How Does Dajjal Communicate And Give Orders To His Followers From Another Dimension of Time?

“At the very end of the Qur’an Allah warns us about

… ‘Allazee Yuwaswisu Fee Sooduri-nnas. Min-alJinnati Wannas.’
(Who whispers into the hearts of men. From among the Jinn and the men)

It is inspiring or puting thoughts and ideas into the heart and as a consequence these people believe that these are their own thoughts.
He (Dajjal) does this (communicates to his followers) through Shayatin. Shayatin is plural of Shaitan (Satan).
Prophet (SA) said that the Shayatin are going to be raised with Dajjal. This Hadith is in Kanzul Ummal. And these Shayatin are going to do something very interesting. They are going to take forms of human beings who died….
From this Hadith we know the link with Dajjal and Shayatin.”

Transcribed and posted by brother Deenuzzaman Choudry