What is The Khilafah?

“What is The Khilafah? Khilafah is state and government in Islam.
What is Islam? The definition of Islam is submission to Allah.
What is submission to Allah? Submission to Allah is; submission to Allah as Al Malik.
In some translations in English, you will find meaning of Malik is King, but in regards to political terminology, meaning of Al Malik is Sovereign. Lahul Mulk, Sovereignty belongs to Allah. So to admit to Allah in Islam is to submit Allah as sovereign. To submit to anyone else as sovereign, to declare anyone else has sovereignty is to say goodbye to Allah.

To submit to Allah is, to submit to Allah as Al-Akbar. And He reminds you that He is Al-Akbar, because every time you perform Salah you cannot move in Salah without (saying) Allahu Akbar. Al-Akbar is someone who has supreme authority.
And so the Khilafah is a state and government which submits to Allah’s authority as supreme. For a Muslim to submit to anyone else as supreme is to say goodbye to Allahu Akbar.

Islam is to submit to Allah as Al Hakam. Al Hakam is the Law Giver; who not only gives the law, but His law is the Supreme law. And when He makes something Haram, it must be enforced as Haram. And when he makes something Halal, it must be enforced as Halal.

So anyone who submits any law other than Allah’s law as the supreme law has said goodbye to Allah SWT as Al Hakam. In the political terminology of Islam this is called SHIRK.”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.