Assalaamu ‘alaikum!
I greet my Muslim brothers and sisters Crimean Tatars in the most critical of their sad history douleurese time, giving friendly advice based on the instructions in the Noble Quran.
If you decide to seek guidance (Huda) from sources other than the Quran, and are looking to solve your current situation by policies other than those permitted by Allah the Almighty, you will have to pay a terrible price for this error. Therefore, you will not have any time to expect the support of your brothers and sisters in other parts of the Muslim world.
Those who criticize the Russian Crimeans for their moral choices and loyal for making the territory of Crimea to Russia show a total lack of integrity; rejecting them, so frivolous, that mysterious gift signed by the Soviet Union with the territory of Crimea to Ukraine in 1954 (just 6 years after the birth of Israel), without any deliberation or consent of the Crimean people or Russian people. In reality, the Soviet Union Communist Bolshevik Russia stabbed in the back for the Zionist Israelis. It was not aileurs the first time they betrayed Russia aggissant in a tropical contrary to Russian interests.