Question: it is mentioned in a Hadith When The Sun Rises From The West, The Door of Tauba Will No Longer Be Open. How Would You Interpret This Hadith Having Stated That The Sun Has Already Risen from The West?

“…I’m getting lots of emails, from people who are presenting so much sophisticated argument concerning Polar Magnetism and providing evidence that one day the earth is going to stop spinning in the direction it is now spinning and its going to spin in the opposite direction.
I am not stopping you from having that view. It is your choice. It is just that, I differ with you. Am I not allowed to differ?

…My primary source of guidance is the Qur’an. And so it is the Qur’an you have to turn to if you want to convince me.

The Qur’an informs me the sun rises from the east.
And the Qur’an further tells us
“La Tabinali Khalqillah” (There is no change in Allah’s creation).
So a literal understanding of this Hadith would be in conflict with the Qur’an; this is my opinion.

What about (the closing of the door of) Tauba?
I said that the sun is already rising from the west.
The Hadith is speaking about a False sunrise.
The true sunrise from the east is Allah’s sunrise. And the False sunrise from the west is Dajjal’s sunrise….
I said Dajjal’s sunrise from the west is modern western civilisation. Modern Western Civilisation shines like a sunrise that there has never been in history.
It is absoloutely unique that there has never been anything in history comparable to Modern Western Civilisatior (i.e. science, technology, democracy, secularism, feminism e.t.c.)… And it constitutes a false sunrise. And that this is the fulfilment of the prophecy of the 10 signs of the last day.

The door of tauba will be closed; this is a more difficult one.
My view; (and I can be wrong) is that Allah’s Messanger (SA) is not talking about for all of mankind.
In Akhir Az-zaman one people stand out and they are Bani Israel. And they have consistently said, they will not appear before Allah on judgment day singly.
…They say we are the chosen people. So we are going to be judged as a people not as individual Jews. And as a people we will get salvation and as a people we will all enter Jannah.
So (this Hadith indicates) as a people the door of tauba is now closed for you. Tauba is now available only for individuals; not for the community.
And Allah knows best.”