Whilst there is a difference of opinion on the matter of photography, the dominant opinion of the modern Scholars of High Knowledge is that photography is permissible as long as they are of benefit and not for any harmful or prohibited purposes, and that photographs of humans and animals not be displayed. As such, photographs kept in an album, drawer, computer or disk would be considered acceptable. However, photographs of humans and animals should not be displayed on walls and the like. In other words, simply stated, they are not to be left open for display. It can be viewed but not left for display on frames on desks and walls, for example.

The Scholars have also mentioned caution on the matter that photography should never be frivolous and indulgent, but for genuinely good reasons. Celebration of a wedding is well known as an Islamic Tradition, and so taking videos and photography would be permissible. Indulgence and frivolous photography/videoing includes the modern trends of the youth to take photos of each other in poses, etc, where there is no real essence other than social posing, and the like.

The additional issue arising is that of indulgence in costs for photography in weddings. That being a separate issues, and problem, does lead to many Scholars frowning upon the indulgence in photography where costs are exuberant. Exuberance is usually defined as what exceeds the norms of a society under normal circumstances.

Finally, the matter is a simple one with complicated issues attached to it. As practical advice, avoid photography and videoing unless there are good reasons for it in terms of promoting good, Islamic events, awareness and the like and either minimise or eliminate it for portraiture and posing.

As is the clear principle in Islamic Juridical Science, all valid differences of opinion on a matter amongst qualified body of Scholars should be respected and what one person therefore follows should do so with his or her own conscience, but never criticising others if they take a different valid opinion.

Insha Allah that is of help.