Sheikh Imran Hosein Statement on Venezuela: Statement No. 1

United National Congress political leader and Trinidad and Tobago Opposition leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar, has removed the mask to reveal her subservient profile and that of a party which she leads, as being subservient to an American oppressor. She has done so in her unjustified criticism of the Trinidad and Tobago government’s principled and admirable foreign policy in respect of relations with Venezuela.

The UNC leader has shown no recognition of the fact that prolonged American economic and monetary warfare against Venezuela, and indeed against all those who refuse to submit to American dictates, are the main cause of increasing Venezuelan economic and monetary distress, and that this, in turn, is the main cause of popular discontent in Venezuela. Rather, the UNC leader has warned of “a humanitariancrisis” in Venezuela while makinno mention whatsoever of the evil attacks on Venezuela which caused the crisis.

Yes there is a very dangerous “gathering storm” brewing in Venezuela, but Pax Americana is now inirreversible decline with a US dollar which should already have collapsed, and any fool-hardy Americanmilitary intervention in Venezuela in support of military forays by satraps in Brazil and Colombia, canignite a South American-wide civil war.

It is in this context that we write to commend the government of Trinidad and Tobago which has wisely and courageously maintained fraternal ties with Venezuela in defiance of those who have shamelessly waged war on Venezuela for the longest while, and are now hell-bent on bringing about another regime-change in South America.

It is not the TT Government’s policy which is “ostrich-like”, rather the real “ostrich” is the one who refuses to “see” what all the rest of us can “see.”

Imran NHosein