New Orleans and the Signs of the Last Day

Last December’s massive under-water ‘sinking’ of the ocean-bed L in South-East Asia spawned a Tsunami which caused more than a hundred thousand deaths, most of them in the faithfully Muslim province of Aceh in Indonesia. It also provoked me to write an essay entitled “Ten Major Signs of the Last Day – Has One Just Occurred?” That essay directed attention to three ‘sinkings’ of the earth, as prophesied by Prophet Muhammad, that would herald the return of Jesus, the true Messiah (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon them both). The first, he said, would occur in the East (i.e., east of the Arabian city of Madina), the second in the West, and the third and last in Arabia itself.

I argued at that time that events now dramatically unfolding in the world were linked to that momentous ‘Messianic return’ with which history would culminate, and that December’s Tsunami was very likely the first of the three signs mentioned above, i.e., the sinking of the earth in the East. And Allah Knows best! That view of mine found ready acceptance amongst many Muslims in different parts of the world, but has so far failed to provoke a serious response, either positive or negative, from the scholars of Islam.

I now write to direct attention to the fact that the city of New Orleans sank by some twenty feet (and is still sinking) before experiencing massive destruction in late August 2005 by floods provoked by hurricane Katrina, and I want to suggest that the world may have just witnessed the second of those three sinkings of the earth with precisely the same unforgettable drama that attended the first. And Allah Knows best! 

If I am correct, then around the world all eyes should now be focused on Arabia in order to monitor that third and last ‘sinking of the earth’ that must occur before Jesus (peace be upon him) returns. And even if I am wrong, I would not have passed far from the target, and there must be blessings in store for those who direct the attention of mankind at this time to this subject.

The blessed Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him) gave precise information concerning that third sign which we wish to now share with our readers. But before we do so it would be helpful if we could look again at the evidence which led us to conclude that December’s Tsunami in the east was, perhaps, the first of the three ‘sinkings’ of the earth, and that the sinking and destruction in New Orleans in the west may have been the second.

Firstly, the prophecy of the blessed Prophet was that a ‘Khasf’ (i.e., the earth sinks down or caves in) would occur in the East, and another in the West, etc. A ‘Tsunami’ is defined as a sea wave of local or distant origin that results from large-scale seafloor displacements associated with large earthquakes, major submarine slides, or exploding volcanic islands. December’s Tsunami was caused by precisely such a sinking of the ocean floor. The severity of the earthquake (9 on the Richter scale) which provoked that ‘sinking’, the massive damage inflicted by the resultant Tsunami, and the instantaneous and dramatic televised coverage of that damage, made it an absolutely unique event in modern history. It certainly woke up the world that is located in the east!

New Orleans, on the other hand, sits atop a swampy delta made of unconsolidated material that has washed down the Mississippi River for thousands of years. If a city is built on top of a sponge, and water is then drained out of the sponge, it is only natural that the city would sink. Information now reaching us informs us that when the city was first built it was ten feet above sea level. But by the time the recent hurricane struck it had already sunk to ten feet below sea level and was still sinking. US engineers have entered into ‘the record book of the misguided’ for yet another time. Their numerous interventions with the Mississippi River resulted in the sponge being so drained of water that the city sank. Dramatic television coverage of the drowning and destruction of an entire American city with its significant loss of life—almost all black—has similarly made this an absolutely unique event in modern history. It certainly woke up the world that is located in the west!

Signs of the Last Day should stamp themselves on the consciousness of the world, from east to west, as dramatically as these two events have done!

Secondly, I was impressed by the location of the events. The first occurred in that east which is clearly east of the Prophet’s Madina and the second occurred in a west which is as west of Madina as the first was east!

Thirdly, I would like to direct attention to the fact that both sinkings occurred at precisely that time when Israel is about to wage her big war that would result in the dramatic territorial expansion of the Euro-Jewish state “from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates”. The Torah had proclaimed:

“Every spot on which your foot treads shall be yours”, that “your territory shall extend from the wilderness to the Lebanon and from the River – the Euphrates – to the Western Sea”, and that “no man shall stand up to you: the Lord your God will put the dread and the fear of you over the whole land in which you set foot, as He promised you.”
(Deuteronomy: 11:24-5)

Whoever wrote the above, and then declared that these were the words of Allah Most High, planted a false and evil seed which is now growing into a monstrously evil tree. Muslims know that the true Messiah returns he will cut down that evil tree.

When Israel wages that great war it would seize not only the Suez Canal but also all the oil of the Persian Gulf, and with the mysterious rise in the price of oil no longer so mysterious to our readers (after reading this essay), and the irreversible decline of the US dollar no longer so surprising (since the ‘price’ and ‘trade’ in oil is linked to the US dollar), Israel would command the world economy in such wise as to replace USA as the ruling state in the world. The collapse of the US dollar is a matter of absolutely central importance for Israel since that collapse would bring down all the paper-money in the world. Electronic money, controlled by the Jewish-controlled banking system, would then replace paper-money to usher in a cashless world in which anonymous exchange and transfer of money would no longer be possible. And with anti-terrorism legislation delivering to Israel coercive authority over all the money in that money-system of the world, the road would be paved for the installation of an evil messianic dictatorship over all of mankind. But the PNM government of Trinidad and Tobago has no understanding whatsoever of this subject, and appears to be too arrogant to learn from ‘native scholarship’.

Modern secular scholarship has treated the subject of the ‘Signs of the Last Day’ for the longest while with disdain. Our two views of the world—the religious and the secular—are as far apart as is the East from the West. But as ‘signs’ and events continue to unfold, and as Islamic scholarship demonstrates an ever increasing capacity to correctly explain the movement of history, secular scholars will eventually regret their epistemological disdain for knowledge that is revealed (or inspired) from the world of the sacred. Let them take note of the fact that it is religious scholarship that now delivers the warning of a universal political dictatorship and economic slavery that is engulfing mankind. They may cry “Massa day done!” (i.e., the day of the European slave-master is now over), but our perception, in consequence of these two major ‘signs’ prophesied by the blessed Prophet, is that Massa’s most evil day of all is around the corner.

Let us now return to the third ‘Khasf’, i.e., the third sinking of the earth that we now await in Arabia, and which would finally herald the return of Jesus the true Messiah. What information has Prophet Muhammad given about that third event?

The third sinking would occur only after signs of widespread political dissent appear in Arabia, caused by a betrayal that we must now explain. An unholy Saudi-Wahhabi alliance has ruled over the Arabian heart-land of Islam since 1924. The Saudi ‘Royal’ family (there is no royalty in Islam) and the ‘protestant’ Wahhabi religious movement (protestantism robs religion of its spiritual heart) have committed the ultimate betrayal of Islam in forging a client-state friendship and alliance with the Jewish-Christian alliance which today rules the world from Washington. The Qur’an itself has prohibited such conduct to the extent of excommunicating such Muslims from the fold of Islam. It has warned those Muslims who establish ties of friendship and alliance with a Jewish-Christian alliance that they would be recognized to be members of that Jewish-Christian alliance rather than the Muslim community. Allah Most High thus considers such conduct to be the ultimate betrayal of Islam.

Since dissent over that betrayal has already commenced in Arabia, we can now expect increasing widespread rejection and resistance of the present Saudi-Wahhabi rule over the heartland of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad has informed us that the death of a Muslim ruler would trigger the events which would culminate in the ‘sinking of the earth’ in Arabia. The Prophet prophesied that there would be disagreement concerning succession to rule, and this is precisely the scenario that is likely to emerge at the death of the present Saudi King, and to become full grown by the time of the death of his successor.

At that time of disagreement concerning succession, said the Prophet, a man would emerge out of Madina and would travel swiftly to Makkah where he would be hailed as the Caliph (i.e., temporal and spiritual ruler) of the world of Islam. He would be the Imam al-Mahdi, the descendent of Prophet Muhammad who, it was prophesied, would destroy today’s secular godless model of a state while restoring the sacred model of a state first established by David and Solomon and restored by Muhammad (Allah’s blessings be upon them all). The Islamic Caliphate (or Islamic model of a state) would thus replace the modern secular Saudi-Wahhabi state in the Arabian peninsular.

The Prophet said that an army from Syria would head south to Makkah to attack Imam al-Mahdi, but the earth would swallow that army after it had passed Madina on its way South to Makkah. That, rather than the recent disappearance of part of an Iraqi army, would be the third ‘Khasf’ or sinking of the earth. The text of the Hadith can be found in the Sunan of Abu Daud.

When the third sinking of the earth does take place, the world of Islam would suddenly and dazzlingly reenter the affairs of the Arabian peninsular, as well as of the world, in the same revolutionary way that it did in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad. This appears to be the meaning of the last of the major signs (prior to the return of Jesus) mentioned by the Prophet, i.e., that a fire would come out of Yemen and drive people to their place of assembly (i.e., for judgment) which is Arafat in Arabia. I understand a fire which drives people to be symbol representing a revolutionary struggle. And Allah Knows best. No amount of anti-terrorism legislation will stop the advance of that fire.

Prophet Muhammad has prophesied that shortly after that sign has occurred, the true Messiah, Jesus the son of the Virgin Mary, would descend from the sky with his hands resting on the wings of two angels, and would kill Massa, i.e., Dajjal the False Messiah or Anti-Christ. The amazing events that would then take place in the Holy Land, and, by implication, in the world, are beyond the scope of this essay to describe.

But the return of Jesus (peace be upon him) cannot take place until the advent of Imam al-Mahdi. And Imam al-Mahdi cannot himself emerge in history with the mission of liberating Arabia from Anglo-American-Israeli hegemony, and restoring Dar al-Islam, or the authentic Islamic model of a public order, until Dajjal the False Messiah or Anti-Christ has successfully completed his mission of impersonating the true Messiah, and hence until Israel has become the ‘ruling state’ in the world and has ruled the world for ‘a day like a week’. And so there is still some time left before that third sinking of the earth can take place. And Allah Knows best!