The simple facts regarding taking loans based on interest are:

i) It is prohibited. It is one of the two things that Allah has declared war against;
ii) The issue of whether one buys a home or does business is irrelevant: loans for any reason which has interest in it is prohibited;
iii) From amongst the prohibitions, taking and giving of interest is in the category of Tahreem al-Maqasid, i.e., prohibition by its essence. As such, it can never be made permissible unless there is a dire necessity upon someone that would lead to death or harm. Even in such a situation, an alternative must first be sought;

It is clear that interest- bearing loans is not acceptable in Islam, and its detriment effect on people who are involved in it as well as to the wider society is extremely well known. Given that you have taken such a loan, I would offer the following practical advice. I suggest that you do your best to pay off your loan and exit the situation you find yourself in. Make repentance with Allah and seek His forgiveness, and know that Allah is Merciful. Thus do not despair, but hasten to constructive means to remove yourself from the situation by paying it off as soon as it is practicable.

And success is only from Allah.