“In these countries you have governments which have sent their armed forces to Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. And these armed forces are waging unjust war… War with no law of ethics….
War in which you kill women, and kill children, destroy homes… and you don’t care at all about it. You call that collateral damage.
Islam has a higher standard of Morality than that. Islam has something far superior to offer to mankind.

So out of respect of the blood of my people; out of respect for those who are fighting you so courageously sometimes with only stones in their hands, out of respect for them and in solidarity with them I choose not to put my foot in your territory.

I do not do so with arrogance, I do so with profound sadness.”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.



I have stopped visiting USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and other such places for the same reason that the Hijrah took place, i.e., fleeing for safety from those who are waging unjust war on those (Muslims) who steadfastly uphold the truth and will not bend and subserve a system of falsehood and oppression.