It must be particularly hurtful to that westernized and secularized elite, both in and out of Pakistan, that essays such as this should be penned by scholars of Islam who are unafraid to proclaim the truth in the faces of the world’s greatest tyrants.

I believe that the US President’s recent announcement of a dramatic increase in US troops to be sent to occupied-Afghanistan was camouflaged with psychological ploys. This was hardly surprising since those who truly control power in USA – power to choose someone, anoint him and make him President – are a people who have PhDs in deception.

The media use of the soft word ‘surge’ for example, is a clever ploy detracting attention from the harsh reality of significant and very dangerous US military escalation in that volatile region of the world. Readers must know that Afghanistan is the heart of ancient Khorasan, and it has the unique distinction of never having submitted to western occupation. They must also know that the power-brokers who control the White House are recklessly plunging all of mankind into an abyss the likes of which was never before experienced in history – certainly far worse than anything experienced under George Bush.

There is a ploy in Obama’s confident hope that eight bloody years of wealthy America’s war on the world’s poorest country can now end within the next three years. This announcement was meant to instill a (false) hope in the American people for an end to the increasingly unpopular and unjust US occupation of that beleaguered and impoverished yet defiant country. It was also meant to send a (duplicitous) message of hope to Afghanistan, as well as to neighboring Pakistan, that USA would now be looking for an exit strategy that would permit a military withdrawal from that region of the world within that time-frame – hence a need for negotiations with the Afghan resistance.

There is a reason why the US Government had to resort to such deceptive ploys to support such dangerous and reckless military escalation. It is because the original 9/11 justification for war on Afghanistan long ago evaporated when Americans realized that it was fraudulent. Indeed the only reason why American resentment against the unjust war has not as yet exploded across that country is the powerful and highly effective use of the western-controlled news media to brainwash people around the world (including Pakistan and my own native Trinidad and Tobago). Without television, radio, newspapers, and scribes who sing for their supper, even the US-led so-called ‘war on terror’ would long ago have been recognized as a ‘war on Islam’ that is waged on Israel’s behalf.

It is almost certain that US military escalation in Afghanistan constitutes yet another tangible sign of preparation by the Anglo-American-Israeli triple alliance for their long-planned attack, in concert with India, on nearby Pakistan. This writer has long held the view that the 9/11 false-flag terrorist attack on America was meant to pave the way for the attack on Pakistan that we now consider imminent (see ‘A Muslim Response to the Attack on America’ on my website).

Their primary objective in attacking Pakistan would be to seek to destroy that country’s nuclear plants and nuclear weapons, and to permanently remove Pakistan from the nuclear club. However, in order to achieve that permanent denuclearization of Pakistan they would also have to seek to so dismember Pakistan that it would finally be left with just a harmless rump. Only thus can they be assured that Pakistan would pose no threat to an Israel that is now poised to replace USA as the third and last ruling-State in the modern world.

Israel’s mysterious imperial messianic agenda was explained in my book entitled ‘Jerusalem in the Qur’an’ (available on my website). It is a subject that is located beyond the scope of secular scholarship, hence the profound silence from those who otherwise wield a confident pen on strategic affairs.

If this writer’s views expressed above of events that are to unfold is correct, then Pakistan’s moment of truth would soon arrive. Pakistanis who have misguidedly supported their government and their military in an alliance with USA, and in participation in the US-led so-called ‘war on terror’, would realize too late that they were deceived and were consequently grossly misguided.

I believe that the enemy’s evil plan is for Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province, as well as the Province of Balochistan, to be occupied by US troops. USA would then seek to separate that territory from Pakistan and to incorporate it into an Afghanistan that is already under US occupation. However, such a union to create a greater Afghanistan may yet backfire to fulfill a Khorasan prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) referred to later in this essay.

Nearly all Pakistanis (excepting President Asif Zardari and former President Pervez Musharraf, as well as the men and women who willingly serve them) would anticipate that India would gleefully join USA in such an attack on Pakistan, and would seize the opportunity to seek to reunite the rest of Kashmir, as well as at least part of the territory adjoining Indian Punjab and Indian Sind, with mother-India. If that evil plan were to succeed, then the rump of such a truncated Pakistan would remain helpless to avoid Indian hegemony.

Another objective of the attempt to denuclearize and truncate Pakistan would be to so psychologically intimidate and demoralize the entire world of Islam as to render Muslims incapable of offering any resistance to the universal political and economic dictatorship that is now overtaking the world.

If these three main objectives of war on Pakistan are achieved then the way would be clear for Israel to pursue her mysterious imperial messianic agenda. Unfortunately, given the dismal record of Pakistan’s pro-American political and military leadership that has consistently supported and is still supporting the US-led so-called ‘war on terror’, many things are now possible.

Israel will have to wage big bloody wars in order to dramatically increase her territory until it encompasses the (false) Biblical frontiers of the Holy Land (“. . from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates”). Israel may then take steps to rid herself of her non-Jewish Palestinian population that would become even more totally and uncompromisingly hostile to the dramatically-expanded Euro-Jewish State. True to her European heritage, Israel could resort to such ethnic cleansing of Palestinians that would replicate the (white) Euro/American ethnic cleansing of the native (red) Indian people of the Americas. The world may not have to wait long to witness yet another exodus of impoverished Palestinian refugees fleeing for their very lives from a pig-headed and barbaric Israeli war-machine.

The alternative to another Palestinian exodus could of course be the enslavement of the Palestinian people in a manner reminiscent of the western enslavement of the African people. Africans were enslaved and exploited for free labor with which to build a shining new world in the Americas, Southern Africa and elsewhere in the ruling white man’s world. Palestinians would be enslaved for similar reasons in the shining new Pax Judaica.

The world is now likely to witness a continuous increase of troops in Afghanistan – British, French, Canadian, German, Italian, Australian, Japanese, etc. – and with India preparing to attack simultaneously from the East, Pakistan will be surrounded from both sides. I anticipate that Israel would lie carefully concealed in waiting until the very last moment when she would come out from behind the curtains to spear-head missile attacks on Pakistan’s nuclear plants. Then with perhaps as many as half of a million NATO troops invading from the west, and an equal number of Indian troops invading from the east, it is going to be such a bloody and messy affair that it can possibly result in massive violent anti-western uprisings against governments in the entire (pro-western) world of Muslim client-States.

I suspect that this is precisely the kind of colossal world-wide distraction that the US Government would actively seek to exploit for riding the wave of white American resentment against the simultaneous collapse of the US dollar that would now take place. While impoverished black America would certainly suffer from the demise of the US dollar, it is wealthy white America that would really suffer the loss of most of its wealth. That loss of wealth would take place in consequence of ‘substitute money’ being offered to replace the demonetized dollar at an exchange rate of about 5 cents to the dollar. One can now understand why the sharks around the world are busy buying as much gold as they can, while the helpless innocent sardines remain waiting to be sacrificed at Israel’s messianic altar. In fact, thanks to the US Federal Reserve, history is repeating itself. The Feds did it to the American people in April 1931 and they are poised to do it again today.

Our study of the subject of Dajjal the false Messiah or Anti-Christ, as well as Gog and Magog, led us to the conclusion, more than 15 years ago, that the US dollar must one day collapse in order to make way for a new international monetary system. That new monetary system would eventually be based on invisible and intangible electronic money that would be controlled by an international banking system largely under the control of Jews of European extract. Those who control the new post-Bretton Woods international monetary system would then use it to Israel’s advantage and on Israel’s behalf. Israel’s control over the money-system of the world would in turn assist in delivering to Israel the status of third and last ruling State in the world.

If and when the events described above do occur they are likely to have a positive impact for Islam since they would separate the ‘grain’ from the ‘husk’ Muslim. The ranks of the ‘grain’ who would support or join the armed Islamic resistance against aggression, oppression and occupation, would dramatically increase. Also, just as important, the ‘grain’ would finally realize the bogus and fraudulent nature of western-created money and would now be willing to wage the effort to recover the use of the gold Dinar and silver Dirham as money.

The ‘husk’, from captain to cook, would continue to worship at the altar of a US visa, Green Card and Passport, and would continue their efforts to migrate to the lands of milk and honey. They would consider their residence in western countries to be equivalent to residence in paradise, and would scornfully reject any call to go back home to ‘hell’ in Pakistan. Some of them, still in the queue waiting to go to America, would even acquire a perfect American accent without ever setting foot on American soil.

It must be particularly hurtful to that westernized and secularized elite, both in and out of Pakistan, that essays such as this should be penned by scholars of Islam who are unafraid to proclaim the truth in the faces of the world’s greatest tyrants.

In fact this separation of ‘grain’ from ‘husk’ Muslims is already taking place and it would accelerate as the real reasons for Obama’s Afghan surge are realized.

The enemies who are now waging war on Islam have miscalculated. They have underestimated Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who prophesied that a Muslim army would liberate the Holy Land from Jewish oppression. Every ‘grain’ Muslim knows that the army would come out of Khorasan, and that the North West of Pakistan is a part of ancient Khorasan.

Some Responses

1. ‘Grain’ Muslims now resident in USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, etc, whose hearts are touched by views such as to be found in this humble essay must now seek to escape from Dajjal’s clutches so that they can recover the freedom to support or join that armed Islamic resistance to oppression that would uphold the honor of Islam.

2. Pakistani Muslims must lose no time in ridding themselves of the pro-American political and military leaders and information/news czars imposed upon them by their enemies. They probably have just a year’s time left in which to do so. After all, their enemies would not have invested so much in promoting a 2012 ‘doomsday’ had there not been sinister designs to exploit it to their advantage. This writer has responded to one such traitor here in Trinidad, a check-book leader of a pro-American Islamic organization, by publicly declaring that “I would not pray over his body, nor would I ever stand at his grave” (unless he makes taubah and turns away from his treasonous conduct).

3. Muslims around the world must demand the severance of diplomatic and consular relations with all such countries whose troops are waging war in Afghanistan and in other parts of the Muslim world. I have myself stopped traveling to such countries – even while intransit to other places.

4. Someone located in a far-away Caribbean island of Trinidad (as I am), cannot possibly offer a micro-analysis of events that are fast unfolding in Pakistan. Rather, there are competent and articulate analysts already doing that. I advise however, that readers should protect themselves from such radio, television and newspapers that are mere propaganda mouthpieces of those now poised to attack Pakistan..

Appendix (1):

Here is my response to Obama’s election victory making him President of USA:

The financial/monetary summit which is now being arranged is certainly linked to Dajjal’s phase three.

It is through a study of events which led to the passage from Dajjal’s phase one to phase two that we can anticipate and recognize events now unfolding, and soon to unfold in the historical process, which would indicate the passage to phase three.

We have long anticipated that the creation of a new international monetary system to replace the tottering Bretton Woods Accord would be precisely such a sign.

We must now look carefully to seek to recognize what is still carefully concealed evidence that would confirm the transfer of the world’s financial capital from Washington to Jerusalem.

We must also anticipate that great wars would also erupt in which Israel would display its military superiority over the rest of the world – including UK and USA.

Not only does Obama’s election as US President now ‘whitewash’ a terribly-soiled US image in the world, but it also allows the cabal to exploit his commitment to widen the war in Afghanistan to their advantage. It is therefore a black Obama administration that would be led by the nose to attack Pakistan’s nuclear facilities (perhaps in concert with an Indian attack on Pakistan) while Israel exploits the opportunity to simultaneously attack Iran’s nuclear plants. The immediate result of such a war would be the astronomical rise in the price of both oil and gold and the consequent total collapse of the US dollar and the US economy in such wise as would cripple the Democratic Party for decades to come.

John McCain’s concession speech indicates that he (as well as the leadership of the Republican Party) are well aware that they have led Obama/Afro-America/the Democratic Party down a path to be sacrificed and slaughtered as a cow. Obama and the Afro-Americans have displayed complete innocence of the fact that they could never have succeeded unless the white cabal had made the choice to have a black man elected as President.

It was not by accident that the present phase of the financial meltdown commenced in early September and immediately impacted on the contest for the White House in a manner that eventually assured victory for Obama.

Appendix (2):

Here is a response to this essay from an 18 year-old Pakistani:

Dear Moulana Sahib,
As for introduction i am an 18 years old boy, just about to turn 19,.who just came to ….. from pakistan for higher studies. I have recently started reading your articles and your latest article “On Obama sending troops to Afghanistan…..” really moved me, but i had too seen the exact same thing coming when i came to know of a meeting between General Gabi Ashkenazi of Israel’s Army with Indian Army’s General Deepak.

I dont have any questions, for nothing remains unanswered, but yes in fact i do have something – a promise to make, that is i will go back for the patriotic spirit along with Religious spirit runs deep in me and will fight against oppression, injustice and tyranny.

Right now i might be powerless for i dont have a title nor any experience because i am a little young, But i will lead Muslims, to liberate all humanity from such web of deception and lies. I will give Pakistan its power back. For i personally feel if there was no pakistan Dajjal would have come(in physical shape) by now.

I have dedicated my whole coming life for Islam and One day i will give a great sacrifice for the sake of Islam, Pakistan & Muslims.I ask you for nothing but prayers. For i would need them. Please Pray for me & that may Allah give me the strength and indomitable will to acheive my goals stated above.

May Allah show us all the right path (Amen).Please Maulana Sahib do pray for me.I thank you for your articles which played a vital part in forming my understanding about the true reality of world and Vision i wish to acheive.