Question: When Israel Wages Her Big Wars Would That Be The Time When Muslim Will Make An Alliance With Rum? Is This Rome, Italy?

“Nabi Muhammad (SA) has prophesised that

‘You will make an alliance with Rum’.

Indeed there is a… Surah of the Qur’an which is entitled Surah Ar-Rum. And in that Surah, in the first Ayah, Allah speaks about Rum being defeated. If you believe that Allah (SWT) was referring to a city in Italy then you should buy a one way ticket to Disneyland.
When the Qur’an says that Rum has been defeated, was referring to a city in Italy called Rome? Oh come one, what kind of scholarship is that? And when the Qur’an refers to Rum you translate it as Romans? Is that the correct translation, Romans?

Rum in the Qur’an is easy to identify. It is the ‘Eastern Orthodox Christian Church’; which had established the Byzantine Empire with Constantinople as its capital…
Prophet (SA) said ‘You will make an alliance with Rum’. The Byzantine Empire has disappeared today, but the ‘Eastern Orthodox Christian Church’ has not. If we want to find Rum, where is the ‘Eastern Orthodox Christian Church’ today?

Answer, the headquarters is now in Russia. If I am wrong I invite you to correct me. And so when the Prophet (SA) said, ‘You will make an alliance with Rum’, my answer is its going to be an alliance with Russia. ..”

Transcribed and posted by brother Deenuzzaman Choudry

Unlike city life, the MV life is pretty basic and hence cheap. Houses will be cheaply built, food will be produced locally and energy will be generated from natural, renewable sources.

Villagers would have to produce their own, pure food. So economic activity would be primarily organic permaculture. Home Industries would be encouraged to allow parents to be with their children while working. Those who have the skills could persue their professions in a nearby town or city using the village as a base.

There would also exist an Islamic market for trading of goods and services.

Those wishing to migrate to a Muslim Village should choose one within the Muslim world in which they can legally reside easiest of all. Hence a Pakistani should not seek to live in a village in Yemen and then seek guidance from me how to get a residence permit to reside in Yemen. I cannot assist with such matters.
Secondly, they should look for the signs by which they can recognize the kind of village that would qualify for protection in this age of tests and trials. Among those signs are:
*  The Village should not have a Bank.;
*  Cellular phones should not be usable in such a Village;
*  The Village should have its own independent supply of water;
*  The Village should have the capacity to produce its own food; etc.
Response by Shaikh Imran N. Hosein to a serious comment concerning the
establishment of Muslim Villages

Dear Brother,

wa ‘alaikum assalaam!

Thank you for your email and for your critical comments on the subject of living in the modern age.

So long as Muslims are free to worship Allah Most High, to preserve themselves and their families in Islam,  and to freely propagate Islam in society, they have a duty to continue to reside in society regardless of whether it is founded on democracy or dictatorship.

However, when freedom to propagate Islam is restricted to only that cosmetic Islam that is approved by those who rule the world, and when, in addition, Muslims see their children being lost to Islam despite their best effort to preserve them in Islam, and this because of the evil influence of an essentailly godless and decadent world,  then their duty is to take whatever steps are necessary to preserve faith in Islam.

The blessed Messenger of Allah Most High was quite explicit when he warned of a time to come when a man would have to flee to the mountainsides where rain falls, with some sheep and goats, in order to preserve his faith!

There are so many in the world today who would adamantly argue that it is wrong for Muslims to seek refuge for themselves and their families in a remotely-located Muslim Village even though they live in an age when their children are being lost to Islam before their very eyes. Such people have a status equivalent to cattle. They have ‘eyes’ and yet cannot ‘see’, ‘ears’ and yet cannot ‘hear’, ‘hearts’ and yet cannot ‘understand’!

But there are others who have eyes with which to see and to thus recognise the gravity of the unique and unprecedented crisis that has overtaken all of mankind all around the world today.

My own response, therefore, is that each individual must be allowed the freedom to choose and his choice must be respected.

My choice is to build the remotely-located Muslim Village.

Yet I do not boast when I claim that no Muslim in my native Trinidad has made a greater contribution than I have in responding positively and critically (over the last three years that I have been in Trinidad) to the challenges that face Muslims from the national community.

Thus establishment of a remotely-located Muslim Village is essentially a means of protection from hostile forces and should not be interpreted to imply an abandonment of responsibility for responding to the challenges of society.

with love,
Imran N. Hosein

Here is the letter to which the above response was made:

Dear Brother Imran

A’Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu.

I look forward to your return visit if Allah (SWT) so Wills, we will most certainly meet whenever and wherever He so decrees.

In the mean-time, however, let’s continue to correspond if you have the available time, as it will allow me to further clarify my position and, in turn, to receive some much valued feedback from you.Insha’Allah.

My take on democracy may have, for instance, given you some cause for concern. Relax, and allow me to expand on it, if I may. I come from a European background and, as such, when I speak of democracy I refer to the principal of, and the potential benefits that can be derived from, democracy.rather than the past and or existing governments that have derived power through it. Personally, I have not voted for many years for the same reasons that you haven’t. However, democracy, as I see it, is a process which allows the majority of people to decide how their country or state will be run. It stands to reason, therefore, that if – Insha’Allah – there was a sudden mass conversion of the majority of people to Islam, in all democratic countries and states, Sharia Law would then naturally be adopted as the rule of Law, and justice would, inevitably, spread throughout the world. Allah (SWT) has spread Muslims all over the world for good reason, and that should give us all cause for deep reflection. Those who find themselves amidst a majority of non-Muslims should do their utmost, and strive whole-heartedly, to spread the Word of Allah (SWT), through all available means, to all those around them, and they should be personal beacons of Islam in order to attract all people to the truth and beauty of Islam; it is, indeed, a duty bestowed on all Muslims, by Allah (SWT), to do so.

The enemies of Islam have gained their power by infiltrating everywhere and injecting their poisonous ways of thinking and acting, through their tools of mass propaganda. It is, therefore, incumbent on all Muslims to provide the antidote to all those affected societies and, thereby, cure their ills by injecting the truth into the system through the same, proven, means.Advertising & Education!

If a group of Muslims were to cut and run and, thereby, isolate themselves by forming their own community, they may escape the corruption.but they may also, under the current prevailing climate where suspicion and ignorance about Islam and Muslims abounds, be inviting a potential missile attack which would, no doubt, be justified to the rest of the world by claiming that it was a terrorist cell that was destroyed; but Allahu Allam. I strongly contend that the Muslims, whom Allah (SWT) has spread throughout the democratic world, have a very important duty to perform wherever they are, and that they should strive with all their available resources to fulfil that duty, as outlined above, because success on this front will ensure, Insha’Allah, the greater success at centre stage for the final act.

The primary objective in all martial arts is to neutralise your opponents’ ability to attack you, and then to deal with them justly; this principal applies at all levels of conflict.

We ordained therein for them: “Life for life, eye for eye, nose or nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth, and wounds equal for equal.” But if any one remits the retaliation by way of charity, it is an act of atonement for himself.  And if any fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah hath revealed, they are (No better than) wrong-doers. S:5, A:45

In light of the above Ayat which is, in effect, the martial law of conduct, we can see that Allah (SWT) has clearly given us the recipe for success. If our enemy is  using propaganda tools to make people think and act in a way that is conducive to their efforts, then we should respond, in kind, with those same tools in order to neutralise and reverse their evil effects, by propagating the truth.

Behold! Allah promised you one of the two (enemy) parties, that it should be yours: Ye wished that the one unarmed should be yours, but Allah willed to justify the Truth according to His words and to cut off the roots of the Unbelievers that He might justify Truth and prove Falsehood false, distasteful though it be to those in guilt. S: 8, A: 7&8

Clearly, those of us who live in democratic countries have, on this occasion been dealt, and must contend with, the unarmed tentacle of the enemy’s power base, and our objective should be to publicly proclaim as Allah (SWT) directs us:

And say: “Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish.” S: 17, A: 81

Nay, We hurl the Truth against falsehood, and it knocks out its brain, and behold, falsehood doth perish! Ah! woe be to you for the (false) things ye ascribe (to Us). S: 21, A: 18

Wherever we are, we must all play our part according to our capabilities, in order to assist the Islamic Resistance in the best, and most effective, way possible.

I firmly believe that only by our united struggle throughout the world will we succeed.

I look forward to receiving any comments that you may wish to make.

With Kind Regards and Brotherly Love,



And now here is his response to my response

Dear Brother Imran

A’Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu.

I agree entirely with what you are saying. The situation is different for Muslims around the world; everyone should act according to their own circumstances and be respected for their decision. In  . . . . . at present, for instance, there are a number of Islamic Schools which cater for the entire schooling experience i.e. from kindergarten to the end of high school. As long as parents can protect their children from the negative effects of television, and provide a healthy Islamic environment within their household, their family and friends it shouldn’t be a problem. That way they can maintain their Islam and are also able to spread it to the wider community, in part, by way of their personal example, Insha’Allah.

My idea of propagating Islam is to simply draw people’s attention to the Qur’an, via the mass media, and to encourage everyone to read it. The Qur’an speaks for itself; it presents Islam in its true and pristine nature and it repels all the cosmetics that have been applied to it. We must always remember that Allah (SWT) guides whom he pleases to His religion and that, sadly, there will inevitably be unbelievers and apostates etc., among our children, although we may take every conceivable precaution…look at Noah’s (AS) son for instance; surely his Father, a Messenger from Allah (SWT), did everything possible to protect his son from disbelief. And although it may be argued that Noah (AS) and his family lived among corrupt people, we can not deny that the best among all humans were also brought up in corrupt environments…look at Ibrahim (AS), our Prophet (SAW) and the Sahaba (RA) for instance. Admittedly, they all eventually sought refuge and, Allahu Allam, but circumstances are constantly changing and a time may very well come when it may be best for us to also seek refuge. These matters, and the timing of them, are entirely in the hands of Allah (SWT) and He has definitely warned us about the great tribulation.

I meant no disrespect with my comments about Muslims isolating themselves, and I do apologise if they were perceived as a condemnation rather than a concern; it is, as you say, appropriate and indeed necessary in certain circumstances for a Community to seek refuge. If the Community has enough land and water to sustain it and be self sufficient, and everyone is prepared to work together and cooperate for the common good then, Masha’Allah, it would be like Paradise on Earth…beautiful!

However, let us not delude ourselves, such a Community would definitely be viewed with extreme prejudice & suspicion, at the very least, and I seriously doubt the enemies of Islam would allow such a Community to exist in peace, especially considering the success of the kibbutzim in establishing the state of Israel; but Allahu Allam and in some circumstances, even the most extreme threat shouldn’t be a deterrent. And if Allah (SWT) chooses to protect a Community from the designs of its enemies, then no harm can come to it, as Allah (SWT) is truly the best planner and the best to protect.

With Kind Regards and Brotherly Love,



If We Can Fast For Allah, Why Can’t We Live For Allah?

“When I fast, I fast for you (Allah). I give up food for your sake. I give up drink for your sake.
So Allah sends a message to him. Every day you’re fasting, that message comes to your… heart.
He (Allah) says so,
‘Qul, Innassalati Wanusuki, Wamahya ya Wa mamati, lillahir Rabbil ‘Alamin’
‘Say: Verily my prayer, and my service of sacrifice, my very living and my dying, all is for you’.

But not for the fella in Brooklyn. The fella in Brooklyn says, ‘Lord, everything for you but not my Green Card., you see that US citizenship, I need that passport.’

If anything in this world is dearer to you than Allah, then you are worshipping that, not Allah.

They are going to say I’m a terrorist now. Because anyone who lives for Allah, are prepared to die for Allah.
If a man is prepared to die for Allah, you can never defeat him. You can kill him. You can send him to Guantanmo. You can silence him. You can throw him out of your country. You can do what you want with him, but you can not defeat him. Because someone who is prepared to die for Allah is prepared to die for the truth. And the truth can not be defeated. That’s power. No nuclear weapon in the world can destroy that power. ”

Assalaamu ‘alaikum!

My immediate spiritual and intellectual lineages do not follow the traditional Sufi silsila. Rather they are inseparably woven together and go back from Maulana Ansari to Dr Muhammad Iqbal to Maulana Jalaludin Rumi. Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui was the spiritual mentor of my teacher – but he has not played any significant direct role in my intellectual or spiritual life. I am, of course, poorer because of this.

with love,
Imran N Hosein.


wa ‘alaikum assalaam,

‘The test of the pudding is in the eating’ – is an expression that accurately sums up the subject of Sufism. It is remarkable that none of the Sufi orders, to the best of my knowledge, have been able to recognize paper currencies to be a hoax, bogus, fraudulent and Haram. The pursuit of Islamic spirituality does not require joining a Sufi order. Such a thing might assist but is not a requirement for the pursuit of Islamic spirituality.

I am not a Sufi Shaikh. I am not a Murshid in a Sufi Order. I no longer belong to any Sufi Order. My association with Sufism does not entail any belief or any religious practice that is not firmly founded on the Qur’an and Sunnah.

We are all shepherds, and we will all be questioned about our sheep. In this sense I am a shepherd.

with love,

Until such time as the Khilafah is restored, Baiyah should be local i.e., with an Ameer and in a Jama’ah that is physically present.

My choice is to mark the occasion in intense individual solitary private spiritual devotion rather than collective public celebration. I suggest that my students do the same.

Question: How do we combat Riba?

“There are two forms of Riba that must be recognised. One is lending of money on interest. And the other would be a transaction based on deception which delivers a gain or a profit to which,… one is not justly entitled. That is the elegant way of describing a rip-off.

The greatest rip off that has ever occurred in human history is the rip off of the monetary system that we now have, of bogus and fraudulent and utterly Haram paper currencies and the electronic currency which is now taking over from the paper currency.

What do you do? Answer, when you have abandoned the Qur’an and Sunnah, make Tauba and return to the Qur’an and Sunnah. Meaning return to the Gold Dinar and the Silver Dirham.

Do you know that Israel tomorrow is going to mint… In fact I think they have already minted the Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham. And Israel would be using that.
Why would Israel have to do it? If you study ‘Ilmu Akhir-Az-Zaman (Islamic Eschatology) you can answer these questions.
…Every Jew knows, only that money can be used in the temple which does not have any human figure on it.
The Roman coins at the time of Nabi Isa (A) were Haram to be used in the Temple; because they had graven images… And so the Temple (at that time) used to mint its own coins, gold and silver. And the people came to the temple if they wanted an animal to be Zabiha (sacrificed); you got to pay for it. And no one could sacrifice the animal except the Rabbi. Therefore the temple got some revenue. So you had to pay the temple in this money which was Halal (gold and silver coins).

So when Dajjal stands up in Jerusalem tomorrow, and he has not brought back that Halal money, no Jew will accept him as the Messiah. This is why I believe that Israel has already minted her gold and silver coins so that these can be introduced before Dajjal makes his appearance.

So that’s the first thing you can do; bring back the Gold Dinar and the Silver Dirham as money. Can you do it in downtown KLCC? I’m not stopping you. If you want to try, go ahead.
It is my opinion based on my study on Surah Kahf of the Qur’an that the only place you can bring back the Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham as money in the market, is in the remote country side. And in those micro markets we will not accept your paper money.

In so far as money lent on interest is concerned; make Tauba if you have borrowed money on interest to buy your car, or to buy your house.
Make Tauba because if you die with that Riba, there is no way you can enter into Jannah. Why? Because the curse of the Prophet (SA) is upon you.

Get out of that Riba. Sell the car. Sell the house. Pay the bank. When you try do to that… you will know what kind of snake there is in the bank.
Make Tauba and never again borrow or lend money on interest.”

Transcribed and posted by brother Deenuzzaman Choudry

I Can Not Afford To Buy A Car Or House Without Asking The Bank, How Do I Escape Riba?

“You can if you want, go the way of the world. Let me tell you my way:

I’ve attended 5 Universities.
I was a Diplomat in the foreign service of my country (Trinidad).
I gave up that job.
Many Pakistanis told me I was a fool; only a fool will give up a job of a Diplomat to become a Mullah.
If I didn’t give up that job, I couldn’t be today with you (preaching Islam).
So there are things in life that money can not buy. I am now almost 70 years of age.
I never had a house. In 2005 I built the ground floor of my home with 1 bedroom. And then just before I left Trinidad (early 2011) to come on this lecture tour I was able to build the upper floor with 2 other bedrooms.
That’s how houses were build long time ago. I didn’t go to a bank to borrow money to build a house, no.
I lived in a rented apartment. I lived in New York for 10 years… in a small cubby apartments. Couldn’t afford (anything better). But I did that to remain faithful to Islam….

I left New York in 2011 after having lived in the United States for 12 years.
The car I was driving was worth $500.

So there is that way which is the way of the world; you want a big job, you want a big house, you need a big car, go ahead and borrow your money on interest.
And when you’re in the Hell-fire, don’t call me. Don’t call me on the phone, don’t send an email from Jahannam.

Or you can go the other way. The other way is, even if I have to give up house, and give up car and give up job, give up my home and give up my town, and flee to a cave in the mountain, I would prefer to do that. But I’m not giving up my Deen (Islam).”

Transcribed and posted by brother Deenuzzaman Choudry
Why Do You Say Murbaha in Islamic Banks is Back Door Riba?

This part is taken from lecture:
The Prohibition of Riba in The Qur’an & Sunnah, Malaysia 2011.
28 June 2011/ 26 Rajab 1432H

“Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم) will sometimes go to the shops and buy goods. But (sometimes) he would not have the money to pay. So the shop keeper would give him the goods and he (صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم) would promise to pay him later. This is called credit transaction.

So a credit transaction; to buy now and pay later is Halal. It is Sunnah.
However because the shop keeper had to wait for his money, he was not allowed to raise the price. If you can raise the price because you have to wait for the money; then money can grow because of time. That is Riba.
Money cannot grow because of time.

So a credit transaction is permissible; provided that the credit price and the cash price are the same. There can be no increase in credit price over cash price.
If the credit price is higher than the cash price; then the difference between the prices would be Riba.

What Islamic Banks around the world are doing: if you want buy a house and you do not have the money to pay cash, the cash price is five hundred thousand, the Islamic Banks say no problem. We will buy the house for five hundred thousand. (The cash price) but we will sell that house to you now on credit. We give you 20 years to pay.
But (because we have to wait for our money for 20 years) our credit price is now twice the cash price One Million.
The difference between the credit price and the cash price becomes Riba. But the Islamic Bank say, No, this is something called Murabaha.

Murabaha is a transaction in which something is sold at a profit and both the buyer and the seller know the amount of profit and accept it.
But this is not Murabaha, no. If it was a cash transaction, yes. But this is a credit transaction. And because it is a credit transaction the difference between the credit price and the cash price is Riba.

I call it Riba through the back door. And if you want to differ with me, no problem.
If people want to use Islamic Banks; sure they can do that. That’s your choice.
But if you say I am wrong and want to silence me, and you want to band me, and you want come after me with boxing gloves, remember I can challenge you, just remember that.”

Transcribed and posted by brother Deenuzzaman Choudry

I have never offered a macro-solution to our difficulties in respect of ‘money’.

I have used the Qur’an and Ahadith to define Sunnah Money and I have suggested that an effort be made to restore Sunnah Money in micro-markets that are relatively disconnected from markets using what I recognize to be bogus and fraudulent paper currencies.

Unless governments use unjust force and violence to prevent the use of Sunnah Money in remotely-located micro-markets, I see no reason why we cannot restore in micro-markets a monetary system that has already functioned successfully in the past.

Allah will hold you to account for that Riba which you can avoid even if you had to flee to the mountains sides where rain falls and take with you some sheep and goats.

Do please inform him that Allah Most High has declared in Surah al-Tagabun that we should *fear Him to the extent that we have capacity to do so*.

Although the paper currency is bogus fraudulent Haram and an amazingly dangerous instrument of oppression and universal slavery, we are permitted to use it until such time as we can escape from its poisonous, deadly and sinful embrace.

My own opinion is that such escape is possible only through the creation of micro-markets which use only Sunnah money and which are a part of

remotely-located Muslim Villages.

Money in Islam (i.e., the Qur’an and Sunnah) must have intrinsic value.

Whoever uses paper as money and in the process assigns a fictitious value (regardless of how small the value assigned) to the piece of paper, is attempting to create wealth out of nothing. That is both fraudulent and constitutes Shirk.

The simple facts regarding taking loans based on interest are:

i) It is prohibited. It is one of the two things that Allah has declared war against;
ii) The issue of whether one buys a home or does business is irrelevant: loans for any reason which has interest in it is prohibited;
iii) From amongst the prohibitions, taking and giving of interest is in the category of Tahreem al-Maqasid, i.e., prohibition by its essence. As such, it can never be made permissible unless there is a dire necessity upon someone that would lead to death or harm. Even in such a situation, an alternative must first be sought;

It is clear that interest- bearing loans is not acceptable in Islam, and its detriment effect on people who are involved in it as well as to the wider society is extremely well known. Given that you have taken such a loan, I would offer the following practical advice. I suggest that you do your best to pay off your loan and exit the situation you find yourself in. Make repentance with Allah and seek His forgiveness, and know that Allah is Merciful. Thus do not despair, but hasten to constructive means to remove yourself from the situation by paying it off as soon as it is practicable.

And success is only from Allah.

In three verses of the Qur’an Allah Most High has prohibited the unjust diminishing of value of people’s wealth (Wa la tabkhasun naasa ashya-ahum).

This unjust diminishing of value of people’s wealth is sometimes achieved through inflation. Hence it is Haram.

Inflation is defined as the constant increase in prices for a reason other than that related to market forces of supply and demand. The reason for Inflation is usually the unjust fall in value of money.

When gold and silver are used as money, the value of money remains relatively stable. The price of a sheep in gold dinars 1000 years ago is relatively the same as today’s price.

When, however, money with intrinsic value is removed from the market and is replaced with bogus fraudulent money with fictitious value then that value can be manipulated to constantly diminish. As money falls in value, prices rise. It is that phenomenon which is known as Inflation. It is an instrument through which the masses are unjustly impoverished while a predatory elite grow richer and yet richer while drinking the blood sweat and tears of the innocent masses.

There is no doubt that Riba is amongst the most abhorrent of systems and action in the Sight of Allah. Earning from it and engaging in it is simply unacceptable for a Muslim. As such anyone working in a bank really should make every effort to find a different job. This does not mean the person should put themselves in great danger and suffering, but in practical terms looking for another job which does not buy and sell Riba is not that difficult, insha Allah.

May Allah make such decisions made by Muslims one where there is ease and facilitation by His Mercy.

A fixed return is considered riba and is therefore haraam (not permissible).

The question you have asked has no simple answer at all, and below is my brief explanation of options available to you although some suggestions are controversial and there are valid differences of opinion. And Allah knows best.

Firstly, all online purchases function by utilising one of the following options:

i) Debit cards

ii) Credit cards

iii) Electronic transfers from bank account

1. The use of a debit card is technically permissible under Shari’ah, as it functions in such a manner where it simply relies on a positive balance of funds available from one’s bank account attached to this particular card.

2. The use of a credit card is definitely impermissible under Shari’ah. Its function is not connected to one’s positive balance of funds, but that which creates a debt at the point of transaction to which Riba (interest) is inherently and contractually attached. The fact that a 0% interest may be applicable if a person pays the funds used, is besides the point.

Some notable and reliable Scholars have approved the use of credit cards as a means to avoid harm and difficulty, and this is a valid opinion. What this means is that the credit card would only be used where there is no other option available where payment must be made, e.g., travelling internationally can be problematic because many hotels only accept credit cards (and not debit cards). The important point to realise is that the use of it is still impermissible, but the principle “lesser of two evils” is applied, where the credit is permitted to be used AS LONG AS the person pays the amount used well within the timeframe such that neither interest is incurred nor paid.

It is important to note that any credit card that is used by the purchaser which does not have a no-interest (0%) period is categorically impermissible.

3. The use of electronic transfers from a registered ban account is definitely permissible and the most Shari’ah compliant. In this system, e.g., Paypal, the purchaser simply pays for goods and services by allowing the seller or its agent to deduct the appropriate amount from an existing bank account which has a positive balance.

As a seller, accepting payment via credit cards is at least problematic, to say the least (of course accepting payment via debit cards and electronic transfers, are fully permissible). There are two issues connected to such a matter:

i) The legal ruling

ii) The ethical status

Legally, there is technical permissibility, because you are not the person initiating or demanding an interest payment on the use of the card facility. The fact that you simply and ultimately receive the actual money from it is technically permissible and is really a due- process.

Ethically, there are many problems, and is amongst the matters within the grey area that the Messenger of Allah, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, warned us against and informed us to avoid. We will be questioned by Allah Ta’ala for involving ourselves in actions that itself lead to (and knowingly) harm and harmful impact. Ultimately, the use of credit cards has a significant and global economic problem, and is the source of a great amount of false levels of wealth of corporations, banks and certain individuals- the very thing Islam intends to eliminate. Further, the same ethical question arises regarding the actual banking system itself, which is the number one source of global poverty.

So, you can see, the issue is not simple at all. In such matters you will need to make your own objective and sincere decision as to what you will engage in and what you will not. My personal opinion is the online payment systems where people are given the option to use debit, credit and electronic transfer is the best: people make the entire decision and you as the seller simply and only collect what is deservedly your money. Paypal is the soundest of such services (there are other transaction gateways similar to Paypal). My personal opinion is merely to provide a facilitated ease in the difficult times we live in by minimising open and direct abuse of the Shari’ah as a Muslim.

You should keep in paper currency only those funds that are needed to be used, and all the rest should be converted to whatever has intricsic value.

Four persons involved in Riba are cursed – he who takes, he who gives, he who records and the two witnesses.

It would not be Riba, but such a transaction (i.e. 2 in 1 transaction) is invalid and would not be allowed in a Muslim market.

The blessed Prophet (sallalahu ‘alahi wa sallam) also advised “if you have land – hold on to your land; and if you have animals – hold on to your animals . . .”

“At the very end of the Qur’an Allah warns us about

… ‘Allazee Yuwaswisu Fee Sooduri-nnas. Min-alJinnati Wannas.’
(Who whispers into the hearts of men. From among the Jinn and the men)

It is inspiring or puting thoughts and ideas into the heart and as a consequence these people believe that these are their own thoughts.
He (Dajjal) does this (communicates to his followers) through Shayatin. Shayatin is plural of Shaitan (Satan).
Prophet (SA) said that the Shayatin are going to be raised with Dajjal. This Hadith is in Kanzul Ummal. And these Shayatin are going to do something very interesting. They are going to take forms of human beings who died….
From this Hadith we know the link with Dajjal and Shayatin.”

Transcribed and posted by brother Deenuzzaman Choudry

Will the Khilafah be restored before Imam Mahdi emerges? Will he be a Sunni or a Shia? Is he already born?

“There is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim that a Khalifah will die. And there will be disagreement concerning succession. Then a man will emerge out of Madina. He will hurry to Makkah. And the people of Makkah will come out to him and urge him and try to force him to accept the Bai’aa.
Now we have a problem here. We haven’t heard that word (Bai’aa) for years and years. The word ‘Bai’aa’ is put into a place, something called ‘Cold Storage’.
What is this Bai’aa?
It is the pledge of allegiance which legitimizes the role of the Khalifah. That is Bai’aa. And it is an institution that is located in the Qur’an and in the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad (SA). When he (Imam Al-Mahdi) accepts the Bai’aa; at that time he will confirm and proclaim himself to be Imam Al-Mahdi.

Now then, I made this comment, and I did not make this comment in any disrespectful way, I was merely speaking facts. And if Imran is not allowed to speak facts, what should he talk about?

I said that Makkah has never been a Shia city, is that true or is that false?
I never said that there are no Shia in Saudi Arabia. Please have some respect for your own intellect; and don’t quote people wrongly.

There is nothing to suggest to us, that the situation will change in the future, and that Makkah will transform itself and become a Shia city. There is no evidence to suggest that. Therefore we ask; how can a people of Makkah who are not Shia, how can they go out and pledge allegiance to a Shia?
If you have an answer, I will be happy to get the answer. You can send me an email. …This is a reasoned discourse being presented tonight.
And so I conclude that the Imam cannot be Shia. This is my conclusion.

Now then, the argument is raised that because the Prophet (SA) used the word ‘Khalifah’, that a Kahlifah will die, the implication is that the Khilafah will be restored before the advent of Imam Al-Mahdi. But have you forgotten that Hadith?
“How will you be (at that time) when the son of Mary descends amongst you and your Imām will (at that time) be from your own ranks).”
(Sahīh Bukhāri)

Why should the Prophet (SA) say to us that this Imam would be from your own ranks; when we already have the Khilafah, It has already been restored, and our Imams are already from our own ranks? Why would he say that?

My understanding is that, the Hadith is clear. Prior to the advent of Imam Al-Mahdi. it is not possible to restore the Khilafah (our rulers will not be from our own ranks). And therefore when the word ‘Khalifah’ is used (in the Hadith a Khalifah will die) Prophet (SA) is referring to a Muslim Ruler.
Who could it be? The answer is clear. It has to be a Saudi King. Because there are too many princes out there waiting, struggling, fighting o take over. And there is already sufficient evidence of internal conflicts and rivalries in the big Saudi clan. So a Saudi King will die. When that Saudi King dies and there is disagreement concerning succession; it is at that time that Allah will send the Imam (Al-Mahdi).”

It will be a universal political and economic dictatorship in which survival and the good life would require submission to Israel.

I have found nothing in the Qur’an nor in the Ahadith which gives support to that hadith concerning the hundred years cycle of the Mujaddid. Hence I have chosen to make no comment concerning it.

1. No one should accept any opinion that I give unless and until they are convinced that it is correct.

2. “A Khalifa will die and there will be arguments concerning succession”.

My opinion is that the khalifa who would die would be a *King* of Saudi Arabia.

3. No Muslim would ever recognize the present Saudi Kingdom as Khilafah in the Islamic sense.

4. Therefore I understand the term Khilafa in the hadith to refer – not to the authentic Khilafah (‘ala minhaj al-Nabuwwah) – but rather to a ruler. And Allah Knows best.

Transcribed and posted by brother Deenuzzaman Choudry

Dajjal was specially created by Allah Most High as an EVIL being. No human being and no Jinn was ever created as an evil being.
However Dajjal will one day appear in this world as a human being.

When Dajjal appears *in human form in our world of space and time* he would not be allowed to enter Makkah and Madina.Other than that there is no prohibition on his entry into any town or city anywhere in the world – including Makkah and Madina.

This subject was explained in my books as welll as in answers to questions which are on my website.

Question: it is mentioned in a Hadith When The Sun Rises From The West, The Door of Tauba Will No Longer Be Open. How Would You Interpret This Hadith Having Stated That The Sun Has Already Risen from The West?

“…I’m getting lots of emails, from people who are presenting so much sophisticated argument concerning Polar Magnetism and providing evidence that one day the earth is going to stop spinning in the direction it is now spinning and its going to spin in the opposite direction.
I am not stopping you from having that view. It is your choice. It is just that, I differ with you. Am I not allowed to differ?

…My primary source of guidance is the Qur’an. And so it is the Qur’an you have to turn to if you want to convince me.

The Qur’an informs me the sun rises from the east.
And the Qur’an further tells us
“La Tabinali Khalqillah” (There is no change in Allah’s creation).
So a literal understanding of this Hadith would be in conflict with the Qur’an; this is my opinion.

What about (the closing of the door of) Tauba?
I said that the sun is already rising from the west.
The Hadith is speaking about a False sunrise.
The true sunrise from the east is Allah’s sunrise. And the False sunrise from the west is Dajjal’s sunrise….
I said Dajjal’s sunrise from the west is modern western civilisation. Modern Western Civilisation shines like a sunrise that there has never been in history.
It is absoloutely unique that there has never been anything in history comparable to Modern Western Civilisatior (i.e. science, technology, democracy, secularism, feminism e.t.c.)… And it constitutes a false sunrise. And that this is the fulfilment of the prophecy of the 10 signs of the last day.

The door of tauba will be closed; this is a more difficult one.
My view; (and I can be wrong) is that Allah’s Messanger (SA) is not talking about for all of mankind.
In Akhir Az-zaman one people stand out and they are Bani Israel. And they have consistently said, they will not appear before Allah on judgment day singly.
…They say we are the chosen people. So we are going to be judged as a people not as individual Jews. And as a people we will get salvation and as a people we will all enter Jannah.
So (this Hadith indicates) as a people the door of tauba is now closed for you. Tauba is now available only for individuals; not for the community.
And Allah knows best.”

“…There is a tendency to use the word ‘Ghazwa’ for a war which will take place in Akhir Az-zaman against Hind. Hind is that entire area which today comprises India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. And there are Hadith… I am not in a position to assess the authenticity of these ahadith, that a Muslim army will conquer Hind.
A Muslim army fighting in Akhir Az-zaman will have to be an army of ‘Mujahideen’. I don’t know, and perhaps you can correct me and help me, are there any armed forces in the world today including Pakistani armed forces who have ever described themselves or will ever describe themselves as Mujahideen?
Do please correct me and do please send me the evidence; that the head of the armed forces of Pakistan ever described his soldiers as Mujahideen engaged in Jihaad. I don’t think armed forces of secular nation states use that kind of a language. ”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.

Let me first clarify that unless convinced of its validity, no one should accept my opinion on this subject. This is the standard I set for myself, and it is the standard that I commend to others.

1. The Hadith in Sahih Muslim narrated by Fatima bint Qais on the subject of Tamim al-Dari indicated that he and is companions saw Dajjal in the form of a human being who was in chains:

“…..Then we hurriedly went on till we came to that monastery and found a well-built person there with his hands tied to his neck and having iron shackles between his two legs up to the ankles…….”

[It should be matter for methodological reflection that this description of Dajjal’s physical person makes no mention of him being blind in one eye.]

2. My understanding is that if Dajjal was in chains then the implication would be that he had not as yet been released by Allah Most High. Hence he would not as yet have traversed a day like a year, or a day like a month, or a day like a week, etc. mentioned in the Hadith in Sahih Muslim narrated by An-Nawwas b. Sam’an:

“……….We said: Allah’s Messenger, how long would he stay on the earth? He said.. For forty days, one day like a year and one day like a month and one day like a week and the rest of the days would be like your days……….”

The Hadith narrated by Fatima bint Qais confirmed such when Dajjal declared that he would soon be released:

“……..I am going to tell you about. myself and I am Dajjal and would be soon permitted to get out………”

3. My opinion is that we human beings cannot actually see Dajjal in the form of a human being (in contrast to seeing him in a dream or vision) unless and until his day is like our day, hence when he is in our world of space and time.

4. In order for Dajjal to be seen in a day which is like our day he would first have to be released, then he would have to live that period of his life in which a day would be like a year, then the period in which a day would be like a month, and then the period in which a day would be like a week.

4. It is therefore clear to me that it is not possible for Dajjal to been seen as a human being while yet in chains.

5. Since the Hadith declared that Dajjal was seen as a human being while yet in chains I have interpreted the event to have occurred as a vision. And Allah Knows best!

I trust that you will not be annoyed with me, or think ill of me, if I kindly request that no more emails be sent to me on this subject until, Insha Allah, I have completed writing my book on the subject.

with love,

Imran N. Hosein

It seems possible that what-would appear-to-be natural disasters can occur in 2012, and that our enemies would exploit that opportunity to their advantage.

For example, a false-flag earthquake can devastate Caracas and a simultaneous US-led invasion of Venezuela can take place. We can also expect another such earthquake to devastate Islamabad/ Rawalpindi and take down Pakistan’s nuclear plants as well.

We can then expect Israel to launch her big wars with which she will finally come out from behind the curtains that have hitherto concealed her imperial mission for the longest while. I can of course be wrong, but I do not believe that Israel is going to wait much longer before launching her big wars that will eventually allow her to assume the rule over the world.

My view is that Imam al-Mahdi will not emerge and declare himself to be the Mahdi until Dajjal has completed his mission and declared himself to be the Messiah.

I do not believe that this was an actual journey. Rather, I believe that Tamim al-Dari most probably had a vision and not an actual experience with a meeting with Dajjal in our dimension of space and time.


No ! I believe that Dajjal is now transitting stage two to stage three. Israel still has not expanded to encompass its Biblical frontiers. We are still about 30 away, perhaps, from the advent of Imam al-Mahdi.

Dajjal has set a trap and 999 out of every 1000 will be caught in that trap with no escape. My advice to you is to get out of heaven (USA) while still there is time to do so, and relocate amongst the miserably poor masses of Muslims in hell (the Muslim world).

I have just this as an answer – and if it does not suffice then kindly seek guidance from someone else.

Those who can read the world accurately in this the Last Age, and who then respond to its tests and trials appropriately, are specially blessed by Allah and are hence rightly-guided.

Signs of Allah in the Last Age can deliver multiple meanings and find multiple applications.  I have suggested one  interpretation concerning the Sign of the sun rising from the west.

I believe, in that context, that the collective door to Tauba for the Jews is now closed. Kindly remember that most Jews believe in collective salvation.

Actually the Hadith states that the Prophet (sallalhu ‘alaihi wa sallam) pointed 20 times to the East.

East and West are directions which belong to our world of space and time. When the blessed Prophet pointed to the East he was referring to East in our world of space and time.

When Dajjal’s day is like our day he will be in our world of space and time. At that time he will approach Madina from the East while riding on a donkey which . . . ”

Prior to his day being like our day, East and West do not apply to him.

It would be helpful of you could take a little time to read the chapter on ‘The Qur’an and Time’ in my book on Surah al-Kahf and the Modern Age.

I think that the transfer of power will take place through a process lasting for some time.
I do believe that there will be events in 2012 that will be linked to  that process.

We can now expect more and more earthquakes – not all of which would occur naturally. One of the first things we can do is to build light-weight roofs on our houses so that if they were to collpase on us in an earthquake they can be lifted by human hands.


Arrivals Series

Other than for a few parts, I have not viewed The Arrivals, hence I am not in a position to comment on the critique presented by Br XYZ. I am however astonished by the large number of emails I have received from those who have become Muslims, who are now attracted to Islam, or who have had their faith in Islam revived as a result of viewing The Arrivals. That is no mean achievement in this age of declining interest in religion.

A critique of The Arrivals that is worthy of a Muslim should therefore direct attention to the great good that has been done, even while pointing to alleged mistakes which have been made. Secondly, a critique of The Arrivals should not set out to be a demolition job;  rather alleged mistakes should be addressed constructively and with due respect for the integrity of those brothers in faith who are being corrected.

I have just had the very difficult task of writing a long essay entitled Iqbal and Pakistan’s Moment of Truth in which I have had to offer a critique of that great scholar’s thought – pointing to monumental errors I believe he made. Yet throughout my essay you will find evidence of my most profound respect for Iqbal.

Br XYZ also ventured to offer a critique of views expressed in The Arrivals (that are also found in several of my books) pertaining to the Hadith of Sahih Muslim describing the length of Dajjals’s life on earth. The views expressed in The Arrivals concerning the length of each stage of Dajjal’s life on earth are different from mine, but I have made no attempt to respond to that since the authors of The Arrivals have never presented themselves as scholars. And I simply do not have the time to attempt to correct every mistake I find on the internet. Secondly I would have been astonished to find scholarly agreement with my interpretation of that Hadith on Dajjal since Jerusalem in the Qur’an was published in 2002 and, as far as I am aware, has not impressed the world of Islamic scholarship.

I am now writing a comprehensive book on Dajjal which I hope, will clarify the subject Insha Allah.

So long as the present pro-American, and hence pro-Israeli, political and military leaders continue to control power in Pakistan, they will ensure the eventual destruction of Pakistan. It is only a matter of time. Indeed there is not much time left.

Allah will not intervene to change the condition of a people until they the people take the initiative to change their own condition. The Muslims of Pakistan can begin that process of change by waging a struggle similar to the struggle waged against the regime of the Shah of Iran, in order to forever banish their present pro-American, and hence pro-Israeli, political and military leaders.

I consider the Shia to be Muslims – not Kuffar. There are many other Muslims in the world today with wrong beliefs. I spend quite some time in attempting to correct those wrong beliefs, but I always do so in a context of correcting members of my family.

The only time I use my pen as a sword is when Muslims join the enemies, or support the enemies of Islam.

I do not know how to assist since I do not know what is an ‘Alim class. In the entire history of Islam we have never had such a thing as an Alim class. You should seek help from those who know what is an Alim class.

A khasf (mentioned in the Hadith of major Signs of the Last Day) is an earthquake in which there is a sinking of the earth. I am not aware of any sinking that occurred in the Haiti earthquake.

No one should ever be prohibited from using this name. Anyone and all of mankind must have the freedom to call upon Allah by His name. However in territory controlled by Muslims, and in which Allah’s law is supreme, no one must be allowed to so misuse Allah’s name as to commit Shirk.

There was no Nikah or marriage ceremony performed between the blessed Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) and Aisha (radiallahu ‘anha) here on earth. Allah Himself married them. This means that Allah ordained that she be his wife. He could have done that even before she was born.

Would you any one else have a problem with Him ordaining that someone be wife of a man even before He Created her?

The marriage could not be consumated until she had reached the age of puberty – i.e., when a girl becomes a woman in the biological sense of the word. It was at that age that she went to live with her husband; and it was at that age that the angel came to Mariam and by Divine decree she became pregnant.

Do you have a problem with the Divine decision that a woman can become a wife, and can become pregnant when she reaches the age of puberty?

Women have the freedom to propose marriage just as much as men.

The Beloved Messenger, sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, taught us a method of consulting Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala in order to make major decisions. This is called Istikharah. The du’a of Istikharah can be found in many books of the du’as of Rasulullaah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. However before doing Istikharah one should be firm that he/she will strive to act according to the indications received.
The method that we have been taught is that before going to sleep, one should perform two Rak’aat Nafl and then say the du’a. When one reaches the statements “Oh Allah, if  You know that this matter is good for me…” and “Oh Allah if You know that this matter is evil for me…” you should think of the “matter” (in your case getting divorced from your husband).
You should then go to sleep without talking to anyone. When you wake up, before doing anything, consider your inclination to this matter (i.e. getting divorced). Do this for a minimum of 3 consecutive nights, up to a maximum of 7 consecutive nights.
If you find that your inclination towards getting divorced increased over the days, you take this to mean that this is good for you. But if you find that your inclination decreased, then this is an indication that getting divorced is not good for you. Then you need to strive according to the indication you received from “consulting” Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.
You should inform your parents that you are going to do Istikharah and they and you need to be prepared to act according to the indication you will receive.
While marriage is the ideal in Islam and divorce is the most disliked of all permissible things by Allah Ta’ala, there are times when even very pious individuals get divorced (like Saiyiduna Zaid ibn Harithah R.A. and Saiyidatunaa Zainab bint Jahsh RA, subsequently Ummul-Mu’mineen). So if the indication is that divorce is good, then there is no wrongdoing involved.
And if the indication is that divorce is not good then strive to make the marriage a success, putting your trust in Allah Ta’ala and beseeching Him earnestly in du’a for His Help and His Grace. And Allah Ta’ala knows best!

You can travel to Trinidad alone on the condition that you have the permission of your guardian. Let him know that there will be sisters at the airport to greet you and to keep your company throughout your stay with us.

If, despite a husband’s best efforts to get her to desist, a wife insists on keeping and using a credit card and on not wearing hijab in public then she should be divorced.

Ed: “Best effort” on the part of the husband implies prior “best effort” in his own practice of the Deen.

Question 1: Are you Sunni? Yes (in the sense that I am not Shia). This has NEVER been a secret !!!!.

Question 2: Are you Hanafi? Yes.  This also has never been a secret!!!

I will not be answering any more questions [ w.r.t this topic ]. I prefer to identify myself as simply a Muslim. And if that is not good enough for anyone then such a person can seek guidance from others and just leave me alone.


Salam maulana

I want to ask about the wahaabi sect. I belong to sunni sect (in documents but consider myself muslim only) met some friends who belong to wahaabi sect(although they call themselves nothings but muslims) i found that they follow quran, sunnah which is verified in books of hadiths…should i follow them? bcz we sunni reject certain things claiming that hadiths in bukhari and other books are weak on no grounds…please guide as my parents brought me up simply and the knowledge of these sects came to me from surroundings as i grew older…i am worried only because what these wahabis/ahl e hadiths says about bida’h i found it right e-g rituals related to dead,eid milad un nabi,etc etc…..and if you say that i should not follow any sect and just be same like as prophet Muhammad and sahabas were then from which source i should extract sunnah(no question rises about authenticity of quran)…..i am strongly strongly convinced that these wahabis follow a bit better path than ALL other sects but i am also confused by your booklet THE CALIPHATE THE HEJAZ AND THE SAUDI-WAHHABI NATION-STATE and think that like shia may be these are also misguided…..please guide me may allah bless you here and here after.


wa ‘alaikum assalaam!

Although Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) was rightly-guided there are many Muslims today who are misguided. When anyone criticizes and condemns such misguided Muslims such does not reflect as criticism of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam).

I have never commented in my writings (such as in my book entitled ‘The Caliohate The Hajaz and the Saudi-Wahhabi Nation-State’ and in my lectures on whether or not I consider Muammad Abd al-Wahhab to have been misguided. And I do not intend to do so now!

with love,

Imran N. Hosein

I have long held the view that the authentic armed Islamic resistance that is resisting occupation and brutal oppression in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in that region constitute the emerging army from Khorasan that will eventually liberate the Holy Land. They are the Abdal who will give the Bai’ah to Imam al-Mahdi in Makkah.

I do not wish to identify any party or group within that armed Islamic resistance – hence I no longer use the word Taliban.

Jizyah exists in the Qur’an. What the Hadith clearly implies is that Jizyah in Qur’an will be cancelled or abrogated at that time when ‘Isa (‘alaihi al-Salaam) returns. The question which must be addressed is whether anything within the Qur’an can ever be sunjected to Naskh.

Saudi disinterest in restoring the Khilafah has nothing to do with the state of the Ummah and the Iman of Muslims.

Those who control power in Saudi Arabia know very well that their Zionist masters whom they serve will not allow them to do such a thing until and unless it serves their Zionist interests.

“In these countries you have governments which have sent their armed forces to Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. And these armed forces are waging unjust war… War with no law of ethics….
War in which you kill women, and kill children, destroy homes… and you don’t care at all about it. You call that collateral damage.
Islam has a higher standard of Morality than that. Islam has something far superior to offer to mankind.

So out of respect of the blood of my people; out of respect for those who are fighting you so courageously sometimes with only stones in their hands, out of respect for them and in solidarity with them I choose not to put my foot in your territory.

I do not do so with arrogance, I do so with profound sadness.”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.



I have stopped visiting USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and other such places for the same reason that the Hijrah took place, i.e., fleeing for safety from those who are waging unjust war on those (Muslims) who steadfastly uphold the truth and will not bend and subserve a system of falsehood and oppression.

“I want to direct attention to one book of his entitled ‘Imam Al-Mahdi & The End Times’. And when I read that book I was profoundly disturbed. Because he expressed views in that book which appears to me views that could also come from the Israeli Mossad.
When Isa (A) returns, the Qur’an tells us the Jews & Christians (The Ahlul Kitab) would have to believe in him.
According to Harun Yahya, there is an end of history, in which Jews, Christians and Muslims will all believe in Nabi Isa (A) and as a consequence will become a fraternity, a brotherhood, all living together with fraternal feelings for each other. And he continues to argue; ‘if that is what is going to happen at that time, then should we not reach out to Jews & Christians to build that fraternity now?’

…This is not what Prophet (SA) told us. And this is not the proper interpretation of the Qur’an. This is False. This is deceptive.”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.

“The first step in responding to that is that, you and I must stay away from everything related to sectarian movement. Do not be a member of any sectarian movement. It is only when you stand outside of the sectarian divide, only then you have credentials to address it. After you have declared that, I am not this and I am not that, I am a Muslim, now you have to work to bring the Sufi and the Salafi together. Is it possible? yes it is….

The way to unity is to begin with the Masjid… And in the Masjid we strive and struggle to ensure; only that is permitted in the house of Allah, which is based on the Qur’an and on the universally accepted Sunnah. Whether you are a Sufi or a Salafi, or Shia or Sunni, or this or that or the other, when you come to this Masjid and you accept the Qur’an and the Sunnah, then everybody will worship together in unity. This is my formula for uniting the people…

(For example) if I want to celebrate Miladunnabi The birth anniversary of Prophet (SA), that’s not in the Qur’an or Sunnah, but large number of Muslims do it. And they have been doing it for long long years, I think boxing gloves (making critical remarks on their beliefs) will be more damaging (for the unity of the Ummah) than beneficial. So if you want to wage war (against them) you go and do it, I’m not going to do it. I would say if you want to celebrate Miladunnabi, do it in the private, don’t bring it in the public, that’s all….”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.


Wa ‘alaikum assalaam!

I do not discuss sectarian issues. I firmly oppose sectarianism.  I am not Brelvi – never was and never will be. I am not Deobandi – never was and never will be. I am not wahhabi – never was and never will be.

However, my teacher who taught me was a Sufi Shaikh and I honor and love and respect him as well as all authentic Sufi Shuyukh.

My teacher was never Brelvi, never Deobandi,etc

Those who are in any way uncomfortable with me are free to turn to others for knowledge and guidance.

No more questions on this subject please!!!

Imran N. Hosein

“…You want to be my student; this is what you have to do.
You have to take a decision; I’m devoting this life that Allah has given to me. So others will work and buy their Mercedez Benz motor car, and they are going to have lovely homes… and you will not have that. You will have a little house, and you might be renting all your life. But the sacrifice that you make of the Duniya, is what is required in order to persue knowledge, and to emerge tomorrow as a scholar of Islam who will preach the Deen….
You can begin by reading my books and listening to my lectures. Many of the things I now teach you, I did not have anyone to teach me…”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.

“What is The Khilafah? Khilafah is state and government in Islam.
What is Islam? The definition of Islam is submission to Allah.
What is submission to Allah? Submission to Allah is; submission to Allah as Al Malik.
In some translations in English, you will find meaning of Malik is King, but in regards to political terminology, meaning of Al Malik is Sovereign. Lahul Mulk, Sovereignty belongs to Allah. So to admit to Allah in Islam is to submit Allah as sovereign. To submit to anyone else as sovereign, to declare anyone else has sovereignty is to say goodbye to Allah.

To submit to Allah is, to submit to Allah as Al-Akbar. And He reminds you that He is Al-Akbar, because every time you perform Salah you cannot move in Salah without (saying) Allahu Akbar. Al-Akbar is someone who has supreme authority.
And so the Khilafah is a state and government which submits to Allah’s authority as supreme. For a Muslim to submit to anyone else as supreme is to say goodbye to Allahu Akbar.

Islam is to submit to Allah as Al Hakam. Al Hakam is the Law Giver; who not only gives the law, but His law is the Supreme law. And when He makes something Haram, it must be enforced as Haram. And when he makes something Halal, it must be enforced as Halal.

So anyone who submits any law other than Allah’s law as the supreme law has said goodbye to Allah SWT as Al Hakam. In the political terminology of Islam this is called SHIRK.”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.

The Beloved Messenger, sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, taught us a method of consulting Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala in order to make major decisions. This is called Istikharah. The du’a of Istikharah can be found in many books of the du’as of Rasulullaah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. However before doing Istikharah one should be firm that he/she will strive to act according to the indications received.

The method that we have been taught is that before going to sleep, one should perform two Rak’aat Nafl and then say the du’a. When one reaches the statements “Oh Allah, if You know that this matter is good for me…” and “Oh Allah if You know that this matter is evil for me…” you should think of the “matter”.

You should then go to sleep without talking to anyone. When you wake up, before doing anything, consider your inclination to this matter. Do this for a minimum of 3 consecutive nights, up to a maximum of 7 consecutive nights.

If you find that your inclination towards that matter increased over the days, you take this to mean that this is good for you. But if you find that your inclination decreased, then this is an indication that the matter is not good for you. Then you need to strive according to the indication you received from “consulting” Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best!

The modern secular State (such as Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc.) is built on the foundations of Shirk and functions in a strategic role in Dajjal’s pursuit of universal rule over the whole world.

Your nationality is that of Dar al-Islam which is about to be re-established. Your struggle should be for restoring Dar al-Islam.

“Aginomoto” or “Ajinomoto” is actually the brand name of a Japanese company that primarily produces monosodium glutamate (MSG).

In summary, Ajinomoto, in 2001, had a legal ban in Indonesia because it was found that the Indonesian plant was using a porcine-based (pork-based) extract to culture enzymes used to produce its MSG. To my understanding and research, the situation only affected Indonesia, given the plant was not for export purposes. As such, all other internationally available Ajinomoto MSG is definitely plant-based, and would be permissible. Please do note that Ajinomoto MSG is not only used in Chinese food, but also in Indian, Mexican, Japanese and may other cuisines.

The legal issue that arose in Indonesia is because Aginomoto used pork-based extracts to create its enzyme culture, as opposed to its usual process of using plant-based extracts.

An important distinction needs to be made, at least for the purposes of technical clarity (although ethically and practically, this is not necessarily the most palatable possibility for most Muslims…). The process that Ajinomoto uses to manufacture MSG is technically Halal and acceptable within Islam. The process of creating enzymes leads to the original extracts (almost always plant-based) to be completely altered in its molecular form, and based on the principle of Istis-haab, because the final product is also non-reversible to the original extracts and that there is no trace of the original extract, then the final product is definitely Halal. As a quick example of its Halal status, Malaysia’s Board for Halal Certification accepts the MSG as Halal.

A more important issue surrounding MSG is its health consequences, and a more important Islamic concern. MSG is known to cause brain as well as digestive problems, although the political nature of such matters have led the issue to be non-conclusive. Having said that, plenty of information and data exists that confirm its harmful effects. Most countries require that MSG be listed (E620-E625).

Finally, I suggest that you contact your local Halal certifier as well as Aginomoto distributor and find out what the local ingredients may be in its production if it is produced locally. If it is produced off-shore, find out which country it is manufactured in and follow up on their process.

Whilst there is a difference of opinion on the matter of photography, the dominant opinion of the modern Scholars of High Knowledge is that photography is permissible as long as they are of benefit and not for any harmful or prohibited purposes, and that photographs of humans and animals not be displayed. As such, photographs kept in an album, drawer, computer or disk would be considered acceptable. However, photographs of humans and animals should not be displayed on walls and the like. In other words, simply stated, they are not to be left open for display. It can be viewed but not left for display on frames on desks and walls, for example.

The Scholars have also mentioned caution on the matter that photography should never be frivolous and indulgent, but for genuinely good reasons. Celebration of a wedding is well known as an Islamic Tradition, and so taking videos and photography would be permissible. Indulgence and frivolous photography/videoing includes the modern trends of the youth to take photos of each other in poses, etc, where there is no real essence other than social posing, and the like.

The additional issue arising is that of indulgence in costs for photography in weddings. That being a separate issues, and problem, does lead to many Scholars frowning upon the indulgence in photography where costs are exuberant. Exuberance is usually defined as what exceeds the norms of a society under normal circumstances.

Finally, the matter is a simple one with complicated issues attached to it. As practical advice, avoid photography and videoing unless there are good reasons for it in terms of promoting good, Islamic events, awareness and the like and either minimise or eliminate it for portraiture and posing.

As is the clear principle in Islamic Juridical Science, all valid differences of opinion on a matter amongst qualified body of Scholars should be respected and what one person therefore follows should do so with his or her own conscience, but never criticising others if they take a different valid opinion.

Insha Allah that is of help.

The first thing to understand is that every action under Shari’ah is categorised under what is generally termed The Five Rulings, which are:

– Obligatory
– Recommended
– Merely Permissible
– Disliked
– Prohibited

These five categories also establish principles of priority for our actions, and are based on the classifications derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

The specific kinds of things you have mentioned in your email below largely fall under the Recommended or Permissible categories. For example, sleeping on the floor is clearly merely a permissible act, and wearing specific clothing is also merely permissible. However with clothing, wearing a turban, for example is considered to be a recommended act.

The obeying of parents on matters of good, benefit and obligations are always a priority over other matters which do not lead to sin against Allah (and such matters are either obligatory or prohibited, and so breaking these two are sins against Allah and no human has priority over them). Further, given obeying parents is an obligation, and the items listed are either merely permissible or possibly in some cases recommended, then following the advice of the parents will without a doubt hold a higher priority and should be adhered to.

In addition, in such matters which are not obligations, it is best to defer its practice for more rewards when one is independent of others and can make decisions on their own. This will be practical, effective as well as more fulfilling without impinging on anyone’s rights.

Insha Allah this is of assistance.

Allah knows that everyone will not be able to speak Arabic. As a matter of fact He sent Messengers to teach the people in their language, so that they will be asked the questions in their language. Similarly, with all others, they will be asked and will answer in the language they know.

The question of music is a complex one and there are valid differences of opinion surrounding it. As a quick introductory statement, we as Muslims must realise that understand the Fiqh (Legal Ruling) of any matter is not as simple as quoting a Qur’anic verse or pointing to a Hadeeth. In fact, the Companions, and definitely the two generations following them (Tabi’een and Tabi’ Tabi’een) refrained from quoting from the Sunnah or the Qur’an without proper analysis of many many issues, e.g., linguistic proofs, context of revelation as well as a narration of the Prophet (upon whom be peace and blessings of Allah), absolute and qualified narrations, universality and particularity of verses and narrations, etc. These are deeply developed sciences. The points below are the summaries of rulings based on such a thorough understanding of the Shari’ah, rather than those who simply claim to quote a verse or a Hadith as proof.

Further, it is also important to note that music and singing are essentially two different things, not mutually exlusive but certainly not dependent of each other. In other words, one does not have to have music to sing, but at the same time they are both musical matters.

In regards to the question itself, the matter can be broken down into the following categories of assessment, each holding its own ruling and differences of opinion.

We will start from those matters unanimously agreed upon to be prohibited.

1. The kinds of singing which are unequivocally prohibited are those which contain the celebration of the material world and includes sexual connotation and that which is also inappropriate in speaking, e.g., swearing, sexually expletive language, and the like. In Fiqh this is usually referred to as Tarab. Almost all Hollywood (and Bollywood…) songs will fit in here.

2. The kinds of singing which are also unequivocally prohibited, are those that remove a person away from the worship and appropriate presence with Allah, e.g., leading a person to be involved with cross-gender mixing, lazing around (rather than taking a short break to relax from exhaustion. In such cases, as we will see below, there is permission to listen to musical matters that glorify Allah and praise the Prophet), ignoring one’s rights and responsibilities, and the like.

3. Those kinds of singing which are unequivocally permitted are those which glorify Allah and praise the Prophet. Much can be said about this, but it will be a whole book! So in summary, this is usually taken to be permissible as a respite rather than the norm of “iPod in the ear 24/7”. It is also permissible to have such appropriate singing of happiness (rather than directly about Allah and His Messenger) that soothe the heart in a Halal manner for festivals and weddings. These kinds of singing are usually referred to as inshad and sama’.

4. Those kinds of singing which are general, and are neither prohibited nor specifically about goodness and happiness (but may be e.g., about politics or environment, etc), the majority of Scholars hold that it is permissible only in its context rather than a habit to listen and enjoy. If it is habituated and leads an individual to ignore their rights and responsibilities, then it is not permitted. Almost all Hollywood and Bollywood songs fit in here.

Now to music:

1. The kind of music referred to as malahi are abhorred and prohibited. This kind of music is simply for entertainment for dance, frivolous enjoyment and the like.

2. Those kinds of music from the duff and similar drums (under the category of ma’azif) are unequivocally permissible. Of course, the songs attached to it must be permissible as outlined above. Further the use of the drums are unequivocally permissible for festivals and weddings and joyous times.

3. The critical difference of opinion is regarding different kinds of musical instruments; it is incorrect to suggest that all musical instruments are held to be prohibited in Islam. The fact is that the major prohibition of music is because at the time of the Prophet, they very often were used in the context of malahi – (1) above, hence easily claimed that it is prohibited in all circumstances. But this is not the case. As such (and the same for singing with or without music):

i) If the music is part of glorifying Allah and His Messenger, this is held to be permissible by the majority of Scholars;

ii) If the music is for entertainment and pastime, it is prohibited;

iii) If the music is for soothing and serenity of the mind which helps one to remember Allah, as long as it does not remove one from obeying Allah or one’s rights and responsibilities, there is a significant difference of opinion, and is best to minimise such involvement if not avoided. If you saw someone listening to such a musical matter, do not place judgment on them nor force your opinion on others regarding this category.

In conclusion, avoid all singing, music, gatherings of entertainment, except for gatherings of melodious remembrance of Allah and His Messenger. And, be cautious if singing and music which are of spiritually happiness (not material) and also leads one to remember Allah and only listen sparingly if one could not avoid it at all.

Insha Allah that gives you a practical set of guidelines and the scope of permissibility as well as definite prohibitions and as such help you to live your life better in the presence of Allah Ta’ala.

I would like to direct attention to Ahadīth which inform us that very few in the End Times would be rightly-guided: e.g., one sect in 73 would enter into heaven; 1 in 1000 would enter into heaven while all of the rest would enter into the hell-fire.

We need to find the measuring rod (Furqān) with which to be able to measure faith in the End Times in order to distinguish (to the extent that we have the capacity to do so) the Ahl al-Jannah from the rest. That measuring rod must perforce be located in a context that belongs to the Signs of the Last Day.
Among the most momentous of Signs of the Last Day are those which relate to Dajjāl the false Messiah, Gog and Magog and the return of Jesus (‘alaihi al-Salām). The very heart of these Signs is located in the Holy Land. (See my book entitled Jerusalem in the Qur’an).

The Holy Land (in particular) would witness in the End Times such oppression that a man would pass by a grave and roll on the grave and say “I wish I were in the grave rather than the dead man!” That oppression has already arrived in the Holy Land. The End Times are already here.

To locate the rightly-guide Jama’ah (Sufi or otherwise) and the rightly guided Shaikh/Ameer/Imām, we must use the measuring rod which measures the response to that oppression.

  • Those who respond with their hands to put an end to that oppression, would belong to the first and best category.
  • Those who respond with their tongues (pen etc) would belong to the second-best category. [It is impossible for anyone belonging to the first or second category to reside in the lands of the oppressors and to survive. See my essay entitled Obama’s Afghan Surge Pakistan’s Moment of Truth and Death of the US Dollar].
  • Those who respond with their hearts alone would be the people with the weakest faith of all.
  • Those who are blind to events unfolding in the Holy Land and do not respond in any way at all, are a people with a status equivalent to cattle (even if one million of them were to assemble in downtown Chicago to hold an Ijtima’ah).
  • Those individuals or client States who support the oppressors (i.e., the Anglo-American-Indo-Israeli alliance that is now ruling the world and waging war on Islam and Muslims) by waging war on their behalf in Somalia, Yemen, North West Pakistan etc., or who send their sons to fight with the oppressors in Iraq and Afghanistan, would be a people who would have essentially left Islam and who now belong to the Jama’ah of the oppressors.