Sheikh Imran Hosein Statement on Venezuela: Statement No. 2

When Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams, declared in 1963: “Massa Day Done”, he was infact making a courageous declaration that we must never give up the struggle of resisting “Massa” the oppressor, and of seeking to liberate the oppressed. Another powerful Caribbean voice resisting oppression was that of CLR James who, in 1938, wrote ‘Black Jacobins’. His courageous scholarship ensured that Toussaint l’Overture’s Haitian revolution (1791-1804), …

Sheikh Imran Hosein Statement on Venezuela: Statement No. 1

United National Congress political leader and Trinidad and Tobago Opposition leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar, has removed the mask to reveal her subservient profile and that of a party which she leads, as being subservient to an American oppressor. She has done so in her unjustified criticism of the Trinidad and Tobago government’s principled and admirable foreign policy in respect of relations with Venezuela. The UNC leader has shown no …

Announcement: An Appeal for Help for my Students in France

English Version  Hello and may Peace be upon you! Here is the link towards a website which offers to find the Qur’an, the aHadiths, the Bible, the interpretation of dreams, the prophetic medicine and the names of God. This website will allow all users to do easy, quick and precise researches. As every piece of work, this project implies a …

Announcement: French Books

Assalaamu ‘alaikum Hamdoulilah wa ChoukrouLilah ala kouli hall, presque tous nos livres en français sont imprimés et près à la vente dans ma nouvelle maison d’édition en France “LALIS EDITIONS”. LALIS en mémoire de mon père Rahimou ALLAH. POUR TOUTE COMMANDE écrivez nous à: [email protected] Bien noter votre Nom,Prénom et adresse exacte pour la livraison ainsi que votre numéro de …

Book: Constantinople in the Qur’an by Sheikh Imran Hosein

In consequence of a mysterious decision taken by Mustafa Kamal’s secular Republic of Turkey to not only change the city’s name, but to also take steps that eventually ensured that the name, Constantinople, would no longer be used, this writer had to retrieve the name “Constantinople” from the museums of history in order for this book to be written. Why …


Assalaamu ‘alaikum!

I have just received the news of the death of my dear elder brother, the beloved Ayatullah Haeri Shirazi, who has died in the Iranian city of Qom at the age of 81.

I met him, for the first and only time, when I visited him at his humble residence in Qom earlier this year. I had travelled from my Caribbean island of Trinidad to Teheran to attend a conference on Palestine, and when the conference was over I stayed on in Iran for another week in order to deliver a few lectures and to meet some of my dear friends who are resident in Teheran. But I was also keen to use the opportunity to meet with Ayatullah Haeri since I had heard in a previous visit, and to my great happiness, that he had denounced the paper-money monetary system as exploitative, and hence Haram. The only other Ayatullah I was honored to meet in Iran, who held similar views, was Ayatullah Binazaade Shirazi, who I met in the city of Shiraz during an earlier visit to Iran. Indeed Ayatullah Binazaade did not mince words. He denounced paper-money as the ‘root of all evil’ in Iran!

I climbed, with some pain in my knees, to the top floor of Ayatuallah Haeri Shirazi’s humble home in Qom, where we were invited to sit on the floor on ever-beautiful Iranian carpets. I was received in the room by several of the senior students of the Ayatullah who were keen to witness the meeting and exchange of views between two scholars of Islam who had similar views on the monetary system.


This is an excellent essay written by talented former Pakistani diplomat, Munir Akram. I once met Munir, many years ago, at the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad. INH US President Donald Trump spoke harshly about Pakistan; but he has not yet imposed sanctions, as has been the case with Iran, nor threatened to “totally destroy” it, like North Korea. Pakistani diplomats …


I have just spent 10 exciting days with my Russian friend, ‘The Saker’, in the enchantingly beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago. I was born in the island of Trinidad where I now live, and Tobago is located just next to Trinidad in the South Caribbean Sea close to Venezuela:

This was the first time that I ever met with ‘Saker’, and I am happy to report that I succeeded in persuading him to come out in the open with his true identity, while putting his trust in the One God. As a consequence, his identity is now public. He is Andrei Raevsky, but he will continue to use his nom de plume of Saker. If you visit his website: you will even see his photograph. Those who are not familiar with him will get to know him if they visit his website.

Trinidad Live Classes !!

  My lectures from Trinidad will commence on Sunday February 5th from 8am (Trinidad time). They can be viewed live from:   IBN Communications Company Ltd. Questions can be sent by email during the lectures to [email protected]    with love,   INH