So long as the present pro-American, and hence pro-Israeli, political and military leaders continue to control power in Pakistan, they will ensure the eventual destruction of Pakistan. It is only a matter of time. Indeed there is not much time left.

Allah will not intervene to change the condition of a people until they the people take the initiative to change their own condition. The Muslims of Pakistan can begin that process of change by waging a struggle similar to the struggle waged against the regime of the Shah of Iran, in order to forever banish their present pro-American, and hence pro-Israeli, political and military leaders.

I consider the Shia to be Muslims – not Kuffar. There are many other Muslims in the world today with wrong beliefs. I spend quite some time in attempting to correct those wrong beliefs, but I always do so in a context of correcting members of my family.

The only time I use my pen as a sword is when Muslims join the enemies, or support the enemies of Islam.

I do not know how to assist since I do not know what is an ‘Alim class. In the entire history of Islam we have never had such a thing as an Alim class. You should seek help from those who know what is an Alim class.

A khasf (mentioned in the Hadith of major Signs of the Last Day) is an earthquake in which there is a sinking of the earth. I am not aware of any sinking that occurred in the Haiti earthquake.

No one should ever be prohibited from using this name. Anyone and all of mankind must have the freedom to call upon Allah by His name. However in territory controlled by Muslims, and in which Allah’s law is supreme, no one must be allowed to so misuse Allah’s name as to commit Shirk.