This Essay was written in late 2008 and is of importance to understanding events which are now occuring.

The financial/monetary summit which is now being arranged is certainly linked to Dajjal’s phase three.

It is through a study of events which led to the passage from Dajjal’s phase one to phase two that we can anticipate and recognize events now unfolding, and soon to unfold in the historical process, which would indicate the passage to phase three.

We have long anticipated that the creation of a new international monetary system to replace the tottering Bretton Woods Accord would be precisely such a sign. 

We must now look carefully to seek to recognize what is still carefully concealed evidence that would confirm the transfer of the world’s financial capital from Washington to Jerusalem.

We must also anticipate that great wars would also erupt in which Israel would display its military superiority over the rest of the world – including UK and USA.

Not only does Obama’s election as US President now ‘whitewash’ a terribly-soiled US image in the world, but it also allows the cabal to exploit his committment to widen the war in Afghanistan to their advantage. It is therefore a black/Obama administration that would be led by the nose to attack Pakistan’s nuclear facilities (perhaps in concert with an Indian attack on Pakistan) while Israel exploits the opportunity to simultaneously attack Iran’s nuclear plants. The immediate result of such a war would be the astronomical rise in the price of both oil and gold and the consequent total collapse of the US dollar and the US economy in such wise as would cripple the Democratic Party for decades to come.

John McCain’s concession speech indicates that he (as well as the leadership of the Republicam Party) are well aware that they have led Obama/Afro-America/the Democratic Party down a path to be sacrificed and slaughtered as a cow. Obama and the Afro-Americans have displayed complete innocence of the fact that they could never have succeeded unless the white cabal had made the choice to have a black man elected as President.

It was not by accident that the present phase of the financial meltdown commenced in early September and immediately impacted on the contest for the White House in a manner that eventually assured victory for Obama.