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The below Websites provide additional information or writings related to Sheikh Imran Hosein’s works.

80 Free Online Islamic Courses

Seekers Hub offer 80 Free Islamic Courses that you can watch online, Free Courses consist of:

Islamic Law, Worship, Beliefs, Prophetic Guidance, Quranic Studies, Spirituality, Arabic Grammar, Interpersonal Ethics, Textual Studies, Biographies, History, Marital Harmony and Islamic Finance.

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4,700 Islamic Questions & Answers

4,700 Islamic Questions have already been Answered, by Seekers Hub, who provide answers by Qualified Islamic Scholars. Answers consist of:

Prayer, Marriage, Ghusl, Wudu, Zakat (charity), Divorce, Repentance and many more issues that people have in there day to day life.

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Podcasts from Reliable Islamic Scholars

A wide range of podcasts from Seekers Hub connecting you to reliable Islamic scholars allowing you to increase your love of Allah and the Prophetic way.

Listen to Seekers Hub Audio on the move, stream live or download for free.
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