The first thing to understand is that every action under Shari’ah is categorised under what is generally termed The Five Rulings, which are:

– Obligatory
– Recommended
– Merely Permissible
– Disliked
– Prohibited

These five categories also establish principles of priority for our actions, and are based on the classifications derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

The specific kinds of things you have mentioned in your email below largely fall under the Recommended or Permissible categories. For example, sleeping on the floor is clearly merely a permissible act, and wearing specific clothing is also merely permissible. However with clothing, wearing a turban, for example is considered to be a recommended act.

The obeying of parents on matters of good, benefit and obligations are always a priority over other matters which do not lead to sin against Allah (and such matters are either obligatory or prohibited, and so breaking these two are sins against Allah and no human has priority over them). Further, given obeying parents is an obligation, and the items listed are either merely permissible or possibly in some cases recommended, then following the advice of the parents will without a doubt hold a higher priority and should be adhered to.

In addition, in such matters which are not obligations, it is best to defer its practice for more rewards when one is independent of others and can make decisions on their own. This will be practical, effective as well as more fulfilling without impinging on anyone’s rights.

Insha Allah this is of assistance.