT.

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An Islamic Eschatological Analysis Of The Russia-Ukraine War



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As’salamu ‘alaykum! We are pleased to announce that In’sha’Allah, Sheikh Imran N. Hosein will be delivering a lecture entitled “Dajjal, the Jasad, and Da’batul ard” in Portsmouth, UK, on Saturday the 7th of May, 2022.

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In the Caribbean island of Trinidad

December 25th 2021 to January 1st 2022

Summary of Retreat

The distinguished Islamic scholar, Maulānā Dr. Muhammad Fazlur Rahmān Ansārī (رحمه الله), described the state of the Muslim world, more than 50 years ago, as pathetic; today, 50 years later, when Muslims, as well as much of the rest of mankind, are being imprisoned in political and economic slavery, the situation is far worse. Maulānā was of the firm conviction that “Muslims rose to greatness through the Qur’ān, which built them up into a World-Force dedicated to the service of Humanity, and they led Humanity for a long time in every phase of human activity; spiritual, moral, intellectual, aesthetical, economic and political.” He therefore concluded, logically so, that only the Qur’ān could extricate Muslims from the present sorry plight. He expressed these views in his historic magnum opus ‘The Quranic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society’.

This Retreat is organized by those who believe that Maulānā Dr. Ansārī was correct in his view concerning the supreme importance of the Qur’ān for Muslim survival and salvation.

The Qur’ān directed the blessed Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) in Sūrah al-Qiyāmah, to first recite it the way that Allah Most High recited it, and only then would Allah Most High explain the Qur’ān to him. The implication of the above was that study of the Qur’ān was dependent on correct prior recitation of the book:

إِنَّ عَلَيْنَا جَمْعَهُ وَقُرْآنَهُ

(al-Qiyāmah, 75:17)

Behold! Oh Muhammad, it is for Us to gather as a whole (i.e., all the revelations being sent down to you), and it is also for Us to then recite it (i.e., to you).

فَإِذَا قَرَأْنَاهُ فَاتَّبِعْ قُرْآنَهُ

(al-Qiyāmah, 75:18)

Then when We have recited it (i.e., recited that whole Qur’ān to you), you must follow that way of recitation.

ثُمَّ إِنَّ عَلَيْنَا بَيَانَهُ

(al-Qiyāmah, 75:19)

And then, (i.e., after you are reciting the whole Qur’ān the way We have recited it), it would be for Us to explain it (i.e., explain the whole Qur’ān to you).

The first day of this Retreat, conducted by Islamic scholar, Imran N. Hosein, would be devoted entirely to teaching the way that Allah Most High recited the Qur’ān to Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم). Participants should prepare themselves for this day-long session by reading in advance, his book on the subject entitled: The Qur’an and the Moon –  Methodology for Monthly Recitation of the Qur’ān. Participants in the Retreat would all receive complementary copies of this book Insha’ Allah.

Following this first day, Maulānā Siddiq Ahmed Nāsir, who is one of the distinguished students of Maulānā Dr. Ansari, would offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for participants to study Dr. Ansari’s magnificent 2-Vol work: The Quranic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society. Vol 1 of the book will be taught on the 2nd day of the Retreat, and Vol.2 on the 3rd day. Participants should prepare themselves for these two important days of the Retreat by making themselves at least acquainted with this great book which can be downloaded free of charge from the internet. Copies can be purchased from the Online Bookstore

In succeeding two days of the Retreat participants would not only be taught the methodology for the study of the Qur’ān, as explained by Maulānā Dr. Ansārī, but also the application of that methodology for penetrating at least some the Quranic explanations of the reality of modern age. Participants should prepare for these sessions by reading Imran Hosein’s book entitled: Methodology for Study of the Qur’ān. This book, also, can be downloaded free of charge from the internet, or purchased from the Online Bookstore.

Before the concluding session Imran N. Hosein will spend one complete day teaching the subject of his new book, still being written at this time, entitled: From Jesus the True Messiah to Dajjāl the False Messiah – A Journey in Islamic Eschatology. 

Finally, this Retreat will conclude with two days devoted entirely to sessions in which participants can request discussions on contemporary issues which they may choose to raise, and for which they seek guidance from the Qur’ān. Such an issue can be the mysterious universal virus that just would not go away until it has so transformed the world as to facilitate the passage from Pax Americana to Pax Judaica.

The organizers of the Retreat will make the best effort to invite to those concluding sessions Insha’ Allah, distinguished scholars with several different areas of expertise in the Qur’ān, as well as in contemporary affairs.

Those interested in participating in this Retreat should contact the organizers at: [email protected]

This will allow us to provide you with more information about the Retreat as such information becomes available.

Brothers and Sisters,

Assalaamu ‘alaikum!

We begin with Allah’s blessed name. We praise Him and we glorify Him as He ought to be praised and glorified; and we pray for peace and for blessings on all His noble messengers, and in particular on the last of them all, the blessed Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم).

I am grateful to the Lahore Garrison University, and to the organizers, for their kind invitation to me to address this Ist International Conference on Management and Social Sciences.

Thank you, also, for allowing me to choose to address you on the topic of ‘Pakistan – The Way Forward’.

Kindly permit me to begin with a brief introduction to my profile with which I attempt to address this important topic.

After studying philosophy at Karachi University, and Islam at the Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies in Karachi, under the guidance of the distinguished Islamic scholar, philosopher, and Sfī Shaikh, Maulānā Dr. Muhammad Fazlur Rahmān Ansārī, I returned to my native Trinidad and Tobago in 1971 to pursue further studies in international relations at the Institute of International Relations of the University of the West Indies, and then at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. I then worked as a Foreign Service Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago until I resigned from my job, and left that career, in 1985, in order to devote my life exclusively to Islamic scholarship.

The ten years that I then spent in New York, until 9/11, were very important years in which I was able to grow in understanding of, and insight into, world affairs, as well as the world of Islam. I attended and participated in numerous international Islamic conferences from my base in NY, and I also traveled extensively in the United States and Canada while lecturing in dozens of universities, colleges, churches, synagogues and temples, and interacting with priests, rabbis and scholars. I participated in interfaith conferences in the United States with galaxies of Christian priests and ministers, and Jewish rabbis, representing Christianity and Judaism, while I was sometimes the solitary voice for Islam. I even lectured once in a Jewish synagogue. I lectured to almost every Muslim community resident in North America and hailing from every corner of the world of Islam. I also conducted the Salāt al-Jumu’ah and delivered the Khutbah once a month for all those 10 years at the UN Headquarters in Manhattan, and profited immensely from interactions with diplomats and ambassadors from around the world of Islam.

I left USA after 9/11, and since then I have travelled continuously around the world, as well as devoted considerable time to emerge as a writer with some 30 of my books already published, and a few more still being written.

I struggled during all those years to try to locate in the Qur’ān, an explanation of the reality of the world with which I was confronted. It was that intellectual struggle which led me, eventually, to pioneer Islamic eschatology as a new a branch of knowledge in Islamic scholarship. Islamic eschatology is that branch of knowledge which examines, from the Qur’ān, as well as from the Hadīthto the extent that it is harmonious with the Qur’ān—the reality of the world in the End-Time. We know that we are living in the End-Time when we witness the Jews returning to Jerusalem to reclaim it as their own 2000 years after Allah Most High had expelled them, and had banned their return, and then restoring a State of Israel in the Holy Land more than 2000 years after it was destroyed by divine decree.

My scholarly profile is one in which I recognize that the greatest gift I have ever received in my scholarly life was the methodology for study of the Qur’ān which I received from my teacher, Maulānā Dr. Ansārī. I suspect that his mentor, Dr. Muhammad Iqbāl, was of some help to him in his understanding and penetration of that subject.

Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) once likened his Ummah to rain, and went on to prophesy:

مَثَلُ أُمَّتِي مَثَلُ الْمَطَرِ لاَ يُدْرَى أَوَّلُهُ خَيْرٌ أَمْ آخِرُهُ

My Ummah is like the rain. It is not known which shower is better— the first or the last.

(Sunan, Tirmīdhī)

My view is that the last shower of scholarly rain will come from this part of the world of Islam, i.e., Pakistan, and that it would come from the scholarship of Dr. Iqbāl, and from his student, and my teacher of blessed memory, Maulānā Dr. Ansārī.

I learnt from Srah al-Kahf that the most learned of all men, who represents the model of scholarship in the End-Time, is he in whose scholarship knowledge that externally acquired is harmoniously integrated with knowledge that is internally received.

I then learnt that the river of internal knowledge flows at its own speed.

With this brief introduction, we may now proceed to the topic of my address which I will deliver, Insha’ Allah, from the perspective of Islamic eschatology.

Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) once spoke to his companion Mu’ādh ibn Jabal (رضي الله عنه) to give him the following timeline of events which will occur at the end of history. The Hadīth is recorded in the Sunan of Abῡ Daῡd:

عُمْرَانُ بَيْتِ الْمَقْدِسِ خَرَابُ يَثْرِبَ َ خَرَابُ يَثْرِبَ خُرُوجُ الْمَلْحَمَةِ َ خُرُوجُ الْمَلْحَمَةِ فَتْحُ قُسْطَنْطِينِيَّةَ فَتْحُ الْقُسْطَنْطِينِيَّةِ خُرُوجُ الدَّجَّالِ ‏‏

When Jerusalem is center-stage, said the blessed Prophet, and Madīnah is in a state of desolation, the next event to occur would be the Malhamah or Great War, and then would follow the conquest of Constantinople, and, finally, the emergence of Dajjāl.

We know from another prophecy recorded in the Sahīh of Imām al-Bukhārī that he (صلى الله عليه وسلم) prophesied a Great War in which 99% of all combatants would be killed, and that the Great War would be fought for a mountain of gold that would emerge from the River Euphrates. I have offered an interpretation and analysis—political, economic, and monetary—of this prophecy, in several of my books and lectures.

Suffice it to say that I hold the view, shared by many around the world today, that mankind has now arrived at that moment in History which is the very eve of that Great War. The Great War would be a one-time event in History, and would be a war in which NATO and her clients would wage nuclear war on Russia and China, and would do so precisely because of the mountain of gold. May I pause to remind those in Pakistan who are asleep, that Turkey is not only a member-State of NATO, but is also actively at work trying to get all its Turkish-speaking neighbors to join that NATO military alliance.

Pakistan has never faced a more challenging moment, in the entire tumultuous history of the State, than this moment when it must prepare for that greatest of all wars, and for its consequences.

In my book entitled ‘Jerusalem in the Qur’ān’, I have explained, from the perspective of Islamic eschatology, a messianic view of the movement of history in which a Pax Britannica was designed to be replaced by a Pax Americana, so that the Great War would eventually make way for a Pax Judaica, in which the State of Israel would seek to rule the world.

I could never have offered this three-fold eschatological description and analysis of the movement of history, had I not previously benefitted as a student, at the Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies, from a class in the philosophy of history which was taught by the distinguished philosopher, Dr. Burhān Ahmad Fārῡqī, who read for his doctorate in philosophy at Aligarh Muslim University, at the same time with Maulānā Dr. Ansārī, under the guidance of that outstanding Muslim philosopher, Prof. Dr. Syed Zafarul Hassan.

If and when the Great War does break out, both Iran and Pakistan would find that Turkish membership in NATO poses a grave threat to them. Since neither the government of Pakistan, nor the government of Iran, is likely to ever take up the subject with Turkey as vigorously as is required, it remains for the people of both countries to raise their voices loudly enough to force their governments to act on the subject.

I now wish to direct attention to another matter that is even graver for Pakistan than Turkish membership in NATO, and it is that a Pax Judaica cannot permit any Muslim country to have the military means to pose a threat to Israel; and so while the West was content to allow Pakistan to remain a nuclear-armed State, and took no military action against Iran to ensure that Iran would not have the means to join the nuclear club if attacked, this will certainly change if, and when, Pax Judaica emerges. I expect both countries to be attacked concomitantly with Russia and China.

I expect that the attack on Pakistan would be designed to de-nuclearize the State, and to then ensure that it could never again rise up to return as a threat to Israel. I therefore expect that the attack would also be used to attempt to break up Pakistan into bits and pieces.

In addition to trying to convince Turkey to quit NATO membership, how else should Pakistanis prepare for the Great War, as well as the expected attack on the State?

Our response is that Pakistan has to embark on strategic initiatives which would seek to change the strategic environment in a manner that would make it more favorable. Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) set a magnificent example in strategic initiatives which delivered to him precisely such change in his strategic environment.

May we remind you that the founder of Pakistan was famous for his profile as the ambassador of Hindu-Muslim fraternity. That profile, which has been carefully preserved by history, must have caused him considerable pain when he had to abandon what his heart desired, in consequence of the negative conduct of the leaders of Hindu India. Despite that profile of the founder of Pakistan, the Muslims of the entire subcontinent have waited in vain, from the day that Muslim Pakistan broke away from Hindu India, almost 76 years ago, for a strategic initiative that would offer hope for healing the wounds of separation, and restoring some measure of fraternity in Hindu-Muslim relations. Instead, a warmongering Hindu government in India is having a field day in brainwashing the Hindu world with ever-increasing hatred for Muslim Pakistan, while Pakistan appears bereft of any initiative that would take the wind out of Modi’s sails.

Pakistan also has to establish with Orthodox Christian Russia, the same kind of relationship it has intelligently built with China these last 50 years. The Qur’ān has prophesied in Sῡrah al-Māidah (5:82) that a Christian people are destined to become closest in love and affection for Muslims. I hold the view that the end-time conquest of Constantinople, prophesied by Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم), will open the way for Hagia Sophia to be returned to those to whom it rightfully belongs, and that, in turn, would result in the fulfillment of the divine prophecy.

It should not be difficult for our audience to recognize that the Ertugrul drama series which is now being broadcast, with Zionist assistance and approval, on television screens all around the world, constitutes a blatant attempt of indoctrination and brainwashing in favor of an Ottoman Empire which continuously oppressed precisely those Christians, with bogus Jihād for 600 years.

Our discerning audience would also recognize the betrayal of the Qur’ān during the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453, in the Sultān’s response of ‘war’ to the plea for ‘peace’ made by the Christian Emperor, Constantine Xl, both before the commencement of the war, as well as while the war was in progress.

Allah Most High has commanded in Sῡrah al-Anfāl:

وَإِن جَنَحُواْ لِلسَّلْمِ فَاجْنَحْ لَهَا وَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللّهِ إِنَّهُ هُوَ السَّمِيعُ الْعَلِيمُ

(Qur’ān, al-Anfāl, 8:61)

But if they incline to peace, you must also incline to peace, and place your trust in Allah: verily, He alone is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

They will also recognize the Sultān’s blatant violation of the command of the Qur’ān that the believers must fight, if necessary, to protect churches, cathedrals, synagogues, and Masājid. Allah Most High says in Sῡrah al-Hajj:

… وَلَوْلَا دَفْعُ اللَّهِ النَّاسَ بَعْضَهُم بِبَعْضٍ لَّهُدِّمَتْ صَوَامِعُ وَبِيَعٌ وَصَلَوَاتٌ وَمَسَاجِدُ يُذْكَرُ فِيهَا اسْمُ اللَّهِ كَثِيرًا وَلَيَنصُرَنَّ اللَّهُ مَن يَنصُرُهُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَقَوِيٌّ عَزِيزٌ

(Qur’ān, al-Hajj, 22:40)

If Allah had not ordained that some people resist others, all monasteries, churches, synagogues and Masājid—in all of which Allah’s name is abundantly extolled—would surely have been destroyed; and Allah will most certainly help those who help His cause, for, verily, Allah is Most Powerful, Almighty.

Our audience would be happy to learn that the announcement that we will one day return Hagia Sophia to that Christian world, which is led by Russia, may have already reaped wondrous dividends. The Russian Foreign Minister recently visited Pakistan with the equivalent of a blank check!

The withdrawal of US forces from Saigon led to the collapse of South Vietnam. I do not expect that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will result in an immediate collapse of the government in Kabul. But the writing is on the wall, and the world can eventually expect a restoration of an Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan some 20 years after the previous one collapsed in the aftermath of a false-flag 9/11 attack on America. If an Islamic Emirate is restored in Afghanistan, an opportunity would then present itself for Pakistan to try to conduct the affairs of State on the basis of Truth, rather than conventional political wisdom.

An Islamic Emirate that is guided by the Qur’ān may, perhaps, learn from mistakes committed 25 years ago. Hence it would not seek membership in either the United Nations Organization (UNO) or in the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and would thus have no legal obstacles preventing it from declaring the gold Dinār and silver Dirham as legal tender. When that happens, the government of Pakistan would find to its surprise that it has run out of time, and can no longer postpone the inevitable recognition of Dinār and Dirham as legal tender in this country as well.

Once gold and silver coins are readily available in the market, the government of Pakistan should then take bold steps to remove the Zionist monetary rope that has been tied around its neck for more than 70 years, and which has now been tightened to the extent that it threatens to strangulate. Pakistan must declare, unilaterally so, that the Moral Law is the highest law, and there is no place for oppression in that law. The present interest payments on loans, negotiated by Zionist economic hit-men, is oppressing the country and its people. Pakistan must declare that it will no longer pay interest on such loans, but pledge itself to repay the capital sum borrowed. Such repayment, however, must be based on a timetable subject to Pakistan’s capacity to repay.

Finally, Br. Chairman, Pakistan must pledge itself, while still there is time to do so, to be faithful to Absolute Truth (al-Haqq al-Yaqīn) located in the Qur’ān. The conduct of State must conform to that Absolute Truth. While accepting that conformity with Absolute Truth does not at this time obtain in the conduct of State of this country, a pledge must nevertheless be made to make the effort to achieve that objective. I direct this part of my address, of course, to that part of Pakistan which still longs to be faithful to the Qur’ān. I am painfully aware that there are others who would protest to the Angel Gabriel, who was sent by Allah Most High to inform Mariam (عليها السلام) that she would have a baby-boy:

“Go back!”

“She is still a child.”

“Come back when she has reached 18 years of age.”

It would be a futile effort to address those whose notion of truth has come from a bogus secular scripture which arrived by Federal Express from Bandarabad (i.e., Monkey Town. For an explanation of the use of this term, see my book entitled ‘Constantinople in the Qur’ān’).

Such people must not be allowed to prevent this country from returning, in its conduct of State, to Truth located in the blessed Qur’ān.

Pakistan’s greatest assets are its abundant youth and children, and my Islamic eschatology indicates to me that they are in greater danger at this time in the historical process than ever before in human history. If proper steps are not taken immediately to protect them, this country will eventually reap a bitter harvest of a nation filled with automatons who would be bereft of capacity to either think for themselves, or choose for themselves; rather, others will think for them, and others will choose for them, and they will dance to every tune played for them. It is called brainwashing—and it is blatantly practiced on television around the world today, every day and every night, without even a fig leaf to cover its abominable shame.

The first step on the road to depriving children, in particular, of their freedom, seems to me to be the damage done to memory by the electromagnetic waves with which we are inundated since the emergence of the cellular phone and the Internet. Parents who do not want to have to answer on Judgment Day for damage done to their children should make haste to find a place of residence where bees can still produce honey, and where the smallest of birds can still fly.

In addition, it is important that children recite the Qur’ān every day so that the Qur’ān can heal them of damage already done to the mind. My book entitled ‘The Qur’ān and the Moon— Methodology of Monthly Recitation of the Qur’ān’ has taught the way to recite the Qur’ān in order that it can deliver Shifā or healing, as well as protect from the dangers which now surround them. Allah Most High has declared in Sῡrah al-Isra’:

وَإِذَا قَرَأْتَ الْقُرآنَ جَعَلْنَا بَيْنَكَ وَبَيْنَ الَّذِينَ لاَ يُؤْمِنُونَ بِالآخِرَةِ حِجَابًا مَّسْتُورًا

(Qur’ān, al-Isra’, 17:45)

And whenever you recite the Qur’ān We place a Hijāb, or an invisible barrier, between you and those who do not believe in the life to come.

Before I end, allow me to address a few words concerning the virus. The Muslim believes that all of creation was an act of a Wise and Loving God. He also believes that beneath the material, there is a spiritual reality. In Dr. Iqbāl’s inimitable phrase, a Muslim embraces a spiritual interpretation of the universe.1

It follows that nature is enveloped in Truth and cannot, therefore deliver an epidemic which would embrace all of mankind at the same time; yet, this virus seems to have embraced every major town and city all over the world at the same time.

The discerning believer would therefore easily recognize that the present virus did not come from nature; rather it is a case of biological warfare waged by the most evil of all people. I therefore do not trust their vaccine and will not take it. Indeed, this has to be the biological warfare prophesied by the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) which is designed to eventually wipe out the Arabs, the way sheep die in a plague. But this world is a Moral Order, and hence, in the ominous words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, they will one day have to drink the same poison which they brewed for others. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) prophesied that they would be attacked at the top of the spine by a virus which would paralyze them, and by next morning they would all be dead; and praise is due to Allah Most Just.

I thank you.




  1. In the sixth lecture of his ‘Reconstruction of Religious thought in Islam’ under the heading ‘The principle of movement in the structure of Islam’, Iqbāl has commented that: “Humanity needs three things today: a spiritual interpretation of the universe, spiritual emancipation of the individual and basic principles of a universal import directing the evolution of human society on a spiritual basis.”

Catalogue of Books

A Note From Us

Imran N Hosein’s pioneering books in Islamic eschatology have provided vitally important information, knowledge and guidance to large numbers of people, both Muslim and non-Muslim, allowing them to ‘connect the dots’ – both of history, as well as of current events—and to thus recognize and understand the reality of the modern age. The result has often been that many have been awakened from sleep, and many lives have changed.

Among those books are his best-seller entitled Jerusalem in the Qur’ān, as well as Dajjāl the Qur’ān and Awwal al-Zamān, The Qur’ān Dajjāl and the Jasad, Constantinople in the Qur’ān, An Islamic View of Gog and Magog in the Modern World, Sūrah al-Kahf and the Modern Age, The Gold Dinār and Silver Dirham – Islam and the Future of Money, etc.

These books are an excellent addition to every home’s library.


Imran N. Hosein

I have just received the very sad news of the death in Malaysia, of the distinguished Sudanese Islamic scholar, Dr. Malik Badri (رحمه الله). May Allah have Mercy on his soul and forgive him his sins. May He grant that he might sleep peacefully in his grave, and that he might be raised on Judgement Day, and by His Kindness and Mercy, be blessed to enter Jannah. Ameen!

I will forever cherish his memory as one of my truly great teachers. I read his pioneering book in Islamic psychology, The Dilemma of Muslim Psychologists, when I was still a college student in my native island of Trinidad. It thrilled me, and opened my appetite, as great books do, for more knowledge on the subject.

I was truly honored to meet Dr. Badri in person for the first time in 1987, when we both attended an International Conference on Islamic Education in Cairo. Despite his status as the most highly acclaimed and internationally recognized Islamic scholar in Islamic Psychology, he took time to sit with me at that conference to try to satisfy my thirst for more knowledge from the author of that great book. His humility and charm, and simplicity of style in discussing with me subjects of profound importance, were all signs of a great teacher, and a great servant of Allah Most High.

I realized over the years that Dr. Badri was gifted by Allah Most High with internal Nūr, or light, with which to penetrate the reality of things, and hence was never deceived by appearances. His profound psychological analysis of the reality of modern Western civilization made a significant input, in later years, assisting me in my own work in Islamic eschatology.

When I visited the International Islamic University in Malaysia for the first time, in 1991, and renewed my fraternal scholarly ties with a great teacher, he honored me by inviting me to deliver a lecture at the university. My incipient expertise in ‘Islam and International Affairs’ was in great demand, and the invitation was repeated several times at the university, and again at the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization, when he became Dean of the Institute.

We spent numerous memorable evenings together in small gatherings at private residences, sharing dinner in Malaysia, with other learned scholars, all of whom had a common trait – they were independent thinkers and were not muzzled with 9/11 chains around their necks. It was always a thrilling experience for me to sit in those informal gatherings with Muslim scholars whose scholarship ranged from the Qur’ān and Hadīth to Psychology, Sociology, Economics, History, Philosophy, and Politics to my own International Affairs, and who could exchange views with mutual respect and fraternal scholarly decorum.  

I invariably emerged from those long and fascinating dinner discussion sessions with more knowledge. I tried to learn from Dr. Badri the abiding value of humility, charm and simplicity of style, while discussing difficult subjects. It was at one of those sessions that he gave me an autographed copy of a recent book of his, entitled Contemplation: An Islamic Psycho-spiritual Study.

I turned to Dr. Badri in 2002, to ask him to write the Foreword of my book entitled Jerusalem in the Qur’ān; and then again, soon after, to write the Foreword of another book of mine entitled The Qur’ānic Method of Curing Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. On both occasions he responded positively to my request.

The 9/11 terrorist attack on America had just occurred as Jerusalem in the Qur’ān was being prepared for publication.  It was a book which turned to the Qur’ān to expose Dajjāl’s fraudulent State of Israel. It was a time when many scholars, particularly those resident in the USA, were afraid to even mention my name. Twenty years later they are still too afraid to even mention my name. But Dr. Malik Badri was not afraid, at that moment in time when the war on Islam and Muslims had grown from a storm to a tempest, to accept my invitation and to write what is now recognized as a historic Foreword to a book which became my bestseller. Dr. Badri was not afraid to call a spade a spade – and that is the profile of a true scholar.

In his Foreword to my book on The Quranic Method of Curing Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, Dr. Badri was uncompromisingly forthright in exposing the danger posed by modern Western civilization. The insatiable demand for drugs in the West was exposed as a symptom of an unbalanced secular civilization which had lost its way, and was yet was adamantly refusing to the take the road to recovery and to health offered by the Qur’ān.


I remember that in my last dinner/discussion session with him, at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, 2 or 3 years ago, he was frankly disturbed by the forthright and uncompromising way that I argued my view that a Hadīth in Sahīh Bukhārī, which declared that Nabī Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) married a child, was fabricated, since it was in conflict with the Qur’ān. His response to my views, advising a gentler way of dealing with the subject, caused me to realize that it would indeed be a very difficult task to persuade the world of Islamic scholarship that the Qur’ān must sit in judgement over the Hadīth literature.

Perhaps the most important intellectual legacy of this great scholar of Islamic psychology was his warning of the danger posed by modern Western civilization to the social and psychological health of mankind.

Although Dr. Badri is no longer with us, he still lives on in the illuminating books which he wrote, in particular, “The Dilemma of Muslim Psychologists”, “Contemplation: An Islamic Psychospiritual Study” and “Sustenance of the Soul”.  I urge that these books be read again and again. I have also attached his Foreword to two of my books at the end of this tribute.


The best tribute of all that can be given when a great scholar dies, is to issue the call of Abdal, i.e., when one dies on the battlefield, others must rush forward to take his place in the scholarly battlefield of Islamic psychology and Islamic spirituality. It is with this call that we say goodbye to our beloved and learned brother, the distinguished and fearless scholar of Islam, Dr. Malik Badri (رحمه الله).

with sadness,

Imran N. Hosein

Jumādā al-Ākhirah 26th 1442/ February 9, 2021


Jerusalem in the Qur’ān is a great book that thrilled and delighted me in a number of ways. I am surprised that such a meticulously documented book had to wait for such a long time before seeing the light.

It is now more than half a century since the Zionists began their appalling oppression and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people whose only offense is that they happened to live in a country considered by the Jews to be their promised holy land. The Zionists have continuously referred to distorted scriptures from the Torah and other Biblical material to justify their atrocious behavior and to motivate the Jews to establish a State of Israel that extends from the Nile to the Euphrates with Jerusalem as its capital.

For example, David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, is quoted to have said, “The Bible is our deed to the land of Israel”.

Muslim scholars, on the other hand, have largely failed in refuting Zionist claims from authenticated historical and religious sources and have also failed to accomplish their religious responsibility in clearly documenting this question from the Holy Qur’ān and the Blessed Ahadith of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). As far as I know, whatever is written on this subject is rather superficial and emotionally tainted or simply stating facts in a cool manner.

May Allah Ta’ala reward Brother Imran Hosein for writing this scholarly document, which will indeed fill up this intellectual and religious gap and serve as an academic reference to Muslims in all parts of the world. As I write this introduction, this book that was published only this year is already being translated to Arabic and Bosnian. In a short time it will be rendered into other European languages and to all the other tongues of the Islamic world.

It must be reported however that the importance of writing a book about the Holy Land in the Qur’ān has not escaped the vision of far-sighted and creative Muslim thinkers such as Dr. Kalim Siddiqui, Founder-President of the Muslim Institute for Research and Planning, and Professor shaheed Ismail Al-Farouqi. I am surprised at the vision of the former scholar who asked Imran Hosein to write this book as early as 1974. He urged him saying that Jerusalem is the key to understanding the historical process of the Middle East and the world at large. Shaikh Imran successfully accomplished this task after 27 years.

Though seemingly late, but it has come at the right time in which the whole world is being shocked by Jenin and what happened in Sabra and Shatila. Ismail Al-Faruqi actually put this issue in writing in his book, “Islam and the Problem of Israel” that the author referred to. He strongly stated that Israel poses a greater danger to Muslims than the Euro-Christian Crusades of the Middle Ages or the Euro-Colonialism of modern times. “Israel”, he wrote, “is neither of these, but that it is both and more, much more”. He therefore urged Arabs and Muslims not to accept the Jewish State as an integral part of the world nations of Asia and Africa. He also incited Muslim scholars to investigate this issue in depth.

I am sure that if both of these great Muslim thinkers were alive, they would have acclaimed this classic book as what they have aspired for. I am amazed by Imran’s style of writing. Though Jerusalem in the Qur’ān, is a meticulously written thesis combining religious and historical documents with political events and penetrating interpretations from the Qur’ān and Hadith, it runs like a story. Once you begin reading it, it is hard to stop. This is the general quality of a novel. The person would read it once and throw the book away – but not that of a serious thought-provoking dissertation like the book that Brother Shaikh Imran published. It is a reference that one needs to keep and reread whenever the subject is to be researched.

I believe that this eloquence of the Shaikh must be the result of a natural gift that has interacted with his indefatigable work as a preacher and da’iyah and the Divine Blessings for his sincerity.

Finally, in spite of the seemingly depressing situation of the Muslims in general and the Palestinians in particular, reading the book would certainly give one a warm surge of optimism about our future; a bright light that shines at the end of our long dark tunnel of history. We are living at the end of time. This is the age in which the prophesies of the Holy Qur’ān and the Blessed Hadith are unfolding right before our very eyes to prove to humanity the truthfulness of our faith.

Exactly as our Prophet told us, we have seen the barefooted-poor shepherds of sheep and goats in the Arab Peninsula competing with each other in building higher and higher skyscrapers. And we have witnessed the Muslims exploding in numbers but weakening in character and subdued by their love of this dunyah and their fear of death thus confirming the authenticated Hadith. And exactly as our Prophet told us, the strong enemies of Islam are now devouring our countries as though they were a hungry group invited to a large cauldron of food. And as Allah Ta’ala Himself told us in his Revealed Holy Qur’ān, the Children of Israel, who had been scattered all over the earth during their Diaspora, have returned to the Holy Land. And as recorded in the Qur’ān, they have indeed committed much corruption and have become powerful and elated with mighty arrogance. Just as we have seen these incidents as though we were watching a horror movie, we will indeed see its imminent happy ending that was prophesized to us in the Qur’ān and the Sayings of our Prophet.

The Muslims will wake up from their slumber and the Jews will receive their promised Divine punishment. The Zionist State will be destroyed and whatever they have built will be raised to the ground.

The book gives a detailed beautifully written exposition of these episodes with brilliant interpretations from the Holy Qur’ān and Sunnah. Though some may differ with him with respect to his interpretations of some of the Qur’ānic Verses or the Blessed Prophetic sayings, no one would fail to appreciate his penetrative thought and his spiritual depth. I therefore recommend the book very much to scholars and laity.

Malik B. Badri

Professor of Psychology and
Dean of the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


(The Quranic Method of Curing Alcoholism and Drug Addiction)

It is indeed a great honor for me to be asked to write this preface to Ustāz Imran Hosein’s valuable booklet on the Qur’anic approach to solving the problems of alcohol and drug addiction. I have intentionally used the word “addiction” and avoided using the modern term of alcohol and drug abuse since this psychiatric change in terminology is in fact a civilizational manipulation which implies that the use of these poisons is OK but it is only its abuse which is bad and should to be treated.

Islam prohibits any intake of alcohol or drugs and both user and abuser are equally sinful. Modern psychiatry has clearly shown the wisdom of this uncompromising prevention since all the therapeutic endeavors towards “social drinking” has utterly failed, while the unyielding approach of the Alcoholics Anonymous groups has at least shown greater success.

Ustāz Imran is one of the very few authors who can write simply, eloquently and convincingly. In a few words he has clearly revealed that western modernity, by embracing godless secular humanism as its new religion has saturated its land with alcohol and doped its people with drugs. And since globalization is now affecting all mankind, alcohol and drug dependence have become universal.

In depriving man of his soul and the spirituality of his “inner eye”, western modernity has come to view him as a machine totally determined by external environmental changes. I believe that it is this mechanistic concept of human nature which blinded western modernity from seeing the only way that could have really healed their addicts; to change their hearts, minds and values; to guide them to submit to the One Almighty God and accept His prohibitions. The only other option left to it is the “external eye”. To spend billions on outer means like fighting drug traffickers or paying millions of dollars to less developed countries so that they do not grow the dangerous stuff. Such external strategies have failed and will always fail.

As I mentioned in earlier publication, whenever governments develop more sophisticated methods to fight traffickers, they devise new technologies and tricks that outwit these governmental efforts. Also, many developing countries that receive millions to compensate them for not growing the dangerous plants from which psychoactive drugs are produced, are either unable or unwilling to stop such practices. Other external strategies include funding research to discover new drugs which can help addicts to get over their addictions! Such external pharmacological interventions have also failed.

If western countries have their philosophical and cultural reasons for limiting their failing campaigns against drug and alcohol dependence to the hopeless strategies that we have mentioned, why are Muslim countries following them into secular lizard’s holes like unthinking emulators? Isn’t it shameful for Muslim countries to seek the assistance of European professionals to help them with their alcohol and drug problems when these so-called specialists have failed to solve their own drug problems at home? Isn’t it really a disgraceful imitation of the West to see most of the airports in Muslim and Arab countries having duty-free shops for selling alcohol simply because this addicting material, prohibited by their religion, is freely sold in western airports?  Isn’t it really humiliating and senseless for a Muslim society that has been honored with the shining light of Godly Revelation which can open their external and internal eyes or their basar and baseerah, to seek guidance from a one-eyed Dajjāl civilization?

This is indeed the end of time; the age of fitan. The only way to be saved is that of Ihsān; to worship God as though you see Him with your inner vision. It is sad to say that this spiritual epistemology has been neglected even by those who claim to be members of modern Islamic movements. It is hoped that the works of devoted and spiritually motivated authors like brother Imran Hosein would help to awaken hypnotized hearts and open sleepy eyes.

Malik B. Badri

Professor of Psychology and
Dean of the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Venue at the Caribbean island of Trinidad

 December 25th 2021 to January 1st 2022

Contact info: [email protected] 

Summary of Retreat

The distinguished Islamic scholar, Maulānā Dr. Muhammad Fazlur Rahmān Ansārī (رحمه الله), described the state of the Muslim world, more than 50 years ago, as pathetic; today, 50 years later, when Muslims, as well as much of the rest of mankind, are being imprisoned in political and economic slavery, the situation is far worse. Maulānā was of the firm conviction that “Muslims rose to greatness through the Qur’ān, which built them up into a World-Force dedicated to the service of Humanity, and they led Humanity for a long time in every phase of human activity; spiritual, moral, intellectual, aesthetical, economic and political.” He therefore concluded, logically so, that only the Qur’ān could extricate Muslims from the present sorry plight. He expressed these views in his historic magnum opus ‘The Quranic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society’.

This Retreat is organized by those who believe that Maulānā Dr. Ansārī was correct in his view concerning the supreme importance of the Qur’ān for Muslim survival and salvation.

The Qur’ān directed the blessed Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) in Sūrah al-Qiyāmah, to first recite it the way that Allah Most High recited it, and only then would Allah Most High explain the Qur’ān to him. The implication of the above was that study of the Qur’ān was dependent on correct prior recitation of the book:

إِنَّ عَلَيْنَا جَمْعَهُ وَقُرْآنَهُ

(al-Qiyāmah, 75:17)

Behold! Oh Muhammad, it is for Us to gather as a whole (i.e., all the revelations being sent down to you), and it is also for Us to then recite it (i.e., to you).

فَإِذَا قَرَأْنَاهُ فَاتَّبِعْ قُرْآنَهُ

(al-Qiyāmah, 75:18)

Then when We have recited it (i.e., recited that whole Qur’ān to you), you must follow that way of recitation.

ثُمَّ إِنَّ عَلَيْنَا بَيَانَهُ

(al-Qiyāmah, 75:19)

And then, (i.e., after you are reciting the whole Qur’ān the way We have recited it), it would be for Us to explain it (i.e., explain the whole Qur’ān to you).

The first day of this Retreat, conducted by Islamic scholar, Imran N. Hosein, would be devoted entirely to teaching the way that Allah Most High recited the Qur’ān to Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم). Participants should prepare themselves for this day-long session by reading in advance, his book on the subject entitled: The Qur’an and the Moon –  Methodology for Monthly Recitation of the Qur’ān. Participants in the Retreat would all receive complementary copies of this book Insha’ Allah.

Following this first day, Maulānā Siddiq Ahmed Nāsir, who is one of the distinguished students of Maulānā Dr. Ansari, would offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for participants to study Dr. Ansari’s magnificent 2-Vol work: The Quranic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society. Vol 1 of the book will be taught on the 2nd day of the Retreat, and Vol.2 on the 3rd day. Participants should prepare themselves for these two important days of the Retreat by making themselves at least acquainted with this great book which can be downloaded free of charge from the internet. Copies can be purchased from the Online Bookstore

In succeeding two days of the Retreat participants would not only be taught the methodology for the study of the Qur’ān, as explained by Maulānā Dr. Ansārī, but also the application of that methodology for penetrating at least some the Quranic explanations of the reality of modern age. Participants should prepare for these sessions by reading Imran Hosein’s book entitled: Methodology for Study of the Qur’ān. This book, also, can be downloaded free of charge from the internet, or purchased from the Online Bookstore.

Before the concluding session Imran N. Hosein will spend one complete day teaching the subject of his new book, still being written at this time, entitled: From Jesus the True Messiah to Dajjāl the False Messiah – A Journey in Islamic Eschatology. 

Finally, this Retreat will conclude with two days devoted entirely to sessions in which participants can request discussions on contemporary issues which they may choose to raise, and for which they seek guidance from the Qur’ān. Such an issue can be the mysterious universal virus that just would not go away until it has so transformed the world as to facilitate the passage from Pax Americana to Pax Judaica.

The organizers of the Retreat will make the best effort to invite to those concluding sessions Insha’ Allah, distinguished scholars with several different areas of expertise in the Qur’ān, as well as in contemporary affairs.

Those interested in participating in this Retreat should contact the organizers at: [email protected]

This will allow us to provide you with more information about the Retreat as such information becomes available.

Dear Sir (I do not know how to officially address you.)

My name is Z….. P…….. I am Greek and a man who hopes, that
one day, will claim, that he tried his best to live his life as a
Greek Orthodox Christian.

I have recently “discovered” you through a video with Greek
subtitles, in which you were talking about Hagia Sophia and
Constantinople. You cannot even imagine my surprise. You Sir, were a
paradox to me.

Let me explain myself.

In Greece, we know of Islam from only three different occasions.
The first one is the Turks who committed genocides and oppressed
millions of people in the past, and they are bullying countries
nowadays. The second one is ISIS, which require no further
explanation, and the third and most recent occasion is the turning
of Hagia Sophia into a Mosque. Due to the third reason, we have
learned about the law of conquest, that all scholars of Islam
advertised constantly in all social media.

Constantinople and Hagia Sophia are very dear to the hearts of
Greeks. They are not only symbols of our Orthodoxy, but they are
symbols of Hellenism as well. We Geeks consider the Byzantine empire
as a Greek empire. An empire that started as a Roman one, but later
on was inhabited almost exclusively by Greeks, adopted the Greek
language as the official one, and of course the Greek culture was
the dominant. That is the reason that we do not trust Western Europe
so much. Not only because of their behaviour during the Greek
economic crisis, or because they seem to tolerate Turkey’s
irrational, and against every international law, claims in the
Aegean sea. It is also hard to forget that in the fourth crusade, a
sequence of economic and political events culminated in the Crusader
army’s 1204 Sack of Constantinople, the capital of the Greek
Christian-controlled Byzantine Empire, rather than Egypt as
originally planned.

As you understand our experiences of Islam were not the best. But
even so, we are not naïve people. We know how religion can be
manipulated for political reasons and we can differentiate and
isolate the concepts of Islam, Islamist, extreme Islamist and
Muslim. However, the “law of conquest” in its popular interpretation
hit the spot. The Muslim scholars that called upon that law, on the
occasion of Hagia Sophia, gave to me the impression that in Islam
there is a moral or divine justification for war. Any kind of war.
Every time a Muslim in  the social media claimed that Islam is “the
religion of peace” it seemed as an oxymoron to me.

And then, out of nowhere, here you are, saying what you say, and
most importantly, acting on what you say. As I said, you cannot
imagine my surprise. My very, very pleasant surprise. You sir, are
the only one that I know of, that can really claim that his Islam,
is a religion of peace.

You have chosen a path in your life. A hard path that puts a huge
burden on your shoulders. Your obligations are not only to yourself,
but to the rest of the world. Thank you for your views and logic. I
do not know whether you are the exception to the rule, or not. But
if you are the exception, then you have one more obligation. Your
view of Islam should stop being an exception, and become the rule.

With Honor

Z….. P……

Assalaamu ‘alaikum

Kindly note that [email protected] email account has been hacked and used to impersonate Shaykh Imran. Please do not respond or communicate with this email address since we are still trying to regain control of it. All emails sent from this account during November should be treated as suspicious and verified with Shaykh, especially emails sent after 11 November 2020.

The new official email address for Shaykh Imran is :


Thank you, Team.

Event: 1st August 2019

UiTM Seri Iskandar. Ipoh “The encounter of Musa and Khidir”. 2 pm (after Salaat al-Zuhr)

Event: 2nd August 2019

Masjid India Ipoh, Perak. “Dajjal in the Qur’an”. Jumu’ah Tzkirah. 12 pm.

Event: 2nd August 2019

Universiti Teknoloji Petronas, Seri Iskandar. Ipoh “The Prohibition of Riba in the Qur’an and Sunnah” After Salaat al-Maghrib

Event: 3rd and 4th August 2019

On the 3rd and 4th August 2019 (Saturday and Sunday). Yayasan Restu, based in Shah Alam will host a Public Lecture on The Timeline of Events in Akhir Al-Zaman from 10 am to 4 pm daily. On the 3rd August 2019 local Malaysia Islamic scholars (Asatizah) will engage Sheikh Imran N. Hosein in a discussion session on the topic.

Event: Wednesday 7th August 2019

Also, on the Wednesday 7th August 2019. Tawfiq Centre will host a Public Lecture on The Strategic Importance of Islamic Spirituality. Lecture after Salaat al-Maghrib.

Event: Monday August 19th 2019

Lecture in Dungun, Terrenganum on Methodology for Recitation of the Qur’an.

Event: Tuesday August 20th 2019

Venue: Wisma Amtek, Jalan Tandang, Petaling Jaya. Methodology For Study Of The Qur’an. All-Day Teaching seminar comprised of 4 sessions.  9.30 to 4.30 pm. Private Event. (Not Open To Public)

Event: Thursday August 22nd 2019

Masjid Al Muhsinin, Taman Desa. Kuala Lumpur. Topic and time to be chosen.

Event: Friday August 23rd 2019

Lecture on “The Qur’an and the Moon – Methodology for Recitation of the Qur’an”. Level 1, Al-Hamra Musolla, Al Hamra Integrated School, Kota Damasara. 8pm to 10pm

Event: Saturday 24th August 2019

Great Hall, Brainy Bunch International School Raudhah City, Cyberjaya. Methodology for Study of the Qur’an. 9.30 to 4.30 pm Four sessions.

Event: Sunday August 25th 2019

Lunch in JB with my Singaporean students. All books bought to be autographed.

Event: Monday August 26th 2019

International Islamic University, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. Topic: “Islam, the Petrodollar and the Future of Money”. 3pm

Tuesday August 27th 2019

Departing Malaysia





I regret to announce the postponement of my lecture-tour to Nairobi, Mombasa, Zanzibar and Dares Salaam. This postponement has been forced upon me because of serious problems.

I pray to Allah that I may soon be able to fulfill my commitment to visit East Africa Insha Allah.

With sadness,

Imran N. Hosein


This event has been postponed until a future date.

This event has been postponed until a future date.

This book is devoted to a study of the Jasad who Solomon (‘alayhi salam) saw sitting on his throne, and our first problem which we encounter in such a study is that neither does the Qur’an explain who or what is that Jasad, nor is there an explanation in the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

This book is therefore written with the specific purpose of inviting a scholarly response to this subject of the Jasad from those who defend the Salafi methodology, as well as those who defend the method by which the Qur’an is studied in the Dar al-Ulum.

Read The Qur’an Dajjal and the Jasad below for Free or Purchase Here >>>

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I have to discontinue this wonderful way of doing business because I simply do not have the money to continue to do so.

All orders for my books would now have to be paid for in advance. Orders for my books are shipped from Malaysia, UK and Trinidad. I have to pay salaries to those who work for me in packaging and shipping orders from UK and Malaysia. We will now invoice you the cost of books plus an amount which would cover packaging and shipping.

with love,

Imran N. Hosein

When Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams, declared in 1963: “Massa Day Done”, he was infact making a courageous declaration that we must never give up the struggle of resisting “Massa” the oppressor, and of seeking to liberate the oppressed.

Another powerful Caribbean voice resisting oppression was that of CLR James who, in 1938, wrote ‘Black Jacobins’. His courageous scholarship ensured that Toussaint l’Overture’s Haitian revolution (1791-1804), inwhich the slaves defeated the slave-master, would forever remain authentically recorded in scholarly history.

But the most powerful voice of all to denounce “Massa”, and to challenge the slave-master’s oppressionwith such matchless eloquence that even the echoes of his voice still drives fear into the hearts of the oppressors of the world, was the voice of Malcolm X.

The time has come for us to remind our peoples, Christians, Hindus, Muslims and others, that the US Government and Armed Forces, as well as such economic and monetary agencies as the International Monetary Fund, over which USA has control, have continuously functioned as “Massa” while oppressing all those who refuse to submit to their dictates. Europe has remained a faithful ally of the US “Massa”, evenwhile the French Emperor’s crown is shaking on his gilded head. (more…)

United National Congress political leader and Trinidad and Tobago Opposition leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar, has removed the mask to reveal her subservient profile and that of a party which she leads, as being subservient to an American oppressor. She has done so in her unjustified criticism of the Trinidad and Tobago government’s principled and admirable foreign policy in respect of relations with Venezuela.

The UNC leader has shown no recognition of the fact that prolonged American economic and monetary warfare against Venezuela, and indeed against all those who refuse to submit to American dictates, are the main cause of increasing Venezuelan economic and monetary distress, and that this, in turn, is the main cause of popular discontent in Venezuela. Rather, the UNC leader has warned of “a humanitariancrisis” in Venezuela while makinno mention whatsoever of the evil attacks on Venezuela which caused the crisis.

Yes there is a very dangerous “gathering storm” brewing in Venezuela, but Pax Americana is now inirreversible decline with a US dollar which should already have collapsed, and any fool-hardy Americanmilitary intervention in Venezuela in support of military forays by satraps in Brazil and Colombia, canignite a South American-wide civil war. (more…)

English Version 

Hello and may Peace be upon you! Here is the link towards a website which offers to find the Qur’an, the aHadiths, the Bible, the interpretation of dreams, the prophetic medicine and the names of God. This website will allow all users to do easy, quick and precise researches. As every piece of work, this project implies a sacrifice of time and means… It requires the work of four persons, including tree converts women, working full time, to create Islam Complet. Today, they still have a lot of work including thousands of texts to re-transcribe. If you judge that this daily work deserves support, may The Creator reward the ones who give and participate as if they were themselves the authors of the project. May every transmitted letter, every acquired science, be beneficial and written as charity for himself and his family. Peace on you.


Assalaamu ‘alaikum

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In consequence of a mysterious decision taken by Mustafa Kamal’s secular Republic of Turkey to not only change the city’s name, but to also take steps that eventually ensured that the name, Constantinople, would no longer be used, this writer had to retrieve the name “Constantinople” from the museums of history in order for this book to be written. Why did the secular Turkish leader change the name of the city? Why did the name “Constantinople” have to suffer that mysterious fate? This book brings clarity to that subject.
This writer is convinced that the mysterious disappearance of the name “Constantinople” from the modern-day vocabulary and discourse is directly linked to the status and role of the city in both Islamic and Christian eschatology.

Read Constantinople in the Qur’an below for Free

I write to congratulate the people of Pakistan on their courageous choice of Imran Khan as their new leader. It appears that it is just a matter of time before he is appointed as Prime Minister. I congratulate them on their choice because I am confident that, unlike previous leaders of Pakistan, Imran Khan cannot be bought with either Saudi Rials or US dollars.

I am also confident that he will ensure such discipline that any corrupt member of his government will quickly find out that he leads government in the same way that he played cricket. The people of Malaysia must be happy to see Pakistan following in their footsteps in dealing firmly with those who betray the people. Perhaps the bell is now tolling for other governments as well.

I will now plan to visit Pakistan Insha Allah, for a longer stay and we pray that the struggle for Truth and Justice prevails. (more…)

This is an excellent essay written by talented former Pakistani diplomat, Munir Akram. I once met Munir, many years ago, at the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad. INH

US President Donald Trump spoke harshly about Pakistan; but he has not yet imposed sanctions, as has been the case with Iran, nor threatened to “totally destroy” it, like North Korea.
Pakistani diplomats believe there is room to maintain a working if not a cosy relationship with Washington. That remains to be seen. Islamabad disagrees with the ‘new’ US strategy concerning Afghanistan. It will not fight Afghanistan’s war on its soil.
It will continue to oppose an expanded Indian role in Afghanistan. It wants a political settlement between Kabul and the Afghan Taliban, rather than continued conflict, and coordinated action to eliminate the militant Islamic State group and Al Qaeda, as well as the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, the Jamaatul Ahrar and the Balochistan Liberation Army, that operate from safe havens in Afghanistan.


Imran N. Hosein

Turkish President Erdogan is, of course, quite correct that there was US (and hence NATO) involvement in the attempted coup against his government. He is also quite correct in his accusations against the Turkish Sufi Shaikh, Fathullah Gulen, accusing him of involvement in the coup. It would have been more honest of Erdogan, however, if he had also disclosed that he knew that the coup was coming, he knew that NATO was involved, and he knew that the followers of Gulen, as well as others who were opposed to his rule, were to be deceived and used as sacrificial lambs in NATO’s preparation for war with Russia.

The immediate result of the attempted coup is to make Erdogan strong enough to better lead Turkey, on NATO’s behalf, in NATO’s coming war with Russia.

If Turkey were to eventually announce that it is ending its membership in NATO, and if (more…)

I consider this agreement among the members of the UN Security Council to be positive, even brilliant, and to offer a golden opportunity for political dialogue to replace blood-shedding as the center of gravity for forging an acceptable future for Syria.

Those who choose to reject this opportunity for a peaceful resolution of the war in Syria will now be singled out and identified in the eyes of the world as the people of Fasad (i.e., the evil people of corruption and destruction).

The time has come for the Syrian Sunni ‘Ulama to reach out to the Syrian Shia ‘Ulama, as well as to the leaders of the Syrian Christian and other Syrian communities and groups, for political dialogue to reach an agreement among themselves on the basis of which they can enter into dialogue with the Syrian government. (more…)

27 Ramadaan 1435

Someone rewrote the Torah to declare that the Holy Land extends from the River of Egypt (i.e., the Nile) to the River Euphrates. This is false! Nabī Ibrahīm (Prophet Abraham) (‘alaihi al-Salām) had to migrate from Babylon and travel a long distance in order to reach the Holy Land. Yet Babylon is included within the land falsely designated in the Torah as the Holy Land. Nabī Mūsa (Prophet Moses) (‘alaihi al-Salām) also died in Sinai without ever having entered the Holy Land. And so, Sinai is not a part of the Holy Land. Yet Sinai is included in the land falsely designated in the Torah as the Holy Land.

The imposter State of Israel – imposter because it is not the Holy Israel of Nabī Dāūd (Prophet David) and Nabī Sulaimān (Prophet Soloman) (‘alaihim al-Salām) – recognizes Gazza, as well as several other territories now populated by Arabs, to be a part of the Holy Land. The majority Israeli view is that those lands belong to the Israelite people since they are a part of the Holy Land, and that Israelites have a right to get rid of the Arabs now resident in their land.

The above is the briefest explanation possible for Israel’s persistent barbaric wars designed to achieve the ethnic cleansing of Gazza so that the Israelites can recover their Gazza.  (more…)

A lamp provides light which allows us to see.

We can walk in a particular direction, for example, when we have a light with which to see.

Without the lamp, and without the light which it provides, we live in darkness, and hence, cannot see.

Most of mankind are today living in darkness and hence, although they have eyes, they yet cannot see. They live in darkness because there is no light from Allah in their hearts

What price do they pay for their blindness?

Allah Most Wise declared in the blessed Qur’an that He has adorned the lowest sky with ‘lamps’:  (more…)

Ассаляму алейкум всем моим татарским братьям и сестрам в Исламе, живущим в Крыму.

Для вас сейчас наступил самый критический момент в истории.

Большевицкая революция 1917 года, принесшая коммунизм и безжалостный СССР, была спланирована и осуществлена русскими евреями-сионастами, принадлежащими к Гог и Магог.

Когда в 1944 году Сталин приказал несправедливо депортировать вас из родной Крымской земли в Сибирь и другие места, это были Гог и Магог, ответственные за тот этнический геноцид, а не русские. (more…)

Assalaamu ‘alaikum to you all, my Tatar brothers and sisters in Islam there in Crimea!

I write to you to advise you that your most critical moment in history has arrived.

The Bolshevic revolution of 1917, which delivered communism and the ruthless Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), was planned and executed by Russian Zionist Jews who belonged to Gog and Magog.

When Stalin ordered in 1944 your unjust deportation out of your ancestral Crimean homeland to Siberia and elsewhere, it was Gog and Magog who were responsible for that ethnic genocide – and not the Russian people.

Russia is Rūm of the Qur’an, mentioned in Suratu Rūm. The Russian Orthodox Church also suffered tremendously from the ruthless USSR.  (more…)



We are about to witness what we long anticipated, to wit: a Turkish-led NATO attack on Syria to remove the present Syrian regime and replace it, Libyan-style, with another so-called Islamic regime. How else will Israel be able to claim that a ‘rising Islam’ now menaces that country, and that Israel is being surrounded by that menacing Islam and must wage pre-emptive war in order to survive? How else will Israel be able to replace USA as the next ruling State in the world unless she wages great wars – particularly against her Arab neighbors who surround the Zionist State?

Turkey’s pro-NATO and hence pro-Zionist Government seems about to commit the ultimate act of foolishness in claiming the shooting-down of a Turkish warplane by Syria as causus bellum that justifies a Turkish military invasion of Syria. Such a Turkish military invasion of Syria would of course, have nothing to do with avenging the loss of an airplane and two pilots. Rather, it would have nothing less than Syrian regime-change as its primary objective.

That military adventure would be an act of supreme foolishness for the following reasons:

1. Syria has been on a high alert for some time now expecting external intervention (Libyan-style) in support of a Zionist-engineered armed insurrection that has so far failed to take-over the country. A Turkish warplane that enters into Syrian airspace cannot expect, in such circumstances, to be treated as an innocent intruder.  (more…)

Madinah 1343(H): Out Of Dajjal’s Ottoman Frying Pan and into Dajjal’s Saudi­-Wahhabi Fire
In just another 10 years from now in the month of Rabi al­Thani 1443 the world of Islam will mark the 100th anniversary of the transfer of power in Makkah from the Ottoman Turks to the Arab Sultan ‘Abd al­’Aziz Ibn Saud. Troops loyal to the Sultan of Najd conquered Makkah in the month of Rabi al­Thani 1343 (i.e., October 30th 1924 in Pope Gregory’s western Christian Catholic calendar) in consequence of which ‘Abd al­’Aziz eventually proclaimed himself Sultan of Najd and King of Hejaz.


In 10 years from now it will also be a hundred years since Makkah and Madinah were taken out of Dajjal’s Ottoman frying pan only to enter into Dajjal’s Saudi­-Wahhabi fire. Let there be no doubt in the reader’s mind that after having shamelessly aligned Saudi Arabia with the Zionist Anglo­American Judeo­Christian alliance for the longest while, Saudi Arabia’s leaders have now made that State a strategic ally of the Zionist State of Israel. And hence it is clear that they work for al­ Masih al ­Dajjal, i.e., Dajjal the false Messiah or Anti­-Christ. This is perhaps the implication of the vision in which Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) saw Dajjal making Tawaf around the Ka’aba. There is also considerable evidence that the Ottomans acted, consciously or unconsciously, on Dajjal’s behalf by rendering considerable assistance to western Christianity. They did so by repeatedly plunging a vicious and venomous knife for some 600 years into the heart of its rival, i.e. eastern Christianity or Rum. This was in accord with Dajjal’s agenda since it was western Christians who made an alliance with Jews, and it is that alliance which brought Israel into being. Rum never made such an alliance with the Jews! The predictable result was intense hatred for Islam and hostility towards Muslims on the part of those in Rum who suffered so unjustly and for so long a period of time. Both the Ottoman State, as well as Saudi Arabia, mysteriously and wickedly disregarded the prophecy of the blessed Prophet that Muslims will make an End­Time alliance with eastern Christianity or Rum. Hence both the Ottomans as well as the Saudi­-Wahhabis rendered strategic assistance to Dajjal.


Mujahid Hosein is the son of Imran N Hosein.

The original goal of the invasion of Afghanistan was not to drop bombs on mud-huts, or fight ghost-terrorists like Al-Qaeda, or to fight some imaginary heavily-armed Guerrilla Groups whom America needs 130,000 troops to contain. The truth is far from it, in fact that truth has been tainted to the extent that the lie has disguised itself as the truth to fool the rest of the world.

Many players are actively participating in the all-western power’s attempt to destabilize Pakistan. There is every reason for this to be the objective, since all major western powers are heavily lobbied by Pro-Zionist Power Block that control a hefty chunk of the wealth that circulates in the western world. The power of the Pro-Zionist Block in the western world has been aptly demonstrated by the U.S Housing Market crash in 2008, the Sovereign Debt of Major European countries in 2011, the staggering Gold Appreciation which is currently at $1662/Troy Oz (£1016/Troy Oz), U.S Debt Ceiling fiasco (July 2011) and Credit Rating Firms sudden rise to prominence (2011).

The Pro-Zionist Block views Pakistan as the only credible threat to the existence to the State of Israel. This threat assessment seems a bit disconnected however, since Pakistan doesn’t have any direct border with Israel, nor is Pakistan in the same region as Israel. So why is it, that Pakistan is viewed by the Pro-Zionist Block as the most deadly threat to Israel’s existence and what is it that Israel has or would done/do to warrant any aggression from Pakistan. The answer is, nothing …. so far! Pakistan has no direct or indirect aggression toward Israel, however, there is something that Israel will do in the future which will provoke Pakistan. (more…)

Explaining this lesson one more time

It is so sad that the few critics who commented negatively on my last essay on Libya studiously avoided commenting on or responding to my most serious charge against those Muslims who participated in/supported the well-armed and long-planned insurrection that toppled the Libyan government in the capital city of Tripoli.

I brought to public attention Allah’s command in the Qur’ān which sternly prohibited Muslims from entering into precisely that alliance with NATO with which those misguided Muslims were eventually able to achieve their immediate objective in Libya of seizing the capital city of Tripoli and then claiming recognition as the new government:

{يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ لاَ تَتَّخِذُواْ الْيَهُودَ وَالنَّصَارَى أَوْلِيَاء بَعْضُهُمْ أَوْلِيَاء بَعْضٍ وَمَن يَتَوَلَّهُم مِّنكُمْ فَإِنَّهُ مِنْهُمْ إِنَّ اللّهَ لاَ يَهْدِي الْقَوْمَ الظَّالِمِينَ} (more…)

وَلَقَدْ ذَرَأْنَا لِجَهَنَّمَ كَثِيرًا مِّنَ الْجِنِّ وَالإِنسِ لَهُمْ قُلُوبٌ لاَّ يَفْقَهُونَ بِهَا وَلَهُمْ أَعْيُنٌ لاَّ يُبْصِرُونَ بِهَا وَلَهُمْ آذَانٌ لاَّ يَسْمَعُونَ بِهَا أُوْلَـئِكَ كَالأَنْعَامِ بَلْ هُمْ أَضَلُّ أُوْلَـئِكَ هُمُ الْغَافِلُونَ

{Quran 7:179}
“.  .  .  .  they have hearts and yet do not understand, they have eyes and yet do not see, they have ears and yet do not hear; Such people are just like cattle.  .  .  .”

(Qur’an, al-‘Araaf, 7:179)

Those who see with two eyes, the internal as well as the external, would recognize ‘Zionism’ and ‘Zionist Imperialism’ written all over the well-armed and long-planned insurrection which toppled the Libyan government. This was no spontaneous popular uprising of a people against their dictatorial ruler as the Zionist-controlled news media around the world would have us believe. Nor was the regime toppled because the people responded with rage to the regime’s alleged slaughter of innocent protestors. That is the brain-washing that passes for news and is swallowed by cattle as Truth.

It is quite easy to recognize Zionist intimidation and control of news media when mainstream newspapers radio and television around the world (including Al-Jazeerah) adamantly refuse to question the blatantly false official explanation of the 9/11 terrorist attack on America.

The bitter truth is that there are many Libyan Muslims who will now be mercilessly killed unless they submit and embrace  the new blood-stained dictatorship which has been imposed upon them at the point of a Zionist sword. (more…)

And so they scurry around in a vain attempt to save themselves by reaching out to embrace the Saudis who are as guilty as themselves in lust for Yankee pleasures.

The rich secularised westernized elite who control decision-making in Pakistan’s government as well as the Armed Forces have long looked down with disdain and contempt at scholars of Islam whom they scornfully dismiss as Mullahs!  They control the Pakistani news media and use it to propagate and promote whatever is deviant, false and corrupt while steadfastly covering the truth. They would be scandalized by our firmly-held belief that the Qur’an and Sunnah should play pivotal roles in the conduct of state as well as in the formulation of foreign policy; and they yet persist in the frivolous and absurd claim that the Pakistan over which they rule is an ‘Islamic’ Republic.

Deaf dumb and blind they have consistently found it expedient to ride (first class) on a US-Dollar (Green-Back) rainbow while traveling back and forth between Islamabad and Washington and formulating pro-American policies and taking pro-American decisions on matters pertaining to strategic affairs. As a consequence they now have the blood of hundreds (maybe thousands) of innocent Pakistanis on their hands – killed in bombing raids still being conducted by US drones and by the Pakistan Air Force on behalf of their Zionist paymasters. An independent investigation will certainly confirm the innocence of the overwhelming majority of those so killed. (more…)

The reality is that dramatic political change now sweeping the Arab world would eventually facilitate the execution of Israel’s war agenda against the Arabs, as well as against Pakistan and Iran.

Islamic scholarship must thread very carefully when responding to urgent and insistent Muslim requests for an explanatory response to the current Arab uprisings. The events now mysteriously unfolding in the Arab world have taken most of mankind by surprise, while raising legitimate questions concerning implications for Israel of what appears as a complete change in the strategic environment in which the Euro-Jewish State is located. Care is needed while writing on this subject since the appearance that Israel’s strategic environment is changing in a manner that poses a very grave threat to the Euro-Jewish State conceals a reality that is quite otherwise.

There is certainly more to the uprisings than meet the eye – but at this time we have no need to attempt to expose the maneuvering of hidden hands since the crusading western media has already recklessly and brazenly exposed what many had already suspected. In addition, many Muslims are slowly realizing the sinister role that western Riba has played in reducing the masses in Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Haiti and elsewhere to biting poverty.  That biting poverty certainly played a role in bringing so many Arabs onto the streets.  (more…)

The Trinidad and Tobago Government-owned Caribbean News Media Group’s Fazeer Mohammed (who is also a populat cricket commentator) was recently fired shortly after Foreign Minister Surujrattan Rambachan questioned him on his view regarding the rule of a woman.

The reckless, hurried and politically-tainted Saturday-afternoon sacking of CNMG’s talk-show host Fazeer Mohammed, within 48 hours of an ill-advised public baiting by Foreign Minister Surujrattan Rambachan, has predictably fractured the Peoples’ Partnership Alliance. The Prime Minister has only herself to blame for not promptly and firmly distancing herself and her government from what is increasingly perceived as a bogus explanation for that sacking. It may also now be too late to make amends for this political faux pas since all the Queen’s horses and all the Queen’s foxes cannot bring Fazeer to CNMG again!

Nor will diversionary tactics succeed in driving this dark cloud away since the poisonous bait which was used to bait Fazeer has given rise to implications which will reverberate negatively in Trinidad and Tobago’s Muslim community for many moons to come – negatively that is for the Peoples’ Partnership government. (more…)

I fear that Israel will move swiftly to exploit to her advantage soon-to-occur world-wide hysterical fear of calamitous consequences of the major Gulf of Mexico oil leak that has already caused very large quantities of oil to flow into the Gulf – most of it still under the surface of the water – with simultaneous release of very large and perhaps even more dangerous quantities of gas. Both oil and gas are highly flammable, and experts will have to pronounce concerning the possibility of a deliberate or accidental ignition of all of this oil/gas and the horrendous consequences of such an explosion for the world. Is it possible, for example, that we can experience an extended period of darkness in the Americas in which black clouds will prevent the entry of sunlight?

Those who today possess a significant influence, if not control, over most of the world’s information media, may soon begin to inundate us with fearsome doomsday predictions concerning the possible consequences of the unplugged oil-well leak. This is likely to rise to a crescendo as possible consequences begin to materialize.

The universal distraction that will thus be created could provide, I believe, a perfect opportunity for Israel to launch yet another war that would seek to arrest her declining image and fortunes in world opinion. This is the clear message conveyed through the recent reckless and murderous attack on the Gaza Aid Flotilla that resulted in 9 deaths and in injuries to 50 others. (more…)

A humanitarian convoy of ships carrying thousands of tons of supplies and hundreds of politicians, activists and journalists was attacked last night by the Israeli Armed Forces in a carefully calculated air and sea assault while the ships (some carrying Turkish flags) were still in international waters. The Flotilla was seeking to break Israel’s three-year-long blockade of Gaza in order to deliver basic necessities such as food and medicine to the impoverished Palestinians living in the coastal enclave. Israeli forces raided the Freedom Flotilla, killing at least 20 people.

It was not by accident that most of those killed and injured were Turkish nationals who were aboard ships flying Turkish flags. I fear that Israel’s coldly calculated attack of criminal ‘piracy’ is meant to provoke Turkey’s pro-Islamic government to respond in a way that Israel could then exploit to initiate the big war that has long been planned.

The back-up plan may be to initiate a limited war that could provoke a military coup d’état and regime change in Turkey. The largely secular Turkish military which has remained firmly supportive of Israel will certainly be complicit in such a back-up plan. (more…)

Introductory comment

Time is running out for the republican State of Pakistan. Only those who see with one eye will fail to recognize the evil reality that clients of Israel now control strategic decision-making both in Pakistan’s government as well as in the Armed Forces. The writing appears to be on the wall for Pakistan – unless Pakistani Muslims can rid themselves of those clients of Israel. The best way to do so appears to be through massive peaceful public demonstrations similar to those which brought down the USSR with narry a nuclear risk, rather than civil war which will automatically invite external military intervention that will eventually dismember Pakistan.

Scholars of Islam have a duty to prepare Muslims for destructive attacks that are soon to be launched which will target not only Pakistan but perhaps, Turkey and Iran as well. The situation is not entirely hopeless since at least the Iranian Armed Forces do not appear to be under the control of Israel’s clients. In fact Iran seems to have already succeeded in building a strategic alliance with Russia. It is interesting to note that an authentic Hadīth has prophesied an end-time Muslim alliance with Rūm (i.e., Byzantine Christianity that was based in Constantinople), and Russia is part of Rūm. The Saudi and Pakistani governments and Armed Forces on the other hand, are allied with the Anglo-American-Israeli alliance which does not form part of Rūm.

Those who control power in Britain, USA, and Israel, and who now have a strategic ally in India, are already waging unjust war on Islam and Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere, but most of all in the Holy Land (otherwise known as Palestine). Their ruthlessness is such that they would wage war even upon their own people if such were deemed to be necessary for achieving their messianic goal. The 9/11 terrorist attack on America which killed thousands of innocent people was an ominous example of what they are capable of doing. The recent US military occupation of Haiti in consequence of a massive earthquake for which the US Armed Forces seem to have been mysteriously prepared (right down to drills conducted on the very eve of the earthquake), displays for the umpteenth time the extent to which they would commit monstrously evil deeds in dogmatic pursuit of goals such as the overthrow of Venezuela’s courageous government. Earthquakes have now become their mysterious new weapon of war. Will Caracas and Islamabad soon be targeted with massive earthquakes? Or will a nuclear device be exploded in USA or a very prominent American assassinated, and Pakistani or Iranian Muslims be held responsible, so that causus bellum can be created?  (more…)

It must be particularly hurtful to that westernized and secularized elite, both in and out of Pakistan, that essays such as this should be penned by scholars of Islam who are unafraid to proclaim the truth in the faces of the world’s greatest tyrants.

I believe that the US President’s recent announcement of a dramatic increase in US troops to be sent to occupied-Afghanistan was camouflaged with psychological ploys. This was hardly surprising since those who truly control power in USA – power to choose someone, anoint him and make him President – are a people who have PhDs in deception.

The media use of the soft word ‘surge’ for example, is a clever ploy detracting attention from the harsh reality of significant and very dangerous US military escalation in that volatile region of the world. Readers must know that Afghanistan is the heart of ancient Khorasan, and it has the unique distinction of never having submitted to western occupation. They must also know that the power-brokers who control the White House are recklessly plunging all of mankind into an abyss the likes of which was never before experienced in history – certainly far worse than anything experienced under George Bush.

There is a ploy in Obama’s confident hope that eight bloody years of wealthy America’s war on the world’s poorest country can now end within the next three years. This announcement was meant to instill a (false) hope in the American people for an end to the increasingly unpopular and unjust US occupation of that beleaguered and impoverished yet defiant country. It was also meant to send a (duplicitous) message of hope to Afghanistan, as well as to neighboring Pakistan, that USA would now be looking for an exit strategy that would permit a military withdrawal from that region of the world within that time-frame – hence a need for negotiations with the Afghan resistance. (more…)

The French have a proverb: ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose’, i.e. the more it (appears to) change – the more it is (in fact) the same thing.

Muslims are being slaughtered in Afghanistan, North-West Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere, and we anticipate more of the same “from the river of Egypt to the great River Euphrates’ as well as in Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran and elsewhere. Yet many still do not recognize the falsehood of the claim that all the intimidation, bloodshed and mass slaughter is being perpetrated in the name of establishing democracy. In fact the substance of the Judeo-Christian European alliance which drives the current barbaric Anglo-American-Israeli world-order does not appear to have changed in the last 150 years. Consider the following words of Chief See-at-hl, delivered in a speech directed at the President of America in 1855. This same address could have been delivered by Malcolm X 100 years later in 1955. And if we had the eloquence of those two men we could speak the same words today, 150 years later, in a world now ruled by the same white slave-master who now hides behind a deceptively innocent black face.

Imran N. Hosein

I would like to acknowledge a dear student of mine, Siti Rabeah Abdul Malek (Umm Ridwan), who very kindly directed my attention to this great speech.


“The Great Chief in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land. The Great Chief also sends us words of friendship and good will. This is kind of him since we know he has little need of our friendship in return. But we will consider your offer for we know that if we do not do so, the white man may come with guns and take our land. What Chief See-at-hl says, the Great Chief in Washington can count on, as truly as our white brothers can count on the return of the seasons. (more…)

If Mumbai’s recent spectacular act of false-flag terrorism does not quite create opportunity for an Indo-US attack on Pakistan, another such act of provocation that could function as causus bellum will have to be cooked-up in order to justify a destruction of that Muslim country’s nuclear plants and its elimination from the nuclear club. That Sunni Pakistan will be so attacked is certain, but that Shia Iran will also be attacked is not quite certain.

The first implication of such an attack on Pakistan would be confirmation that the ruling alliance in the world today is Anglo-American-Indo-Israeli. The Saudi-Wahhabi State, and other such clients of the alliance, function as mere pawns on their chessboard. The ultimate agenda, pursued by that alliance for the longest while, was explained in my book entitled ‘Jerusalem in the Qur’an’ (available for free download on my website It was published 6 years ago in 2002 and as yet the explanation of that ultimate agenda has not been refuted. The alliance seeks to impose its absolute rule over the whole world in such wise that a Pax Britanica, and subsequent Pax Americana, would make way for an ultimate Pax Judaica. Hence there is a critically important religious dimension to this subject that will forever remain beyond the reach of stubbornly secular scholarship.

Secondly, the Russians are not fools. They know about false-flag terrorism that functions as a means through which a State can pursue strategic goals. They have dabbled in it themselves while dealing, for example, with Muslim rebellion in Chechnya. The Russians would certainly react to an attack on Pakistan by confirming their recognition of the ruling alliance’s most strategic goal of absolute rule over the whole world – including Russia! Hence the NATO nuclear encirclement of Russia would be understood for what it really is – i.e., part of the plan for Russia to suffer the same fate as Pakistan.  (more…)

This Essay was written in late 2008 and is of importance to understanding events which are now occuring.

The financial/monetary summit which is now being arranged is certainly linked to Dajjal’s phase three.

It is through a study of events which led to the passage from Dajjal’s phase one to phase two that we can anticipate and recognize events now unfolding, and soon to unfold in the historical process, which would indicate the passage to phase three.

We have long anticipated that the creation of a new international monetary system to replace the tottering Bretton Woods Accord would be precisely such a sign.  (more…)

I slept through the night without any consciousness that it was old year’s night, and I went to the Masjid here in Cape Town this morning for Salaat, came back home and made me a nice cup of coffee, and then went back to work on this Bhutto essay without any consciousness that Pope Gregory’s New Year had dawned. That represents startling evidence of the anti-systemic character of my being and consciousness.

The Anglo-American-Israeli triple alliance which now rules the world from London, Washington and Jerusalem, and which wages unjust war on Islam and Muslims on behalf of the Euro-Jewish State of Israel, has lost in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto one who proclaimed herself to be their dearest friend and supporter. She walked the extra mile, and talked even more than that, to convince them that she was a sincere friend and ally. She did so because she understood perfectly well that Pakistan, like Saudi Arabia, was different from most other countries in the world in the sense that the ruling Jewish-Christian alliance that had created the world-order would never tolerate the survival of any regime in either country unless it was subservient to them. While this was also true of nearly all of the rest of the world of Islam, it was emphatically so in respect of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Even so, I believe that they suspected Benazir’s sincerity, and that they must be quietly relieved that she is no more. After all, they knew what they did to her father, and she knew it as well; and the possibility existed that there must have burned in a daughter’s heart a deeply held desire to avenge the gruesome and humiliating assassination/hanging death of a father she adored.

It would be rash for anyone to dismiss the possibility that the events we now recall were in some way related to her assassination. Indeed a summary dismissal of our arguments will raise more questions, rather than resolve the problems posed by the essay.  (more…)

Trinidad and Tobago’s highest national award was designated the ‘Trinity Cross’. This essay was published in 2004 in a full-page of a local newspaper, and it provoked a major Hindu organization to join hands with a Muslim body to take the matter to court. The judge ruled that the national award was discriminatory. The government which had procrastinated on the issue for almost 40 years, was forced to respond and change the award.

Some declare, with their heads buried ‘ostrich-like’ in the sand, that there is no ‘Trinity Cross’ problem facing this country, or that it is a ‘non-issue’. Others recognise the problem but choose to do nothing about it, or to peddle disinformation and scurry around inventing flimsy and irrelevant defences for an unjust and, hence, indefensible status quo. We are saddened by this, but not surprised.

While we understand their predicament and sincerely sympathise with them in their difficulties, we are quite frankly disappointed and distressed by the lack of leadership qualities in the successive governments of this country who have found difficulties involved in the ‘Trinity Cross’ problem to be insurmountable. We are distressed because it poses grave danger for us all. In these dangerous changing times real leaders must have the courage and integrity to uphold ‘justice’ and what is right (amr bil ma’aruf), while opposing ‘injustice’ and what is wrong (nahi ‘anil munkar), regardless of the political or any other price they may have to pay! There are other vastly more urgent and dangerous problems facing this beleaguered country, and real leadership is indispensable if they are ever to be resolved. (more…)

How should we, Indian Muslims in the Caribbean, commemorate the event of our arrival in the Caribbean almost 200 years ago? If we do not ourselves respond at this time to this subject in a manner consistent with our faith in Allah Most High, and with our mission as Muslims in the world, then our great grandmother’s tears would be shamelessly exploited by those who pursue a sinister agenda on behalf of the slave-master who brought us from distant India to these shores, and who still rules the world.

It was in the quaint town of Ladysmith in South Africa that I met Dr. Adam two years ago. I had just delivered a lecture on Islam in which I lamented that my audience was almost exclusively Indian, despite the fact that they were Muslims and they had ‘arrived’ in black South Africa from their native India generations ago. I mentioned that I had the same depressing experience when I entered the Masjid in Bridgetown in the Caribbean island of Barbados and felt as if I was in downtown Bombay. And even in my own native Trinidad there were so-called Islamic organizations that were not only almost exclusively Indian, but also went out of their way to preserve and promote their ‘Indian’ identity. One of them even banned this writer from lecturing on Islam, and declared that he was “a great security risk”. Now it is only proper that we should lovingly recall the great sufferings and trials experienced by those who came before us, and whose blood, sweat and tears are soaked in the ground on which we now live far more comfortably than they ever did. It is only proper that we should honor our indentured Indian ancestors and seek to preserve their memory. But it is quite another thing that we should remain imprisoned in a time-capsule and fail to respond dynamically to an ever changing environment.

And so I told my Ladysmith audience that I found it strange that every Indian Muslim home I visited in South Africa, and I have traveled extensively in that country, had several black women employed as domestic servants. I wondered aloud what it must be like in white homes. As a visiting Islamic scholar who enjoyed some prominence in the South African Muslim community I took some liberties such as initiating conversation with the black women servants. And so I would ask, “What is your name?” to which she would answer, “Elizabeth.” “No! No! I want your black African name, not your colonial European name.” (more…)

The demand for ‘hanging’ of condemned murderers has provoked many to respond negatively. The basic argument raised by the critics is that capital punishment does not function, or no longer functions, as a deterrent to the crime of murder. They argue that even if all those on death row were to be ‘hanged’, the killings and murders would still continue, and may very well increase despite the ‘hangings’. Since the impression was created that the decision to resume hangings was a political response to runaway crime (including murder), it was not unreasonable to infer the rationale for that decision, to wit, that a resumption of hangings would deter would-be murderers.

We write from the perspective of Islam to agree with the argument that while ‘hangings’ can still deter acts of terrorism, they do not deter today’s random murders or, at least, can no longer do so. From whence do we derive this view? Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prophesied the coming of a Last Age (which would culminate with the return of Jesus, the true Messiah), with a momentous sign of ‘killing’ and ‘murders’ becoming so random, commonplace and senseless, that “… the one who was killed would not know why he was killed, and the killer would not know why he killed” (perhaps because the paymaster did not inform him). He also prophesied, “… each time would be succeeded by one that would be worse than the previous”. Hence murders would constantly escalate with governments helpless at that time to prevent that calamity. We now live in that Last Age in which Prophet Muhammad’s prophecies are constantly and dramatically being fulfilled to the ever-increasing dismay of those who rejected him and declared him to be an imposter and a false prophet.  (more…)


We begin with Allah’s blessed name. We praise and glorify Him as He ought to be praised and glorified. And we pray for peace and for blessings on all His noble Prophets and Messengers, and in particular on the last of them all, the blessed Prophet Muhammad.

The last Prophet warned that “before the Last Hour there would be great liars – so beware of them” (Sahih Muslim). We recognize this to be the Last Age, and we seek refuge and protection with Allah from the international bullies who hid behind a mountain of lies and deception in order to plan and execute the 9/11 attack on America, as well as the 7/7 attack on London (i.e., July 7th, 2005), and to then put the blame on innocent Muslims. They did so, the first time, in order to exploit the opportunity to brutally attack and colonize Afghanistan and Iraq (while again hiding behind a mountain of lies) and to take control of Iraq’s great rivers of water and huge oceans of oil. This second time around the attack is on the religion of Islam itself, the institutions of Islamic learning, and the rightly guided scholars of Islam.

We must now prepare ourselves for attacks on scholars of Islam who would be defamed as homosexuals, or exposed in manufactured photographs of them in bed with prostitutes. We can expect concocted emails or false tape recordings of fictitious telephone conversations with terrorists, or illegal drugs planted in their homes. We are targeted by enemies who have already assassinated the illustrious scholar of Islam, Prof. Dr. Isma’il Faruqi, and the courageous Muslim rulers, King Faisal bin Abdul ‘Aziz of Saudi Arabia and General Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan, and who removed Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef from office in a plot that is still unraveling, and who will use any means in pursuit of their goal of ruling the world from Jerusalem. (more…)

What is the legitimacy of the modern secular state when judged according to the religion of Islam? Is it Halal (permissible) or Haram (prohibited) for Muslims to vote in elections of the modern secular state? This essay attempts to answer those questions.

A US-based Egyptian Islamic scholar declared in a widely circulated Fatwa (legal opinion) that it is Wajib (compulsory) for Muslims to vote in elections of the modern secular state such as USA. The preposterous implication of that Fatwa would be such that if Muslims were to refrain from voting in such elections they would have committed a sin!

On the other hand the outstanding Pakistani Islamic scholar, Dr. Israr Ahmad, has categorically declared that it is Haram for a Muslim to participate in the electoral politics of the modern secular state (i.e., the state which is established on the basis of a secular constitution). He has prohibited all members of Tanzeem-e-Islami, the Jama’at (community) of which he is the Amir (leader), from voting in elections of the secular state. He also disclosed that Maulana Maududi (rahimahullah), who took a stand in favor of participating in electoral politics, subsequently changed his position before his death and opposed such participation.  (more…)

Dr. Morgan Job has questioned our continuing failure, as Muslims, to establish constitutional democracy in the Muslim world (Conference on Constitutional Reform, November 28th 2004). But modern political democracy originated in modern secular western civilization, and required the adoption of political secularism as the basis for the establishment of polity and state. Political secularism, however, like all other applications of secularism, denied religion any significant role in the public order. This, in turn, facilitated the decline of religion and of absolute moral values, and has led, around the world, to the emergence of ever-changing materialistic values and, eventually, to an essentially godless way of life.

Let us recall that when the British colonized countries such as India they found Muslims with a political culture derived basically from Islam. British colonial rule imposed European political secularism ‘at the point of the sword’ as the alternative to Islam. Both Hindus and Muslims eventually challenged the new European religion of ‘secularism’, and sought to restore and preserve their own indigenous political culture. This led eventually, and alarmingly so for the British, to an ominous political alliance of Muslims and Hindus in what was called the Khilafat Movement — a struggle to preserve the institution of the Islamic Caliphate located at the very heart of Muslim political culture. Gandhi himself forged the alliance with the Muslim Khilafat Movement since he, also, wanted to restore (for Hindus) indigenous Hindu political culture and a Hindu model of a state. (more…)

“The old order changeth – yielding place to new – and God fulfills Himself in many ways . . .”
Alfred Lord Tennyson, ‘Morte d’Arthur’


Our view is that a fast-collapsing Trinidad and Tobago has a once-in-a-lifetime chance for an unjust and decadent old order to be changed into a new order based on truth, freedom and justice and, in the process, for God to fulfill Himself in this land. We recognize constitutional reform to be the basic vehicle for effecting such necessary change. The time to act is now! Let us hearken to Shakespeare’s warning: “There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their lives is bound in shallows and in miseries.”


Allah Most High has prohibited the killing of children (both born and unborn) when such is resorted to for no just cause. It is indeed a very great sin. But an essentially godless age has shown no concern whatsoever for the Word of Allah Most High. In fact this age is experiencing something more sinister than disregard for the Word of Allah since, whatever He declared to be Haram (i.e., prohibited), the modern godless age has proceeded to legalize (i.e., to declare to be Halal or permitted). Gambling, for example, has been elevated to such respectability that governments around the world now organise state-sponsored lottery. And so what we now face is not just godlessness, but rather, a war on the religious way of life! It is in this context that we must examine the effort to legalize abortion.

The eminent Islamic scholar, Maulana Dr. Muhammad Fazlur Rahman Ansari (1914-1974), resorted to the legal principle of ‘necessity’ to declare ‘abortion’ permissible in such cases when a mother’s life would be endangered if she were to carry her baby until birth. A ‘just cause’ justifies taking the unborn baby’s life. It also represents the lesser of two evils. Whether such a resort to the doctrine of necessity can be permitted in the case of pregnancy because of rape, or incest, or where an unborn child is discovered to be seriously deformed, etc., is a subject which can be studied in a context other than the one addressed by this paper. Let us address the context of this paper.  (more…)

In the summer of 2002 . . . I had a meeting with a senior adviser to Bush. He told me something that at the time I didn’t fully comprehend—but which I now believe gets to the very heart of the Bush presidency. The aide said that guys like me were ‘‘in what we call the reality-based community,’’ which he defined as people who ‘‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.’’ I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. ‘‘That’s not the way the world really works anymore,’’ he continued. ‘‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously as you will— we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’’

“Without a Doubt ,” Ron Suskind, New York Times Magazine, Oct. 17, 2004


He asked, “Are you a Muslim or a terrorist?” I was talking with a group of villagers, all Africans, while sitting under the tent erected outside a home in Boot Hill when a young Indian man joined us and posed that question to me. It could have been a deliberate and maliciously conceived act of grave provocation or, perhaps, it was nothing more than the frivolity of one who turned in worship in the direction of Washington. But the villagers responded to the question with fury. They insisted that it was an insult, and that I should not answer the question. Instead they demanded that the young man apologize for his insult, and they persisted until he eventually apologized to me. That was a taste of Boot Hill’s tribal democracy that brooks no tribal injustice. Politicians and political scientists of this country would do well to study Boot Hill’s tribal democracy.

I went back to Boot Hill (a nickname for St. Thomas Village, Chaguanas, in my native island of Trinidad), my childhood hometown, to offer my sympathies to Kenneth Valley whose son had been shot and killed two days earlier in the nearby village of Felicity. It was a killing that provoked significant tribal protest from Boot Hill’s African villagers that quickly erupted in dangerous street demonstrations. It even provoked acts of violence against Felicity villagers. Some of them were beaten and a vehicle was destroyed.

Felicity is tribally homogeneous with the overwhelming majority of residents being Indian and Hindu. And while the shooting death in Felicity of the young African from Boot Hill may not have been caused by race, it certainly provoked a violent racial response. Indeed I fear that the die has, perhaps, been cast, and that the dangerous new stage now reached in tribal rivalry can eventually include the entire country in a fatal grip. Hence this timely essay!  (more…)

They are a people whose wickedness and godlessness are without parallel in history. Yet they succeed in constantly replicating themselves amongst the peoples of the world, who then become the people of Gog and Magog. They started with the medieval crusades, which were so-called holy wars that Europe fought against Islam. And now, in the last stage of their unholy mission, they threaten to wage war on Iran in order to steal, in broad daylight, Iran’s oil and gas.

Their mastermind, who is both an imposter and an evil genious, creates diversions to mask their wicked deeds, and to divert attention from his ominously unfolding master-plan to eventually rule the world from Jerusalem, and to then declare himself to be the true Messiah. He seeks to mask this evil attack on Iran by resorting to the greatest diversions of all, namely the nuclear ‘scarecrow’, the utterly despicable cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him), nauseating photographs depicting sexual abuse of Iraqi Muslims detained by the US occupation forces in Iraq, and the destruction of the golden-domed Masjid al-Askariyah and sacred Shia shrine in Iraq.

But they cannot defeat the Prophet’s religion since Allah Most High will answer the prayer of Jesus, the true Messiah (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him as well), when he returns, and destroy them. They cannot silence even Nelson Mandela and Harry Belafonte who continue to courageously denounce them for their terrorism, arrogance and evil deeds.  (more…)

When Harry Belafonte declared that US President George W. Bush was “the world’s greatest terrorist”, it was clear that while he had not studied the subject sufficiently, since that notorious distinction belongs to Israel and not to Bush, he certainly showed greater understanding of the subject and more courage than most politicians and leaders today.

But Israel has another unique distinction that continuously escapes the attention of scribes, scholars and politicians. It is the only state in the world that has continuously waged unjust war with disdain for ‘gentile’ opinion, and even escalate its warfare while rendering the rest of the world powerless to do anything tangible to prevent it.

The rest of the world, that is, except Islam! (more…)

Extracted from the Book – One Ameer, One Jama’ah by Imran N. Hosein (c) 1997

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds, the Compassionate, the Merciful. And may Peace and Blessings of Allah (SWT) be bestowed on His unlettered Prophet, Muhammad (SAW), who was sent by Almighty Allah (SWT) with Al-Huda (the Divine Guidance) and Deen Al-Haq (the way of life which is established on Divinely Revealed Truth) that it might prevail over the totality of life, private as well as public, life here as well as life hereafter. Its basic function in respect of life in this world is to be a force for liberation of mankind from oppression. And its basic function in respect of life hereafter is to be the means of salvation and fulfillment of the very purpose of life. Allah, Most High, also sent Deen Al-Haq so that it might prevail over all rivals. All these functions of Deen Al-Haq were fulfilled in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). And after the death of the Prophet (SAW), the noble struggle and mission of ensuring that all the functions of Deen Al-Haq continue to be fulfilled, now devolved upon the Ummah.

Allah, Most High, emphatically declared to the believers that the life (i.e., the Sunnah) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a perfect concrete model for them to follow if they are to attain salvation and the fulfillment of the purpose of life hereafter, and if they are to succeed with their mission in this life:

Certainly you have in (the life) of the Messenger of Allah a beautiful model (of conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day (i.e., who looks with hope to Allah and to the Final Day) and who engages much in the remembrance of Allah (Al-Ahzab 33:21).  (more…)

It would be a mistake if the Government of Trinidad & Tobago were to respond to Venezuela’s ‘Petrocaribe’ oil initiative from a limited commercial perspective, and fail to measure the long-term moral, political and security costs to this country if we were to stay out of the regional oil alliance.

As we study an alliance for subsidized oil that has already been embraced by the Caribbean (except Barbados), and which can only increase in regional importance as the price of oil continues is mysterious ascent, we should look carefully at our strategic environment in which Venezuela’s geographic proximity to this country features prominently. We should also weigh with equal care the obvious benefits for us and for the rest of the Caribbean if we were to patiently forge with Venezuela a mutually beneficial partnership role as producers and suppliers of oil for the Caribbean. It would be quite wrong to interpret Venezuela’s oil diplomacy as a case of the use of oil as a geo-political weapon. Critics should, rather, recognize Venezuela to be responding, and quite legitimately so, to those who long ago embraced oil as a weapon. The fact is that the Euro-world-order has used every possible means, fair and foul, to acquire control over the oil resources of the world. They did so in order to first get the world ‘hooked’ on oil for energy, and then to so exploit that dependence on oil to their advantage that they could eventually deliver Pax Judaica, i.e., the Messianic world-order, to the Euro-Jewish State of Israel.  Part of that strategy now appears to be their connivance in the creation of an OPEC oil cartel over which they exercised a significant measure of control through their oil-producing client-States who were members in the cartel, and who, in turn, fixed an OPEC price for oil with which all member States had to abide. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has prohibited the resort to fixed prices. Islam, the religion, is uncompromisingly insistent that the free market must determine prices.

While it is true that increases in the price of oil made the Petrocaribe initiative possible, and that a flood of petrodollars has financed the socio-economic programs that have actually broadened the Venezuelan government’s support base, one cannot deny the fact that Petrocaribe responds to oppressive oil prices in a manner that assists the oppressed. It is hence morally commendable. There is neither economic, nor moral rationality in the corrupt exclusive pursuit of profit, especially when profits are contrived and exorbitant and are foisted upon buyers by a cartel that fixes prices in accordance with a political agenda. (more…)


Our conference must ensure that we explain issues relating to ‘money’ in a manner that can be readily understood, not just by those present in this gathering here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but also by the hapless multitudes around the world who know little or nothing of this subject, and who look to us for guidance; hence an imperative of ensuring both simplicity and clarity, while avoiding the use of technical jargon. I avoid it to such an extent that those present in this audience will not hear even the words ‘fiat money’ in my presentation.

We must, however, provide an adequate explanation of the term ‘Petro-dollar’, since our view is that it is symbolically present in a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him) on which this paper is based. We must reveal the staggering role that it has played and still plays, in sustaining today’s unjust monetary system, as well as the equally unjust international banking system. Both the international monetary system and the international banking system are absolutely unique phenomena in human economic and monetary history. In other words no one in history has ever experienced the unique injustice and oppression that mankind now experiences in the worlds of money and banking. This, perhaps, explains the strange ignorance of the reality of modern money and banking.

Our view is that petro-money has an even more sinister role to play in the new monetary system that will emerge to replace the present one, consequent upon the imminent demise of the US dollar – but more about that later.  (more…)

Islam has declared war on the moneylender who demands interest. It did so in the very last divine revelation (al-Baqarah, 2:279) to come down in the Holy Qur’an. Here is that last revelation:

“O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for usury (i.e., the interest due on a fixed deposit, or on any other loan on interest), if ye are indeed believers.”  If ye do it not (i.e. if you persist in your claim or demand for the interest due to you), then take notice of (a declaration of) war from Allah and His Messenger: but if ye turn away (from such claim or demand), then you are entitled to the return of your capital sum (placed in the fixed deposit or otherwise lent); do not enter into (such) unjust transactions, nor allow yourselves to be subjected to such.

If (you forgo the interest due to you and then find) the debtor in a difficulty (in respect of returning the capital sum that was lent to him on interest), grant him time till it is easy for him to repay. But if ye remit it by way of charity, that is best for you if ye only knew.  (more…)

Transcription of a lecture delivered by Maulana Imran N Hosein at Maulana Ansari dhikr group gathering, Abd-al-Aleem House, Cape Town, South Africa.
Lecture transcribed by Irshad Soofie (

We begin with Allah’s Blessed name; we praise Him and we glorify Him as He aught to be glorified and we pray for peace and blessings on all His noble messengers and in particular the last of them all, the blessed Prophet Muhammad. Nabi Muhammad warned; he warned of an age that is to come, which would be a terrible age, more terrible than any age that mankind would ever had experienced since Adam came on earth. Very few would survive that age. A terrible, evil, mastermind will attempt to take control of the world. And that terrible, evil, mastermind of whom Allah had hinted when He said:

قُلْ أَعُوذُ بِرَبِّ الْفَلَقِ {1}

We attempt in this essay to examine the appearance of an epistemological paradox in the thought of Dr. Muhammad Iqbal.

There was that knowledge which he imparted to his native people, Indian Muslims who were subjected to brutal anti-Muslim British colonial rule, which touched their very souls and fired them with a scorching reaffirmation of commitment to Islam the religion. It was communicated in their native languages – Urdu and Persian. Had it been communicated in English, the European world of scholarship that was waging war on Islam would have rejected and sneered at it. Iqbal would have suffered a loss of prestige amongst his European peers.

And then there was that other knowledge which he communicated in English, and which included his views concerning the ‘End of History’. It impressed European scholarship, as well as his western-educated countrymen. Had some of it been communicated in Urdu or Persian, such as his rejection of belief in the advent of Imam al-Mahdi, of Dajjal the false Messiah or Anti-Christ, and in the return of the true Messiah, Jesus the son of the Virgin Mary (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon them both), it would have created serious and abiding problems for him amongst the Muslim masses. To this day, there are many Muslims who are inspired by Iqbal, but remain blissfully ignorant of his real views concerning the ‘End of History’.

The dualism in Iqbal’s thought and works is compounded by the fact that he sometimes says one thing in English, and then proceeds to say something quite different in Urdu or Persian.  (more…)

 Transcribed by Irshad Soofi Siddiqui

Allah , Most High, says in the Holy Qur’aan in the 16th Sura, al-Nahl (The Bee), in verse 89:


And We have sent down to thee a Book explaining all things, a Guide, a Mercy, and Glad Tidings to Muslims.


Introduction and Greeting

Sura, al-Nahl, Sura 16 entitled, ‘The Bee’ and Allah , Most High, declares, ‘And we sent down the book, the Qur’aan, which came down after the Torah, after the Gospel, on thee, O Muhammad ( s.a.w ), that this Qur’aan might explain all things; that this Qur’aan therefore might explain the Last Age, and that with this Qur’aan we may be able to understand the Signs Of Allah , Most High, big as billboards; which will appear in the Last Age. In this Qur’aan there is guidance, how to live at all times, but in particular, in the Last Age. That explanation and guidance constitute rahmah (mercy) from your Lord. For those who have the good sense and wisdom to accept it, embrace it and apply it- bushra la hum (good news, glad tidings) for such people. They will understand what others cannot. They will succeed when others will not.


Brother Chairman, brothers and sisters in Islam; and friends I greet you with as-salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. We thank Allah , Most High, who has brought us together again in my first public lecture after 1998, three years ago. We pray to Allah, Most Kind, for His guidance, for His blessings, for His protection, as we embark upon an effort to address the subject of al-Ihsaan, the spiritual essence of Islam. Before we tell this story, and it is a story, which Insha Allah you will enjoy, we must make some preliminary observations.


سَنَفْرُغُ لَكُمْ أَيُّهَا الثَّقَلَانِ

(Qur’ān, al-Rahmān, 55:31)

We shall one day take you to task, O you sin-laden two!

(In the above verse the Qur’ān has addressed both a Western world that is loaded with sin, as well as the Shayatīn (plural of Shaitān/ Satan who are evil Jinn/) who have supported and strengthened the West during their last 500 years of arrogant blood-stained rule over the world, to declare that Allah will bring their sin-laden rule over the world to an end. The verse below informs them how He will do so.)

يُرْسَلُ عَلَيْكُمَا شُوَاظٌ مِّن نَّارٍ وَنُحَاسٌ فَلَا تَنتَصِرَانِ

(Qur’ān, al-Rahmān, 55:35)

A flash of fire will be let loose upon you, followed by smoke, and you will be left helpless!

Sūrah al-Rahmān also warns them that their missiles, satellites, drones, etc., can fly through the skies, or from beneath the earth and the depths of the seas only with Allah’s authority. This implies that He can withhold His authority at any time, and that may just happen in the Great War. An angel, for example, can intercept a nuclear-armed inter-continental ballistic missile speeding towards a designated target, and turn it around to return it to its sin-laden sender!

Those who serve us with poison will eventually swallow it and poison themselves.” (more…)



سَنُرِيهِمْ آيَاتِنَا فِي الْآفَاقِ وَفِي أَنفُسِهِمْ حَتَّى يَتَبَيَّنَ لَهُمْ أَنَّهُ الْحَقُّ أَوَلَمْ يَكْفِ بِرَبِّكَ أَنَّهُ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ شَهِيدٌ

“In time We shall make them fully understand Our messages (through what they perceive) in the utmost horizons (for example in the scientific examination of the material universe) and within them­selves (for example in events that will unfold in the process of history) so that it will become clear unto them that this (Qur’ān) is indeed the truth. (Still) is it not enough (for them to know) that thy Lord-God is witness unto everything?

(Qur’ān, Fussilāt, 41:53)

Egypt is in a state of transition and it behoves Egyptians – Christians as well as Muslims – to seek to know the destination to which political change is taking them. Coptic Christians believe that Egypt, the land to which Nabi ‘Isa and his mother Mariam (‘alaihima al-Salām) were brought when they fled the Holy Land, has a special eschatological role to play when Nabi ‘Isa is to return. Muslims share with Christians the belief in that momentous messianic return with which history will end.  Will Egyptian Muslims and Coptic Christians now seek to build a common ground with which to jointly resist those who are hell-bent on attacking not only Iran and Pakistan, but also Egypt as well? Egyptian Muslims must be reminded of the blessed Prophet’s advice regarding Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt:

(إذا فُتِحَتْ مصرُ فاستوصُوا بالقِبْطِ خيرا فإن لهم ذِمَّةً ورَحِما. (البغوى، والطبرانى، والحاكم عن كعب بن مالك (more…)

Madinah 1343 (h): out of Dajjāl’s frying-pan and into Dajjāl’s Saudi-Wahhābi fire

In just another 10 years from now in the month of Rabīal-Thāni 1443 the world of Islam will mark the 100th anniversary of the transfer of power in Makkah from the Ottoman Turks to the Arab Sultān ‘Abd al-‘Azīz Ibn Saūd. Troops loyal to the Sultan of Najd conquered Makkah in the month of Rabī al-Thāni 1343 (i.e., October 30th 1924 in Pope Gregory’s western Christian Catholic calendar) in consequence of which ‘Abd al-‘Azīz eventually proclaimed himself Sultān of Najd and King of Hejāz.

In 10 years from now it will also be a hundred years since Makkah and Madinah were taken out of Dajjāl’s Ottoman frying pan only to enter into Dajjāl’s Saudi-Wahhabi fire. Let there be no doubt in the reader’s mind that after having shamelessly aligned Saudi Arabia with the Zionist Anglo-American Judeo-Christian alliance for the longest while, Saudi Arabia’s leaders have now made that State a strategic ally of the Zionist State of Israel. And hence it is clear that they work for al-Masīh alDajjāl, i.e., Dajjāl the false Messiah or Anti-Christ. This is perhaps the implication of the vision in which Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihiwasallam) saw Dajjāl making Tawāf around the Ka’aba. There is also considerable evidence that the Ottomans acted, consciously or unconsciously, on Dajjāl’s behalf by rendering considerable assistance to western Christianity. They did so by repeatedly plunging a vicious and venomous knife for some 600 years into the heart of its rival, i.e. eastern Christianity or Rūm. This was in accord with Dajjāl’s agenda since it was western Christians who made an alliance with Jews, and it is that alliance which brought Israel into being. Rūm never made such an alliance with the Jews!

The predictable result was intense hatred for Islam and hostility towards Muslims on the part of those in Rūm who suffered so unjustly and for so long a period of time.  (more…)

There are some Muslims who, impressed by the views of distinguished scholars such as Ibn Khaldun and Dr Muhammad Iqbal, have rejected belief in the advent of Imām al-Mahdi. Some of them even go on to dismiss our preoccupation with this subject with disdain and with spurious comments.

They should be warned that it is not only false but also sinful to argue that those who strive for a deeper understanding of the subject of the advent of Imām al-Mahdi (‘alaihi al-Salām) are a people who are content to sit waiting with folded arms for the Imām while doing nothing to combat falsehood and oppression in the world.

We have no doubt that certain members of the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) will be blessed with true dreams and visions which will convey to them information concerning the End-Time advent of Imām al-Mahdi (‘alaihi al-Salām). Readers must know however, that information so obtained cannot be objectively verified, and hence that there is no compulsion on any one to accept such information as truth.

This writer has never attempted to use such information in his analysis of events now mysteriously unfolding in the world, and in the Holy Land in particular. Rather he has continuously striven to grasp the ‘system of meaning’ of the subject of the End Times as derived from data located in the Qur’ān and Ahadīth of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam). He is confident that his students will Insha Allah, continue that effort when he is no longer in this world. His conclusions, based on rational analysis (and intuitive internal insight), must always be qualified with the words Allahu ‘alam (Allah Knows best). (more…)

Prophet Muhammad prophesied the advent of an Imām who would emerge by Divine decree to lead the world of Islam at that time when the true Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon them all), was about to return.  The Prophet declared of that end-time Imām that he would arise from within the ranks of the Muslims: “How would you be”, he said, “when the son of Mary descends amongst you and your Imām would be from your own ranks!” (Sahīh Bukhāri).

An Imām in the religion of Islam is both a religious as well as a political leader; hence the office of the Imām is synonymous with that of Amīr or Khalīfa (Caliph).  The Hadīth therefore prophesied that one (Islamic) government would eventually rule over the entire world of Islam, and that the Imām would be both the political as well as the religious head of that government. 

This prophecy anticipated the present sorry status quo in which the Islamic Khilāfah (Caliphate) has been replaced by republican so-called Islamic States based on petty tribal nationalisms – Egyptian, Saudi, Pakistani, Arab, Malay, Punjabi, Bengali, Persian (Iranian) etc. African-American Muslims have even embraced Louis Farrakhan’s ‘black Muslim nationalism’. Some of them, such as Turkey and Bangladesh have even imposed secular constitutional bans preventing Islam from playing any political role in the affairs of the State.  (more…)


The Second Sinking


Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prophesied that ten major Signs of the Last Day would occur as follows:

1. Dajjal, the false Messiah or Anti-Christ,
2. Gog and Magog,
3. Smoke,
4. The beast of the earth or land (most likely the holy land),
5. That the sun would rise from the west,
6, 7 & 8. That the earth will sink on three occasions – one in the East, one in the West and one in Arabia,
9. That a fire would come out of Yemen and would drive people to their place of assembly (for judgement),
10. That the son of Mary would descend (i.e. return).

The blessed Prophet did not provide information concerning the chronological order in which those Ten Signs would occur. (more…)

In a Caribbean island of Trinidad that is blessed with a plural society, and which celebrates that plurality with the democratic proclamation “here every creed and race finds an equal place”, we Muslims are grateful that we still have at least that much freedom that we can buy newspaper space to publish a Muslim viewpoint on an issue as critically important as ‘Swine-Flu epidemic’. That appears to be the only way now left for publication of an authentic Muslim viewpoint in the so-called ‘free world’s’ print media.

On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6 in response to the ongoing global spread of the influenza virus popularly known as ‘Swine Flu’. A Phase 6 designation indicates, according to WHO, that a global pandemic is underway. A pandemic occurs when a contagious viral disease infects people (and this may include animals) throughout an entire country or region, or even world-wide.

Prophet Muhammad Epidemics and the Anti-Christ  (more…)

A mong the Signs of the Last Day as disclosed by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is that “time would move faster – so that a whole year would pass like a month, a month would pass like a week, a week like a day, a day like an hour, and an hour like the amount of time it takes to kindle a fire.” Why so?

He explained that the perception of time moving faster would be in consequence of the ‘remembrance’ of Allah Most High (Dhikr) departing from the heart, and a preoccupation with the worldly life (Dunyah) taking exclusive possession of the heart. The consequence of this spiritual vacuum would be that “people would make business agreements with one another and scarcely anyone would fulfill his trust”, and “it would be said that among such and such a tribe there is a trustworthy man. People would remark of how intelligent, excellent and resolute a man he is while (in fact) he would not have as much faith (in Allah) in his heart as a grain of a mustard seed.”

The blessed Prophet also warned that such would be a time of great betrayals in which “temptations would be presented to men’s hearts as a reed mat is woven stick by stick, and any heart which is impregnated by them would have a black mark put in it. The result would be that hearts would be of two kinds, one, white like a white stone, which would not be harmed by temptation as long as the heavens and earth endure, and the other, black and dust-colored like a vessel which is upset, incapable of recognizing what is reputable, or rejecting what is disreputable, but being enveloped by its passion.”  (more…)


The term ‘Last Day’ in reality stands for the ‘Last Age’, or the age which would culminate in the end of history—when the true Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary (not son of God), would return to rule the world from Jerusalem with justice and ‘eternal’ rule. It would be ‘eternal’ in the sense that history would end with that event. Life on earth beyond that event, and after Jesus dies a human death and is buried next to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon them both) in Madinah, would not qualify as history. This would be so since the modern secular rope would have reached its predictable end in total godlessness, and with such a consequent collapse of morals, and of moral consciousness, that people would forget their human status and “would engage in sexual intercourse in public like donkeys”. Already it is quite clear (particularly at the time of Trinidad’s Carnival) that we are quite close to the fulfillment of that ominous prophecy made by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

So much so then, for the spurious claims of the one-eyed Judeo-Christian western civilization and its ‘colored house slaves’ around the world. They claim that mankind is witnessing unprecedented progress, that the present is the best of all ages, that the world keeps on growing better and better, and that modern western civilization has rendered all previous civilizations, including Islam, moribund and obsolete!  (more…)

History is more than a mere record of events. History not only records the constant changes that take place in the world but also seeks to interpret that phenomenon of change. An analysis of the historical process, of the movement of history, and of the end of history, emerges from the interpretation of change in the world. It answers many nagging questions.

Is change taking place randomly, or is there a pattern to change? Is the historical process one that would persist unto eternity, or would there be a Last Age and an end to history?

A strange and mysterious Euro-world-order now controls the entire world in its iron grip. It has derived unprecedented power from a continuing scientific and technological revolution that completely changes the whole world. But its power rests on foundations that are essentially godless, decadent and corrupt.

It possesses great powers of deception to the extent that it makes falsehood appear to be truth and vice versa.  (more…)

Last December’s massive under-water ‘sinking’ of the ocean-bed L in South-East Asia spawned a Tsunami which caused more than a hundred thousand deaths, most of them in the faithfully Muslim province of Aceh in Indonesia. It also provoked me to write an essay entitled “Ten Major Signs of the Last Day – Has One Just Occurred?” That essay directed attention to three ‘sinkings’ of the earth, as prophesied by Prophet Muhammad, that would herald the return of Jesus, the true Messiah (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon them both). The first, he said, would occur in the East (i.e., east of the Arabian city of Madina), the second in the West, and the third and last in Arabia itself.

I argued at that time that events now dramatically unfolding in the world were linked to that momentous ‘Messianic return’ with which history would culminate, and that December’s Tsunami was very likely the first of the three signs mentioned above, i.e., the sinking of the earth in the East. And Allah Knows best! That view of mine found ready acceptance amongst many Muslims in different parts of the world, but has so far failed to provoke a serious response, either positive or negative, from the scholars of Islam.

I now write to direct attention to the fact that the city of New Orleans sank by some twenty feet (and is still sinking) before experiencing massive destruction in late August 2005 by floods provoked by hurricane Katrina, and I want to suggest that the world may have just witnessed the second of those three sinkings of the earth with precisely the same unforgettable drama that attended the first. And Allah Knows best!  (more…)

Lessons from the Birth of Mary’s Son

Although they claimed to be the ‘chosen’ people, they failed the divine test and slandered an innocent virgin. And when the baby grew to be a man, and declared he was the Messiah, they rejected him because they considered him a bastard and because “a bastard shall not enter the congregation of the Lord” (Deuteronomy, 23:2).

The urgent lesson to be learnt in the event of the miraculous birth of Mary’s son, an event which the Qur’an has described in detail, is that there is a great difference between ‘seeing with two eyes’—the ‘external’ and ‘internal’, and ‘seeing with only one’—the ‘external’. In a world in which lies and deception are being used to re-colonize the non-European world, it is important that we penetrate beyond external appearances to reach the internal reality of events— particularly those like 9/11 that are used to launch a so-called ‘war on terror’. Only spiritual insight can penetrate the world today—hence the urgent need for spiritual revolution.

The Qur’an has recorded the event when Mary’s mother “vowed to gift her unborn child to the temple”:
Behold! a woman of ‘Imran said: “O my Lord! I do dedicate unto Thee what is in my womb for Thy special service: so accept this of me: for Thou hearest and knowest all things.”
(Qur’an, Ale ‘Imran, 3:35)  (more…)

One people today totally dominate and control the entire world, its politics, economy, culture, news, sports, entertainment, fashions, travel, etc. They possess absolute power that no possible combination of rivals can now challenge. Moreover, there is no secular evidence to suggest that their powerful grip over the whole world can ever be successfully challenged. They do much more than control the world. They change, unfold and reinvent themselves, and then change the world as well, until it becomes their carbon copy. They have broken down all the barriers that have for ages separated people from each other, and a single global society has emerged for the first time in human history with a single language, English. They are the Judeo-Christian Euro-world-order (i.e., modern secular western civilization), and they are an absolutely unique phenomenon in history.

They are an ominous ‘world-order’, ominous for Arabs and Muslims in particular, and for non-Europeans in general. But even those European people who would live lives of piety, faith and righteousness are not spared. The ‘world-order’ wages relentless war on the religious way of life in general, and on Islam in particular. They use their absolute power to corrupt, to oppress, and to engage in acts of injustice and wickedness with no parallel in history.

Jewish Christian ‘white’ war crimes now inflicted on Arab Muslim Iraq are but a continuation of ‘white’ apartheid inflicted on black Christian Africa. Their greed is indescribable. They suck the wealth of all of mankind through legalized theft, and they even take from the poor the little that they possess. Eventually they imprison all of mankind in a new economic slavery. They are essentially godless and amazingly decadent, and possess such powers of deception that ‘appearance’ and ‘reality’ are always opposite to each other in everything they do.  (more…)

In Chapter 18 of the Qur’an (‘the Cave’), as well as in Prophetic commentary, Gog and Magog are described as two people created by Allah Most High, and endowed with awesome power. “None but I can destroy them”, said Allah. They had to be contained behind an iron barrier because they used their power for evil ends to commit FASAD (acts of wickedness, oppression, corruption).


The Qur’an also implied that they would use power to wage war on those who lived lives of faith and righteousness, and that they would act malevolently against those who lived the primitive way of life, or who eked out a bare subsistence living (as in Haiti). Thus the picture emerged of people who had the hearts of beasts.
The Qur’an went on to inform that when the Last Age commenced “Allah would bring down the barrier” and Gog and Magog (who are a major sign of the Last Age) would be released into the world. They would eventually “spread out in every direction” – indicating that with their invincible power they would take control of the whole world and that, for the first time in history, one people would rule all of mankind. But since that world-order would witness oppression, and war on religion, it would be in total conflict with the heavenly order above. No believer could possibly be comfortable with ‘mainstream society’ in such a world.

Verse 51 of Surah al-Maidah:

Being a commentary to Maulana Imran Hosein’s interpretation of the verse. 

By: Hasbullah Shafi’iy


Sayyiduna Umar radiyallahu anhu, in his six-line description of the Quran that we are unable to discuss here except one particular word that is relevant to our subject, most aptly said that the Quran is Barakah. Now, this is not a simple word at all. This word may be registered amongst the most frequently used vocabulary of any Muslim from any part of the world, but only that the meaning of this word is simply untranslatable into any other language, at least not into English. The meaning of this word can only be understood and explained by analogy or events.

Sayyiduna Abu Hurayrah radiyallahu anhu, gripped by the pangs of hunger, was waiting in Masjid an-Nabawi for someone to come, one who could understand his state and feed him. Embarrassed to ask directly for food, he had asked both Sayyiduna Abu Bakr and Sayyiduna Umar (r.a.), “Iqri’nee,” which request could either mean “recite to me (from the Quran)” or, “take me as a guest.” Not realising his state, both of them had sat him down in the Masjid and had recited the entire Surah al-Baqarah and Surah Aali ‘Imran respectively one after the other. The poor companion of the Prophet (s) had to listen to the long recitations bearing the pains of his shrinking stomach. Now he was desperately hoping for someone else who could come and perceive instantly the other meaning of the word “Iqri’nee.”  (more…)

This is the last of four Ramadan Special essays published by Jama Masjid, San Fernando, and written by Islamic scholars Imran N. Hosein and Siddiq A. Nasir, that turn to the blessed Qur’an in an attempt to respond to rampant crime. Rallies, marches, changing Ministers of Government and Police Commissioners, etc., can never be a substitute for knowledge. The previous three essays focused on: ‘Crime and the Secular Society’, ‘Crime and the Economy’ and ‘Crime and the Philosophy of Punishment’.



The “Family” has been under a devastating, multi-pronged attack for many decades by the secularism-based prevailing culture.  “Family” used to be understood as the social unit based on the union of a male and a female, married to each other, and the offspring they beget or adopt (even if death of one of the partners, or divorce, subsequently, takes place).


Who decides what is right and what is wrong?  The society?  Religion?  The Government?  I  myself?

And now we see a shift, in contemporary society, from principles of right and wrong to choices, decisions and risks, and therefore to subjective personal decisions, with little regard for wider consequences.  No longer is “man the measure of all things” – I am the measure of all things.  We need to carefully examine this shift because it constitutes one of the main underlying causes of crime.  One of the obvious solutions to crime would therefore be the concerted effort to reverse this shift.


Underpinning the prevailing culture in the world today is the philosophy of secularism, aimed, among other things, at the “loosing of the world from religious and quasi-religious understandings of itself.”
Secularism is based on a tentative faith in the evolution of conscious, willing, rational man and of the other living creatures and of the rest of the universe out of Godless, causeless, completely non-rational, inert matter, on the basis of accident and chance.  In this false faith, Man is thus only an ephemeral speck of mechanical activity in a chance-order in a universe that is a mere accident.

Let us examine the unmistakable implications of this false faith. (more…)

This is the second of four Ramadan Special essays published by Jama Masjid, San Fernando, and written by Islamic scholars Imran N. Hosein and Siddiq A. Nasir, that turn to the blessed Qur’an in an attempt to respond to rampant crime. Rallies, marches, calls to change Ministers of Government and Police Commissioners, etc., are never a substitute for knowledge. The first essay focused on ‘Crime and the Economy’, and the next two will focus on ‘Crime and the Secular Society’ and ‘Crime and the Family’.

Those who proclaim ‘God’s Supremacy’ in their Constitution (“Whereas the People of Trinidad and Tobago have affirmed that the Nation of Trinidad and Tobago is founded upon principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God .  .  .”), and then proceed to defy Him by rejecting His Law and by substituting in its place their own contrary law as ‘supreme law’, are a people who knowingly commit blasphemy. That is precisely what this Caribbean State has done in Art. 2 of its Constitution: “This Constitution is the supreme law of Trinidad and Tobago, and any other law (including God’s Law) that is inconsistent with this Constitution is void to the extent of the inconsistency.”

The Qur’an has declared blasphemy the only sin the Lord-God would never forgive, i.e., if one dies without prior repentance. A believer in the Lord-God who submits to the authority and law of the State as supreme over God’s law, departs from the one true religion and joins instead, the mainstream godless herd of human cattle in their heedless drift to a terrifying end.  (more…)

This is the first of four Ramadan Special essays published by Jama Masjid, San Fernando, and written by Islamic scholars Imran N. Hosein and Siddiq A. Nasir, that turn to the blessed Qur’an in an attempt to respond to rampant crime. Rallies, marches, changing Ministers of Government and Police Commissioners, etc., can never be a substitute for knowledge. The next three essays would focus on: ‘Crime and the Philosophy of Punishment’, ‘Crime and the Secular Society’ and ‘Crime and the Family’.
Economic ghettos now spawn, to a very large extent, the present endless nightmare of gang and drug warfare, armed robbery, kidnapping, and wanton senseless murder. Those ghettos will dramatically increase when the US dollar collapses totally and the TT dollar faithfully follows its monetary Massa in that collapse. Inflation will increase dramatically, and so too will crime!

Is it possible to replace the old corrupt politics of tribal patronage, the corrupt monetary system, as well as the corrupt system of money-lending on interest that has enriched some tribes while impoverishing others and creating ghettos? Our view is that constitutional reform should be primarily directed to the search for a plural model of a state appropriate for a multi-tribal plural society. Only such a ‘power-sharing’ model of state can now prevent the emergence of tribal economic and political dictatorship, and restore a tribal fraternity based on economic and political justice, tribal equality and a free and fair market. Only thus can we hope to extricate the ghetto from economic oppression and the resultant ever-increasing crime.  (more…)


“As matters stand in the Muslim world today, it is the decline of religious leadership from the Islamic standard in a serious measure that constitutes a major cause of its inability with regard to its emergence from the abyss into which it has been descending since some time. The remedy for the situation is obvious.” – Fazlur Rahman Ansari, ‘The Qur’anic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society’.


The Quranic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society (in two volumes) was written by the distinguished Islamic scholar and Sufi Shaikh, Maulana Dr. Muhammad Fadlur Rahman Ansari (1914-1974), and was first published in Pakistan in 1973 just a few months before his death in 1974. It is not only a masterpiece of modern Islamic scholarship, but it also courageously identifies serious deficiencies in contemporary Islamic scholarship as one of the major causes of the decline of the Muslim world. The author of the book, who holds a doctorate in philosophy, was a graduate of Aligarh Muslim University, India, where he studied philosophy and religion. He derived his Islamic philosophical and spiritual thought from the outstanding Islamic scholar, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, as well as from his spiritual mentor, Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui, and the great teacher who taught him Islam at the Aligarh Muslim University, Professor Syed Sulaiman Ashraf.

Dr. Iqbal had made a significant call, in a series of public lectures delivered in the 1930’s, for the “reconstruction of religious thought in Islam”. “The Qur’anic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society” was, in part, Maulana Ansari’s PhD thesis, and it was perhaps the most outstanding contribution to Islamic scholarship by any of the students of Iqbal. It also represented a significant response to Iqbal’s call for that ‘reconstruction of religious thought’. Maulana disclosed that Iqbal was himself the spiritual guide who guided him to the methodology with which he was able to pursue a sustained study of the Qur’an. It was that study which resulted in the production of this great work.  (more…)

The Catholic Prime Minister of the Caribbean island of St. T Vincent is reported (Trinidad Guardian, May 8th, 2004) to have entered into the Mt. St. Benedict (Catholic) Monastery in Trinidad for a spiritual retreat during which “ he would join the monks in praying five times a day”. There are many people in the Caribbean who have chosen to become Muslims by proclaiming that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger. When they do so they are taught, first of all, to pray ‘five times a day’. What is the origin of ‘five times’ daily prayers? We feel certain that there will be many, apart from the Prime Minister and the monks in the monastery, who will find this subject to be of compelling and abiding interesting.

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was forty years of age when Angel Gabriel appeared to inform him that he was a Prophet of the One God. Prior to that event he was, himself, unaware of this status of his, yet he never worshipped the idols of Arabia. There were others, known as Hunafa, who also refused to worship idols. They worshipped One God, made the annual pilgrimage (Hajj) to His Holy Temple in Makkah built by Abraham. And they sacrificed animals annually in commemoration of Abraham’s trial of sacrifice of his (then) only son, Ishmael, peace be upon him.  (more…)

Selfish people cannot sacrifice, and hence cannot truly love. True love always requires sacrifice. The greater and more profound the love – the greater the sacrifice it commands. In this sense it is only the brave and courageous, only those who can ‘give’, and ‘take’ nothing in return, who can truly love, for only they can truly sacrifice. What do they know of love who only ‘take’, and ‘give’ nothing in return? In fact, loving a woman is like loving God, which makes the subject easy to understand. He who can sacrifice can also be faithful, whereas he who cannot sacrifice can surely betray! It is in this context that we can now understand the implications of those memorable words: “If you love me, then keep My commandments”. Sacrifice was thus instituted as an integral part of the religious way of life, for Abraham, the Prophet, truly loved his God, and when Allah Most High tested that love with the supreme sacrifice, it was love that strengthened him and gave him ‘wings with which to fly’ to fulfill the divine commands.

Eid al-Adha is the Eid of the sacrifice, and hence it is the Eid for those who love their Lord-God and are prepared to sacrifice for Him. It has its origin in that supreme test to which father Abraham (‘alaihi al-Salam) was subjected: “Oh my son”, he said to his only son, Ishmael (‘alaihi al-Salam), “I have seen in my sleep that I (must) sacrifice you. What is your response?” Abraham (‘alaihi al-Salam) interpreted the nocturnal vision as a divine command to be literally fulfilled, i.e., that he was supposed to take his beloved son’s life by cutting his throat. The son, also, understood the vision in the same literal way. “Oh my father”, he responded, “do as you have been ordered. You will find me patient, if God so wills.” And so he prepared himself to give up his life in submission to a divine command. When Abraham (‘alaihi al-Salam) placed his son in the position for sacrifice the Lord-God called out to him: “Oh Abraham. You have (already) fulfilled the vision (which involved the sacrifice of your son).”  (more…)

The Qur’an has described the event when Moses (‘alaihi al-Salam) was ordered to flee by night from the eastern delta of Egypt where the Israelites had all assembled, towards the sea, and beyond that to the Holy Land “which Allah had given to them”. Pharaoh pursued and caught up with them as they approached the sea. They were now trapped, and he was certain that he would succeed, once and for all, in destroying those who resisted his imperial rule, and who bowed to a God other than himself. Allah Most High ordered Moses (‘alaihi al-Salam) to strike the water with his staff, and behold, the waters miraculously parted to make a way for the believers to cross the sea to safety. The same sea drowned Pharaoh – the mighty, arrogant godless oppressor, and his power drunk-army when they attempted to cross. Muslims around the world will fast for two days this week to commemorate that event of Ashurah.

That epic encounter is today being reenacted on the stage of the world. Falsehood is waging war on Truth. And believers in the Holy Land and elsewhere in the world, who are armed with nothing more than the equivalent of stones, adamantly refuse to bow to an arrogant power-drunk European oppressor and all his house slaves. The utter contempt with which the US army totally destroyed the Iraqi city of  Fallujah that had so heroically resisted Yankee occupation and oppression, is but a taste of the replay of that epic encounter. The message of hope for the beleaguered Muslims of this age, which is implicit in this event, comes as a ray of sunshine and illumination in this world of darkness filled with injustice and oppression. Tomorrow holds the threat of even more monstrous lies, oppression and deception. One black mask on the white face of the oppressor has been replaced with another black mask, but mankind is not fooled. Oppression continually escalates.  (more…)

In a Christmas and New Year’s message published in the ‘Trinidad Guardian’ (December 25th, 2005) the misguided head of the ASJA (an acronym for a Muslim Organization in Trinidad and Tobago) declared:

“Once more, as we approach the end of another year and the great event of Christmas, we join with the rest of society and particularly our brothers and sisters of the Christian faith in celebrating this joyous season. Certainly, the Muslim community recognizes the common beliefs and practices that we share and which are the embodiment of the respective faiths that are represented in this blessed country and emanate from the central doctrine of the fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of mankind.”

Although some time has passed since the publication of this strange statement, the leadership of ASJA appears to have made no effort to retract or modify it in any way. Nor has there been any response to it so far from the many scholars of Islam in this country, or from the leaders of the Muslim community. This could perhaps be so because many people, very sensibly, no longer read the daily newspapers. But it could also be the result of either unwillingness or incapacity on their part to recognize anything so profoundly wrong and dangerously misguided in that message as to warrant a response.  (more…)

The Qur’an firmly prohibits Muslim friendship and alliance with a Jewish-Christian alliance. Yet around the world of Islam today most governments violate that divine prohibition. They, their supporters and followers, pay a price for such conduct. They lose their Islam and become, instead, part of the Euro-Jewish/Euro-Christian alliance that is waging war on Islam. It is the first such alliance ever to have emerged in history, and it wages that war on behalf of the Euro-Jewish State of Israel. Both the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him) have provided information that makes it possible for us to locate Gog and Magog within the ranks of those two actors, i.e., Euro-Christians and Euro-Jews, who wage that war on Islam.

Suriname’s Shaikh Ali Mustafa and I climbed a hill in Morvant (in my native Caribbean island of Trinidad) to the top where a Christian Church was located, and we then sat down to catch our breath (mine more than his) and to eventually participate in what we expected to be a friendly Christian-Muslim exchange of views.

The false and vicious attack on the Qur’an and on the person of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), to which we were subjected, was hardly friendly. It was indeed shocking and manifestly sinful. However, we quickly located the source of that distinctly un-Christian behaviour in the ‘war on Islam’ that the Gog and Magog ruling alliance was waging around the world. We also understood the motive for that strange behavior in their frantic need to contain the spread of Islam among the poor in the hills of Laventille and Morvant.  (more…)

A strange ‘obsession’ with Islam explains the Euro-world order’s relentless war on Islam and the ‘biting’ questions that continue to be posed concerning the continuing failure to establish constitutional democracy in the Muslim world.
We believe that an explanation of that strange ‘obsession’ is located in Islam’s view of the End of History, and, in particular, in the prophecies in both the Bible and the Qur’an concerning Gog and Magog.

We respond to the questions, however, by reminding critics that modern political democracy originated in modern secular western civilization, and required the adoption of political secularism as the basis for the establishment of polity and State.
Political secularism, however, like all other applications of secularism, denied religion any significant role in the public order. This, in turn, facilitated the decline of religion and of absolute moral values, and, around the world, has led to the emergence of ever-changing secular values and, eventually, to an essentially godless way of life.

Let us recall that when the British colonized countries such as India they found Muslims with a political culture derived basically from Islam. (more…)

She was as beautiful as a Princess from Sudan, this Muslim girl of African origin from Deigo Martin who was married at the San Fernando Jama Masjid last Friday to the distinguished Afro-Surinamese Islamic scholar and my beloved brother, Shaikh Ali Mustafa Seinpaal. In fact she had an African name which meant ‘queen”.

Her father had passed away, and so she asked me to function in his place and to give her away in marriage. I thus became her Wakeel. She was the only Muslim in her family, but her family members were present for the wedding. Her mother informed me with a warm smile that she had come from Grenada, and, typical of Grenadian people, she and all her family were so friendly to us Muslims.  They could not, and would not, be part of the wicked ‘war on Islam’ now raging around the world.

The Princess had become a Muslim because of the impact of Maulana Siddiq Nasir’s lectures that were broadcast on radio. She listened to his words and they touched her heart, and she came all by herself into Islam. Last year she became my student and I was amazed at her sincere dedication to the pursuit of knowledge. I must confess that it was I who first spoke to the Shaikh a few months ago about her.  (more…)

‘Jesus in the Qur’an’ is someone in whose birth, life, and departure from this world, ‘appearance’ and ‘reality’ constantly and amazingly differed from each other. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him, and upon all other prophets) described his eventual return as one in which ‘appearance’ and ‘reality’ would again amazingly differ.

And since his return would mark the end of history, the implication is that only those with religious insight can penetrate the ‘reality’ of the world today, its looming political and economic slavery, globalization, etc., – as we now approach that dramatic end. The event of his birth ‘appeared’ to involve Mary’s wrongdoing, and those who based judgment solely on external observation (i.e., modern western epistemology) were so convinced, and hence slandered her. The internally blind always misjudge people.

The ‘reality’ was that an innocent virgin had miraculously given birth to a baby-boy. Internal intuitive spiritual insight (i.e., seeing with the inner eye) should have forced the people to probe deeper into the matter before rushing to judgment. (more…)

There is no doubt whatsoever that this essay is going to provoke both positive and negative responses from readers. But our purpose in writing it is to provoke enlightened responses from our intelligent readers — responses that would dispel complacency over (what this writer perceives as) unfortunate instances of misguided tradition. Let us at the outset remind the Muslim reader of the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him) concerning the Day of Judgment

“Narrated Anas ibn Malik: (more…)

If God is a man, that’s bad news for women – because masculinity would then be divine – and hence only the male would have been created in the divine image. This explains why the feminist revolution has redefined God as being both male and female. Islam declares that Allah Most High created both the male and the female but is neither male nor female. In addition, He never appeared in the person of anyone, male or female. And so neither at point of creation, nor at any time thereafter, has the male ever defined the female in Islam. Islam is thus unique in offering to women the opportunity to pray to a God who is not a man.

Nor has Islam ever discriminated between the male and the female in an unjust way. A woman complained to the Prophet (peace be upon him) that divine revelation in the Qur’an was addressing men only. What about women? she asked. In response, revelation came down in the Qur’an that addressed both men and women in such constant repetition that the matter was conclusively settled that Allah Most High does not discriminate in matters concerning gender in any unjust way. Indeed the blessed Prophet declared that all of mankind (male and female) would stand before Allah on the Last Day “as equal in His sight as are the teeth of a comb.”

Nevertheless Islam does employ a philosophy of gender that reinforces the functional differences of the male and the female in society, and that is the focus of our essay. The Qur’an teaches analogically that as day and night are functionally different yet interdependent, so too are the male and female. The ominous warning is that if this were ever to be changed, if the ‘night’ were to attempt to become ‘day’ and the sacred order of gender were to be overturned, as in the modern feminist revolution, then the anarchy and disintegration of society that would ensue would be equivalent of cosmic mayhem. The process of unraveling of social order has already commenced. The police service knows this quite well. But so many who have eyes yet cannot see, and cannot connect ‘cause’ and ‘effect’.  (more…)

The secular feminist revolution rose upon the world from the West with an essentially godless agenda to liberate women from the “shackles” of the ages by totally transforming her status, role and function in society. In so doing it has turned the previous religious and sacred order upside-down in such a way that the sun now appears to be rising from the west.

Secularism led to materialism which in turn denied woman any reality beyond her material reality. Consequently the young beautiful woman became the goddess of the age. But she was a goddess who was shamelessly exploited in advertising to sell everything. She became a thing enjoyed, exploited, abused, degraded and discarded when her physical beauty and sex appeal began to wane. Then a host of schoolgirls would rush in to replace her. Even the national calypsonian gave his view on the subject quite some time ago when he sang of the prostitute, “… and if you catch them broken (i.e., in financial difficulty), you can get them all for nothing.”

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prophesied the deception that would enslave women. He said, “women would be dressed and yet be naked”, thus anticipating an age of increasing feminine nudity that would be integrally linked to the feminist revolution. Carnival bandleaders in Trinidad are now complaining that they cannot use enough cloth to make creative designs since women increasingly demand the skimpiest of costumes. The ‘naked’ woman’s body was used to usher a sexual revolution that would culminate, according to the Prophet, with “the majority of children being born out of wedlock” and “people having sexual intercourse in public like donkeys.” When we see sex publicly simulated in Trinidad carnival we know that the feminist revolution will soon climax with woman being transformed into a donkey. Despite this colossal failure, the modern godless world has insisted on opening a ‘gender’ battlefield in quest of ‘equality’ while waging war on Islam. The latest target is the innocent Hijab that is maliciously attacked because it obstructs the way for the Muslim woman to be absorbed into the godless melting pot.  (more…)

The Qur’an likened the creation of the male and the female to that of the ‘night’ and the ‘day’, implying that they complement each other “… like twin-halves of a whole.” But they are also functionally different; hence a successful and harmonious male-female relationship requires that the ‘day’ (i.e. the male) must function as ‘day’ and not try to become ‘night’, and similarly the ‘night’ (i.e., woman) must function as ‘night’ (which covers and conceals) and not try to become ‘day’. Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) ordered, “. . when a girl reaches the age of puberty nothing must be seen of her body except this and this (he pointed to the face and hands).” And so Muslim women have always covered themselves in Hijab—concealing arms, legs, bellies, head, hair, etc., in loose-fitting clothing.

Since women have a basic function of bearing and rearing children it was necessary that they be freed of an obligation to earn their livelihood. Thus the Qur’an obliged men to maintain, as well as to guard and protect them, and, in turn, obliged a woman to be obedient to her husband or guardian. Men and women ought to marry in Allah’s blessed name, and live in accordance with His guidance. Then, says the Qur’an, “… Allah places love and kindness betwix their hearts” in consequence of which they experience Sukun, i.e., peace, contentment and tranquility.

But Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) warned that among the signs of the Last Day was Dajjal the False Messiah or Anti-Christ. “… The last people to follow him would be women”, and his spell over women would be such that “… a man would have to return to his home and tie down (i.e., coercively restrain) his wife, sister and daughter to protect them from being seduced by Dajjal.” This prophecy indicated that women would be deceived and swept off their feet by something that would turn their world upside down. It would appear to be positive, whereas the reality would be destructive. Indeed, it would be in consequence of Dajjal’s attack that the ‘night’ would attempt to become ‘day’.  (more…)


The Qur’an has delivered a stern warning concerning the choice of a ruler: “One day We shall call together all human beings with their Imam (i.e., ruler). . . “ (Qur’an, al-Isra, 17:71). The word Imam, when used in the Qur’an as well as in everyday language, refers to the ruler who rules, governs or leads. The Qur’an also uses the word Imam to mean a way or a book which leads or guides. However, in the context of the Last Day and of divine judgment over all of mankind, it would be irresponsible for anyone to exclude the meaning of the ruler who rules, governs or leads for the word Imam in the above verse of the Qur’an. Justice (as well as elementary common sense) demands that a leader or ruler (who was misguided or rightly-guided) should be brought along with his people when they are to be judged by Allah Most High.

Allah Most High Himself chose an Imam for mankind when He declared to Abraham (peace be upon him): “I hereby appoint you as the Imam (leader) of mankind” (Qur’an, al-Baqarah, 2:124). When Abraham responded by querying whether Imams would also be divinely-appointed from within his progeny, Allah Most High confirmed such while dismissing the possibility that His covenant could ever include those (as in modern-day Israel) who are wicked in conduct (Qur’an, al-Baqarah, 2:124). Allah Most High then proceeded to appoint Imams, in the form of Prophets, from Abraham’s progeny. Among them were Isaac and his seed in Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon and Jesus, and Ishmael and his seed in Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon them all).  (more…)

Even as we remember Malcolm X forty years later, we ought also to remember and honor his beloved wife, Dr. Betty Shabbazz. I met her twice.  The second time was when she was lying in her coffin beside Malcolm’s grave, and her six daughters had honored me by asking me to recite from the Qur’an and to offer a prayer over her body before it was lowered into her husband’s grave.

I remember myself shaking like a leaf as I stood beside Malcolm’s grave for the first time, and as I watched his beloved wife rejoining him after surviving such awesomely difficult trials in life.
The dominant characteristic of her life, after Malcolm’s death, was her fierce loyalty and unflinching devotion to her husband’s memory, and to his mission in life. And this brings me to my first meeting with her that is the subject of this essay.

It was 22nd September 1996, just eight months before her death, and I was escorted to the back of a large hall in midtown Manhattan to be introduced to her.  She did not smile to greet me. There was something distant and lonesome about her, as though she belonged to a far away place and another time – not the kind of woman who would put you at ease in her presence. But I could almost feel her quiet strength and power as she waited with infinite patience for the time to come when she would go back home to her beloved.  (more…)