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Hello and may Peace be upon you! Here is the link towards a website which offers to find the Qur’an, the aHadiths, the Bible, the interpretation of dreams, the prophetic medicine and the names of God. This website will allow all users to do easy, quick and precise researches. As every piece of work, this project implies a sacrifice of time and means… It requires the work of four persons, including tree converts women, working full time, to create Islam Complet. Today, they still have a lot of work including thousands of texts to re-transcribe. If you judge that this daily work deserves support, may The Creator reward the ones who give and participate as if they were themselves the authors of the project. May every transmitted letter, every acquired science, be beneficial and written as charity for himself and his family. Peace on you.


Assalaamu ‘alaikum

Hamdoulilah wa ChoukrouLilah ala kouli hall, presque tous nos livres en français sont imprimés et près à la vente dans ma nouvelle maison d’édition en France “LALIS EDITIONS”.

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In consequence of a mysterious decision taken by Mustafa Kamal’s secular Republic of Turkey to not only change the city’s name, but to also take steps that eventually ensured that the name, Constantinople, would no longer be used, this writer had to retrieve the name “Constantinople” from the museums of history in order for this book to be written. Why did the secular Turkish leader change the name of the city? Why did the name “Constantinople” have to suffer that mysterious fate? This book brings clarity to that subject.
This writer is convinced that the mysterious disappearance of the name “Constantinople” from the modern-day vocabulary and discourse is directly linked to the status and role of the city in both Islamic and Christian eschatology.

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