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Sheik Imran, you have been a huge help to me in helping me see the world we live in today.  Not only to see it with one eye but with two eyes.  I hope to gain more incite from you soon.


I just wanted to give salamz and thank you to those who put this website together i have benefited a lot ever since may your reward be with Allah.


Muhammad Alamgir (Sydney, Australia) June 2007

A comment on the book ‘Surah al-Kahf and the Modern Age’:

We live in an age in which the vast majority of the Ulama (religious scholars) of Islam seem to have forgotten the inner dimension of the Qur’anic revelation. Even the Sufis in the West are now busy with mystification, while those in the East seem more concerned with magic. Their treatment of our earlier sages is no better than hagiographic. They do not perceive history as an ever-renewed struggle of good against evil – hence their inability to read and understand the movement of history, as well as to anticipate and respond to the challenges of those forces which move history. This is true for both the institutions of Shari’ah (i.e., the externally imposed sacred law) and Tariqah (i.e., the path through which that external law is internalised).

The one astounding exception in this dismal landscape has been Dr. Muhammad Iqbal. But lo and behold! he too remained undetected for over 80 years, for although his readers remained awestruck at his genius, they remained largely impotent in deriving such spiritual insight from his works as would enable them to explain this moment in history. Imran N. Hosein’s Surah al-Kahf and the Modern Age can claim to be the first to notice that failure, and it has duly acknowledged that debt to Iqbal.

While Iqbal has alluded to the ‘key’ which opens the door to understanding, Imran N. Hosein has opened wide the door to the understanding of the ultimate manifestation of evil at the end of history. We have always believed that every aspect of evil has been clearly laid out before our very eyes in the holy words of Allah and His Messenger. So, when Allah said ‘Read!’, we did indeed read, but alas with one eye closed. Surah al-Kahf and the Modern Age is a practical demonstration of an all-round epistemology that helps us to read with both eyes, appearance and reality, sociology and history, past, present and future. Indeed, never before has the subject of epistemology been given such importance as in Imran N. Hosein’s Surah al-Kahf and the Modern Age.

Surah al-Kahf and the Modern Age does more than simply introduce such major signs of the Last Day as Dajjal the false Messiah and Yajooj and Majooj (Gog and Magog). This book, as well as all other books of Shaykh Imran Hosein, describe in finest details the entire historical process from the time these monsters emerged, up to the time of their final destruction. Therefore it touches every aspect of life that is, and will be corrupted by them, in particular politics and economics. These enemies of Allah will allow the Ijtema (gathering) of the Tabligh Jamaat, the gatherings of Dhikr in the Sufi Khanqas, the breast-beating and wailing of the Shias, and the mayhem of the Wahhabis for, perhaps, some more time. But they will never allow meddling in politics and economics, as though to say, "Do anything you like, but do not touch the systems of production and consumption." So when Allah declares Jihad against economic corruption, our response has always been inadequate – individual at times, but never collective.
Iqbal may have claimed a reconstruction of Islamic religious thought. However, the task of reviving Islamic civilization as a living phenomenon and as a dynamic actor in the historical process is still ahead of us. What remains now is for our readers, and the youth in particular, to assimilate the comprehensive literature produced by Shaikh Imran N. Hosein, and spread this message to all circles of Islamic activity. I wish I could memorize all the subtle arguments in the book. It must be read again and again, especially with emphasis on epistemology. There are hundreds of hagiographical treatment to Iqbal’s mind, philosophy and contribution in Bangla, Urdu and English, but I marvel at the substance, penetration and balanced approach that I find in your brief treatment.

  Ahmad Siraj, Penang, Malaysia. June 2007

I pray that Allah keeps you in the best of health and  eeman and may He bless you with long life to continue your service to the ummah. Indeed, quite a sizeable majority of Muslims in the current age are still oblivious to the Signs of the Last Day. There is no active discourse on this highly pertinent subject. Through your books and lectures you’re fighting an incredible jihad in bringing this subject to public consciousness. May Allah bless your efforts and make your path easy.

Last year, I registered with a local university to pursue a postgraduate degree in Masters of Arts (Humanities) focusing on Islamic Civilisation. It is a research- based thesis which I’m doing on part-time basis.

 I am yet to write my thesis proposal despite having registered early last year! I just couldn’t come up with a suitable topic until I started watching your DVDs and re-reading your magnum opus ‘Jerusalem in the Qur’an’.

It struck me as odd that the academic world continues to remain apathetic to this self-evident phenomenon..Why isn’t anyone doing objective research on this significant theme? There are tremendous amount of input in your books and DVDs for researchers to
develop upon and yet not many have come forward. I have decided to take up the challenge to bring your work to wider academic discourse, insha’allah. Your
generous assistance in this jihad will always be cherished. May Allah make our task bearable.

For my research proposal I’m contemplating of focusing on your contribution to the understanding of contemporary Islamic eschatology. The evolution of Islamic eschatological thought will be analysed culminating with your research on the subject.

The main thrust of my thesis will be that your critical analysis of the Signs of the Last Day best explains current developments in preparing the Muslim ummah to face the immense challenges of the coming days. In short, I aim to bring your work to a wider academic discourse, Insha Allah.

Salim Mahomed

salaam brother ramadaan mubarak to you and thanks for all the effort you guy’s put in to give us some insight to the truth.

Meekael Ali McCauley

Alhumdulillah. I love this website. It is clear, effective, and feels extremely well-constructed. Jezakum’allahu Khair.
Wa Salaam.


Assalam alaicom
 I am greatly fasinated by imam imrans lectures.

Zobia Ihsan

I have Alhamdullillah read the auther’s book
"Jerusalem in the Quran". This has been a source of great enlightment for me.

Sayed Islam (uk)

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah …
Just visited finding the material very enlightening, especially imams view on the Signs of the hour/New Orleans.

C. Aniceto Lezama

While I am not a member of the Islamic commuity, I have just finished listening to your article on "The Islamic Perspective on the Return of Nabie Isa (uwbp)" I have found the discourse to be quite informative for many are the uneducated opinions of Islamic theology. While my "net" speed is low, I am taking the patience to ahve these discourses downloaded to my hard drive for posterity.

Nishtar Mohammed

 Asalamu alaikum
Alhamdulillah for a great site!

Bro Za’iem


I’m very surprised that this site exists. I have been trying the two sites which were written on Syiekh Imran’s books ( and onejamaat.(smt-can’t remember) but both were outdated.

I’m glad I found him here. 🙂