Assalaamu ‘alaikum!

The Islamic Network invites all to attend a full day seminar on the following topics. All funds raised are towards the Second International Retreat, with Moulana Imran Hosein,  in Cape Town, March 2011 (insha Allah!)

Date: Sunday 7th November
Time: 9:30 for 945am till 4pm
Venue: IPSA Conference Room, Cnr Duine and Johnston Roads, Rylands, Cape Town, South Africa.


The Destruction of Shariah Value and its replacement with Digital Value – Conducted by Prof Tariq Khan
The Shariah has its own unique and practical systems of weight and measure, the application of which leads to justice in society and spiritual progress for Muslims. The Islamic economic system operates independently without the need for central control and is extremely resilient when correctly applied. We explore the Islamic alternatives to capitalism and ask – is capitalism failing or is it morphing into a much more sinister and powerful force?

The Social Effects of Ribah – Shaykh Abdurahim Abduraouf
Ribah is a destructive force in society and we look at the local effects of an economy based on Ribah.
All the major revealed religions forbade the practice, however Islam in particular has the strongest laws against ribah, which demonstrates its concern for the social well-being of mankind.

The Economic Sunnah and Social Reform – by Moulana Muhammad Kamali
The Messenger of Allah (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) lived his life on a very basic level, as did his rightly guided successors. We look at the lessons derived from this system with practical applications for the modern age and its resulting positive effects on the society at large.

The Quranic method of eradicating ribah. speaker tbc
The Quranic wisdom in the promulgation of the prohibition of Ribah is of utmost importance to Muslims who wish to rid themselves of the curse of Ribah (interest). A stage by stage process is described which can be successfully applied to the individual, as well as to society at large. Learn to be debt free so that you can enjoy your life and dedicate your time to the service of Allah and the needy.


Also – Panel Discussion with QnA and update on progress of local minting of Silver dirhams.
Books and DVD’s will be on sale.

Donation : R150 – Includes Lunch, Refreshments and MP3 Audio CD of the Days proceedings. There are full sponsorships available to those who cannot afford the fee, please contact us below.

If you would like to support the effort but cannot attend, please consider sponsoring Muslims from Langa and Gugulethu who would like to attend.

You may register via telephone or email.

Please contact :

Mogamat Abrahams – – 082 923 8001 – Enquiries, Sponsorships requests and donations.
Shamsuneesa Sablay – – 021 593 9722 (after 10am) – Registration, Donations
Ebrahim Ismail – – 082 7772349 – Donations and Enquiries.