In the summer of 2002 . . . I had a meeting with a senior adviser to Bush. He told me something that at the time I didn’t fully comprehend—but which I now believe gets to the very heart of the Bush presidency. The aide said that guys like me were ‘‘in what we call the reality-based community,’’ which he defined as people who ‘‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.’’ I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. ‘‘That’s not the way the world really works anymore,’’ he continued. ‘‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously as you will— we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’’

“Without a Doubt ,” Ron Suskind, New York Times Magazine, Oct. 17, 2004

We are now living through the dismantling of ‘political democracy’. Massa (i.e., the European slave-master who abolished his African slave trade when it was no longer convenient for him to be overtly identified with slavery) first gave that democracy to the world as part of his globalization plan for the political unification of all of the different peoples of the world. Massa is now imposing anti-terrorism legislation upon the governments who are supposed to control the peoples of the world on Massa’s behalf. It is but a part of the over-all strategy through which he seeks to modify democratic freedom in a secular democracy so as to eventually pave the way for him to impose upon mankind a universal messianic dictatorship.


Ironically there are those of us who celebrate ‘emancipation’ at the very moment when the greatest slavery of all is closing in upon us. The PNM government of Trinidad and Tobago is blissfully ignorant of the fact that it is being led by its nose to act on Massa’s behalf in the effort to establish that universal dictatorship.

Those who would ‘make history’ (see above quote) while waging today’s so-called ‘war on terror’, seek to achieve several strategic objectives in the process.

This country’s government may be too timid or terrified to even seek to understand this subject, but our readers can only benefit from an exposure to our Islamic view of those strategic objectives as follows:

Firstly, the so-called ‘war on terror’ that has paved the way for anti-terrorism legislation, is used for the purpose of demonizing Islam and Muslims with false propaganda. One of the objectives they seek is to so corrupt the hearts of those who swallow the lies and misrepresentations that they would be filled with hatred for both Islam and Muslims. That universal hatred would be of strategic benefit to the Euro-Jewish State of Israel since Muslims now constitute the only significant force in the world resisting both Israel’s oppression in the Holy Land as well Israel’s imminent messianic rule over mankind.

Dajjal the false Messiah is the master-mind who would realize that Jewish rule over the world from Jerusalem.

Secondly, the war is waged with the objective of strengthening American control over the entire world, and in the process, of forcing mankind’s submission to an evil American dictatorship (Pax Americana). Whoever resists Massa’s dictatorial rule would be forced to pay a horrible price for that defiance. That explains Haiti’s miserable plight! When Rev. Pat Robertson, host of Christian Broadcasting Network’s ‘The 700 Club’, and founder of the Christian Coalition of America, called for Venezuelan President’s Hugo Chavez’s assassination, he simply blurted out what is, in fact, unstated official policy. (Associated Press. August 22, 2005)

Thirdly, a world dictatorship is not possible unless mankind is first deprived of such fundamental rights as security of person and property, freedom of speech and movement, right to privacy, sanctity of the home, and right to religious freedom. Around the world today one of the basic characteristics of anti-terrorism legislation is its whittling away of precisely such fundamental rights. As these rights are taken away from the people, police and military ‘death’ squads are given license to kill as randomly and with as much impunity as was the case of the recent British Police death-squad killing of the innocent Brazilian. That innocent man was shot five times in the head, apart from other bullets that hit his body. He never even had time to ask: “For what sin am I being slain?” Unless strong voices and strong hands now unite and are raised in this country, it will happen here as well. Or is a tribal death squad already operating in Trinidad and Tobago?

Fourthly, the war ‘of’ terror and ‘on’ terror is designed to not only intimidate those who denounce the unholy Anglo/American/Israeli alliance of state-sponsored terrorism, particularly in the Holy Land, but, more significantly, to drown out their voices. Around the world today, newspapers, radio and television participate with enthusiasm in that manifestly undemocratic conspiracy to deny a voice to Islam in particular, and to those in general who challenge the dictatorship. More than that, the media is used to broadcast concocted propaganda that defames Islam and subjects Muslims to character assassination. We are fortunate in this country to still have at least the freedom with which to buy newspaper space and to publish our totally different viewpoint on the subject. But even that freedom may not survive for long.

When the public is inundated with only Massa’s version of events, and other differing views are shut out, it is natural that many would eventually forget about all the holes in Swiss cheese and accept falsehood as truth.

Fifthly, the war on terror performs the most strategic of all functions in arresting popular attention around the world at regular intervals with spectacular acts of terrorism (e.g., 9/11 in NY in 2001 and 7/7 in London in 2005), and in then diverting that attention away from the increasing slavery that is creeping upon the masses. It takes but little effort to realize, for example, that the number of people in the labor force today who cannot earn their livelihood, or who earn minimum wages or less, keeps on increasing, and that those who work for minimum wages are likely to remain forever imprisoned in such slave wages. The people of Africa appear to have suffered the most in this neo-slavery. They flee miserable poverty in Africa to join the ranks of those who labor for slave wages in every major western city. They live miserable lives and then die miserable deaths so far away from the Africa that they love.

Sixthly, the war on terror acts as a diversionary tactic with which to turn mankind’s attention away from the total breakdown of society that now looms ahead of us. Broken homes result in broken hearts. Single mothers have to work. Working women become absentee mothers, and children then grow up on Massa’s television that programs them to live lives of promiscuity and violence. As family life disintegrates schools are increasingly transformed into a hell of drugs, violence and pervasive sexual activity.

Prophet Muhammad prophesied a Sign of the Last Age in which “people would have sexual intercourse in public like donkeys”. That ultimate evidence of the arrival of hell itself is already being simulated in public in Trinidad’s carnival. Yet those who live off the blood and sweat of the masses skillfully conceal and gloss over all the evidence that hell has arrived (particularly for those who work for slave wages), and, instead, use parties, dances, Carnival, mega sporting events, television and such marvels of technology as cellular phones to portray ‘hell’ as though it were ‘heaven’ itself.

Seventhly, the war on terror is also meant to divert attention as Israel prepares to wage her great war of territorial expansion that would pave the way for her to replace USA as the ruling state in the world, and to be installed as the formal head of the universal dictatorship. Those who are imprisoned by the new slavery would be unable to offer any resistance to Israel’s oppression. I expect Israel’s ‘great war’ to occur very soon. When it does occur, it will validate in a spectacular way the proofs and analysis presented in my book entitled ‘Jerusalem in the Qur’an’.

Eighthly, as the war on terror unleashes terror on the oppressed masses, and in particular on Muslims, it seeks to break their will to resist unjust war and naked oppression with armed resistance. Antiterrorism legislation is diabolically used to criminalize such armed resistance even though it conforms with the divine command in the Qur’an. (Qur’an, al-Hajj, 22:39). What the slave master’s diabolically clever war on terror does is to demonize as terrorists all those who resort to an armed struggle, whether just or unjust. Perhaps it may now be possible for keen observers to understand why the present rulers of the world reluctantly decided to sacrifice their blood brothers, the ‘white’ slave masters of South Africa, in the face of the heroic armed resistance of an African National Congress that championed the oppressed black masses. It would have been quite difficult for them to demonize all armed resistance as terrorism if the ANC were still engaged in its armed resistance against white oppression in South Africa.

Finally, the war on terror is waged in pursuit of such goals as would so antagonize Muslims that they would eventually be provoked to take up arms in defense of Islam. The recent alleged link between a ‘suspect’ in the attack on London and a Dar al-’Uloom (institution of Islamic learning) in Pakistan that was exploited by the government of Pakistan to announce the expulsion of all foreign students studying in such institutions in Pakistan, is a glaring example of such acts of diabolically evil provocation. The strategic objective of those who pursue the ‘war on terror’ is to provoke so much armed resistance amongst Muslims in so many parts of the world that it could be used to justify Israel’s ‘great war’, as well as justify killing innocent Muslims.

Muslims should therefore prepare themselves for an intensification of the evil war on Islam with even more spectacular acts of state-sponsored terrorism, through which Massa would seek to create a new reality while attempting to rewrite history. But Massa is actually history’s greatest idiot since, even though he may succeed in enslaving mankind and in killing millions of Muslims, ‘truth’ can never be vanquished.

In addition, the founders and members of the PNM should now take time off to contemplate their grand ‘national’ movement whose blindness to the reality of today’s new slavery should embarrass them, and whose destiny of now functioning as Massa’s house slave in the new slavery embarrasses all of us.

We do not as yet know who was responsible for the July 12th. 2005 “low level” garbage-bin bomb blast in Port of Spain which occurred just after the terrorist attack on London, and appears to have been timed to exploit the avalanche of anti-terrorism and anti-Muslim propaganda that followed that London attack. Nor do we know who was responsible for the more recent August 8th. garbage-heap explosion that also took place in Port of Spain, appearing to have the same author, and to have been timed to keep alive the sinister agenda pursued in the earlier attack.

Contrary to the Prime Minister’s opinion on the subject, the two explosions appear to have been classic ‘terrorist attacks’ (i.e., acts of violence intended to promote or obstruct a particular cause). Our view is that they were timed to facilitate efforts to secure passage of antiterrorism legislation in this country, and that they were both located in the downtown city to generate maximum publicity. Also, in keeping with the moral status of those who planned and executed the attacks, they were both connected to garbage.

It is, of course, at Massa’s behest that the government of this country is forcing anti-terrorism legislation upon the people, while hiding behind a screen of ‘international legal obligations’. (Massa is the European slave master who abolished African slavery when it was no longer convenient for him to own slaves.) And yet, in the manner in which it has responded to the bomb blasts, the Trinidad and Tobago government has failed to demonstrate even minimal credentials of determination and integrity in responding to terrorism in this country. Why, for example, has a reward of up to a million dollars not been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the bomb blasts? Why should we who oppose the antiterrorism legislation (because it paves the way for the installation of a universal messianic dictatorship over all of mankind) have to raise that money in order for such a reward to be offered? What can possibly explain the enigma of private citizens who oppose today’s sinister anti-terrorism legislation showing greater determination and integrity than government in seeking to pursue and apprehend the terrorists who have so far struck twice in Port of Spain?

There are many predatory rich in this country who, like their comrades-in-blood elsewhere, live in fear of Islam’s uncompromising commitment to justice and to the struggle for the liberation of the oppressed. They are precisely the kind of people who would identify with today’s so-called ‘war on terror’ (i.e., war on Islam), and would therefore support the passage of anti-terrorism legislation in this country. Such support comes naturally to them since ‘war on Islam’ and ‘anti-terrorism legislation’ are inter-connected. They would normally be considered to be the prime suspects in the attacks on Port of Spain, and they would, I believe, be less than enthusiastic concerning the offer of such a reward for information that would identify the bombers/terrorists. I invite them to prove me wrong.

And then there is Abdool who signed a letter that was discovered in a shopping mall just after the first explosion and in which he claimed responsibility for the explosion and warned of more to come. And sure enough there was a second bomb blast. The choice of a name ‘Abdool’ was surely meant to pin the blame for the bomb blast on Muslims. If one secret service organization with headquarters in Jerusalem could rename itself ‘Al-Qaidah’, and get away with it, what is there to prevent another from assuming the name of ‘Abdool’? It should be clear that ‘deception’ is at the heart of the terrorist game that is unfolding in the world.

The Qur’an has delivered an ominous warning to those who carelessly swallow lies and deception:
“Oh you who possess faith, when a sinful person conveys news to you be sure to investigate (the truthfulness of) such news lest, in ignorance, you blame the innocent and then regret what you did.”
(Qur’an, al-Hujurat, 49:6)

Sufficient time has elapsed since the 9/11 attack on America for readers to recognize that the official explanation of that event has many holes in it. There are numerous Internet websites that provide indisputable facts, and analysis based on those facts, that demolish the official explanation of the event. Yet none of those facts and analyses are ever published in the mainstream media around the world. This constitutes clear evidence that around the world the so-called free press is, in fact, a managed press.

When the cow jumped over the moon on 9/11, it took just a little time before people could recognize those who would be hauled up in Allah’s court on the Day of Judgment to answer for the murder of thousands of innocent people would be people other than the ones who were officially blamed. Indeed the actual murderers left embarrassing footprints when they advised members of a tribe to stay away from the twin towers on that gruesome morning. And that is precisely what they did.

Those who support anti-terrorism legislation usually turn a blind eye to the legislation’s real purpose — i.e., the incremental erosion of basic human rights. They also appear incapable of recognizing its hypocritical incapacity to respond to such state-sponsored terrorism as has already delivered to ‘Massa’ control over Iraq’s great rivers of water and great oceans of oil.

Anti-terrorism legislation could not be adopted in South Africa because of objections raised by that country’s white minority. They understood very clearly that such legislation would give to government (and hence to those rulers of the world who control governments), the power to intimidate as well as to punish all those who resist the wicked rulers of the world. But the white minority in South Africa that is infamous for its apartheid racism and oppression over the black majority, did not want that country’s black government to have such power over them. And so they pulled their strings and the black South African government was forced to put the legislation in cold storage.

It must embarrass those who defend the Euro-world-order’s war on terror, and who are quick to remind critics of international legal obligations to secure passage of anti-terrorism legislation, that there has been no pressure on the South African government to force the passage of such legislation. If South Africa can survive without draconian anti-terrorism legislation, why can’t Trinidad and Tobago?

I believe that it was because of the perception of UNC opposition to the legislation that hidden hands caused bombs to explode in Port of Spain. There are parallel invisible governments operating in the shadows around the world today that commit evil acts of terrorism designed to facilitate the sinister agenda of those who seek to establish that universal Messianic dictatorship. The hypocrisy of the entire world-wide program of anti-terrorism legislation is exposed from the fact that the legislation does not make any mention whatsoever of that subject.

The Qur’anic condemnation of terrorism is severe. The convicted terrorist is to be punished, in accordance with Allah’s decree, either by “being put to death, or crucified, or by cutting off his hand and foot on opposite sides, or by banishment from his society” (Qur’an, al-Maidah, 5:36). This is by far the most severe of all divinely ordained punishments.

Muslims have a lot to say concerning T&T’s anti-terrorism legislation. Now that the amended bill has been published in the daily newspapers we believe that it is not unreasonable that we be given time to study it (we never saw the original bill) and to consult amongst ourselves before responding comprehensively. Already this writer would like to make the following observations:

• Only the courts of this country should determine, without any external constraints, what constitutes an act of terrorism, who are terrorists, and which Islamic organizations or liberation movements should be recognized to be terrorist bodies. If we do not act in this way we will be held hostage by the United States government which is already declaring all Islamic movements in the world that resist Israel’s barbaric oppression and slaughter of Muslim and Christian Palestinians to be terrorist bodies. There are large numbers of people in this country who would not be intimidated by the PNM’s anti-terrorism legislation and who would not hesitate to extend their unwavering support for the struggle for the liberation of the oppressed in the Holy Land. Will the courts of this country be forced to submit to external dictates and to imprison them as terrorists?

• Instead of imprisonment for 25 years, the law should provide for the death penalty for convicted terrorists;

• Anyone detained or arrested on a charge of terrorism must be considered to be innocent, and treated as such, until guilt is judicially established. Any public reference to such a person that portrays him as a terrorist must be legally prohibited, and provisions be made to exact adequate compensation for such character assassination if and when it takes place;

• Secret evidence, and secret witnesses, must be inadmissible in a terrorism trial;

• The Qur’an teaches that there are many—such as wives, children, relatives, the poor – who own a share of any property that a man possesses. Confiscation of property would be objectionable to the extent that innocent heirs are unjustly deprived of what belongs to them;

• Torture is a violation of a basic human right. Detention for 14 days without being charged, and without the right to legal representation and contact with family is a prescription for torture. Any suspect who is taken into custody and is tortured while in custody, must have the right, judicially enforced, to publicly inflict similar pain on those who had tortured him