“At the very end of the Qur’an Allah warns us about

… ‘Allazee Yuwaswisu Fee Sooduri-nnas. Min-alJinnati Wannas.’
(Who whispers into the hearts of men. From among the Jinn and the men)

It is inspiring or puting thoughts and ideas into the heart and as a consequence these people believe that these are their own thoughts.
He (Dajjal) does this (communicates to his followers) through Shayatin. Shayatin is plural of Shaitan (Satan).
Prophet (SA) said that the Shayatin are going to be raised with Dajjal. This Hadith is in Kanzul Ummal. And these Shayatin are going to do something very interesting. They are going to take forms of human beings who died….
From this Hadith we know the link with Dajjal and Shayatin.”

Transcribed and posted by brother Deenuzzaman Choudry

Will the Khilafah be restored before Imam Mahdi emerges? Will he be a Sunni or a Shia? Is he already born?

“There is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim that a Khalifah will die. And there will be disagreement concerning succession. Then a man will emerge out of Madina. He will hurry to Makkah. And the people of Makkah will come out to him and urge him and try to force him to accept the Bai’aa.
Now we have a problem here. We haven’t heard that word (Bai’aa) for years and years. The word ‘Bai’aa’ is put into a place, something called ‘Cold Storage’.
What is this Bai’aa?
It is the pledge of allegiance which legitimizes the role of the Khalifah. That is Bai’aa. And it is an institution that is located in the Qur’an and in the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad (SA). When he (Imam Al-Mahdi) accepts the Bai’aa; at that time he will confirm and proclaim himself to be Imam Al-Mahdi.

Now then, I made this comment, and I did not make this comment in any disrespectful way, I was merely speaking facts. And if Imran is not allowed to speak facts, what should he talk about?

I said that Makkah has never been a Shia city, is that true or is that false?
I never said that there are no Shia in Saudi Arabia. Please have some respect for your own intellect; and don’t quote people wrongly.

There is nothing to suggest to us, that the situation will change in the future, and that Makkah will transform itself and become a Shia city. There is no evidence to suggest that. Therefore we ask; how can a people of Makkah who are not Shia, how can they go out and pledge allegiance to a Shia?
If you have an answer, I will be happy to get the answer. You can send me an email. …This is a reasoned discourse being presented tonight.
And so I conclude that the Imam cannot be Shia. This is my conclusion.

Now then, the argument is raised that because the Prophet (SA) used the word ‘Khalifah’, that a Kahlifah will die, the implication is that the Khilafah will be restored before the advent of Imam Al-Mahdi. But have you forgotten that Hadith?
“How will you be (at that time) when the son of Mary descends amongst you and your Imām will (at that time) be from your own ranks).”
(Sahīh Bukhāri)

Why should the Prophet (SA) say to us that this Imam would be from your own ranks; when we already have the Khilafah, It has already been restored, and our Imams are already from our own ranks? Why would he say that?

My understanding is that, the Hadith is clear. Prior to the advent of Imam Al-Mahdi. it is not possible to restore the Khilafah (our rulers will not be from our own ranks). And therefore when the word ‘Khalifah’ is used (in the Hadith a Khalifah will die) Prophet (SA) is referring to a Muslim Ruler.
Who could it be? The answer is clear. It has to be a Saudi King. Because there are too many princes out there waiting, struggling, fighting o take over. And there is already sufficient evidence of internal conflicts and rivalries in the big Saudi clan. So a Saudi King will die. When that Saudi King dies and there is disagreement concerning succession; it is at that time that Allah will send the Imam (Al-Mahdi).”

It will be a universal political and economic dictatorship in which survival and the good life would require submission to Israel.

I have found nothing in the Qur’an nor in the Ahadith which gives support to that hadith concerning the hundred years cycle of the Mujaddid. Hence I have chosen to make no comment concerning it.

1. No one should accept any opinion that I give unless and until they are convinced that it is correct.

2. “A Khalifa will die and there will be arguments concerning succession”.

My opinion is that the khalifa who would die would be a *King* of Saudi Arabia.

3. No Muslim would ever recognize the present Saudi Kingdom as Khilafah in the Islamic sense.

4. Therefore I understand the term Khilafa in the hadith to refer – not to the authentic Khilafah (‘ala minhaj al-Nabuwwah) – but rather to a ruler. And Allah Knows best.

Transcribed and posted by brother Deenuzzaman Choudry

Dajjal was specially created by Allah Most High as an EVIL being. No human being and no Jinn was ever created as an evil being.
However Dajjal will one day appear in this world as a human being.

When Dajjal appears *in human form in our world of space and time* he would not be allowed to enter Makkah and Madina.Other than that there is no prohibition on his entry into any town or city anywhere in the world – including Makkah and Madina.

This subject was explained in my books as welll as in answers to questions which are on my website.

Question: it is mentioned in a Hadith When The Sun Rises From The West, The Door of Tauba Will No Longer Be Open. How Would You Interpret This Hadith Having Stated That The Sun Has Already Risen from The West?

“…I’m getting lots of emails, from people who are presenting so much sophisticated argument concerning Polar Magnetism and providing evidence that one day the earth is going to stop spinning in the direction it is now spinning and its going to spin in the opposite direction.
I am not stopping you from having that view. It is your choice. It is just that, I differ with you. Am I not allowed to differ?

…My primary source of guidance is the Qur’an. And so it is the Qur’an you have to turn to if you want to convince me.

The Qur’an informs me the sun rises from the east.
And the Qur’an further tells us
“La Tabinali Khalqillah” (There is no change in Allah’s creation).
So a literal understanding of this Hadith would be in conflict with the Qur’an; this is my opinion.

What about (the closing of the door of) Tauba?
I said that the sun is already rising from the west.
The Hadith is speaking about a False sunrise.
The true sunrise from the east is Allah’s sunrise. And the False sunrise from the west is Dajjal’s sunrise….
I said Dajjal’s sunrise from the west is modern western civilisation. Modern Western Civilisation shines like a sunrise that there has never been in history.
It is absoloutely unique that there has never been anything in history comparable to Modern Western Civilisatior (i.e. science, technology, democracy, secularism, feminism e.t.c.)… And it constitutes a false sunrise. And that this is the fulfilment of the prophecy of the 10 signs of the last day.

The door of tauba will be closed; this is a more difficult one.
My view; (and I can be wrong) is that Allah’s Messanger (SA) is not talking about for all of mankind.
In Akhir Az-zaman one people stand out and they are Bani Israel. And they have consistently said, they will not appear before Allah on judgment day singly.
…They say we are the chosen people. So we are going to be judged as a people not as individual Jews. And as a people we will get salvation and as a people we will all enter Jannah.
So (this Hadith indicates) as a people the door of tauba is now closed for you. Tauba is now available only for individuals; not for the community.
And Allah knows best.”

“…There is a tendency to use the word ‘Ghazwa’ for a war which will take place in Akhir Az-zaman against Hind. Hind is that entire area which today comprises India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. And there are Hadith… I am not in a position to assess the authenticity of these ahadith, that a Muslim army will conquer Hind.
A Muslim army fighting in Akhir Az-zaman will have to be an army of ‘Mujahideen’. I don’t know, and perhaps you can correct me and help me, are there any armed forces in the world today including Pakistani armed forces who have ever described themselves or will ever describe themselves as Mujahideen?
Do please correct me and do please send me the evidence; that the head of the armed forces of Pakistan ever described his soldiers as Mujahideen engaged in Jihaad. I don’t think armed forces of secular nation states use that kind of a language. ”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.

Let me first clarify that unless convinced of its validity, no one should accept my opinion on this subject. This is the standard I set for myself, and it is the standard that I commend to others.

1. The Hadith in Sahih Muslim narrated by Fatima bint Qais on the subject of Tamim al-Dari indicated that he and is companions saw Dajjal in the form of a human being who was in chains:

“…..Then we hurriedly went on till we came to that monastery and found a well-built person there with his hands tied to his neck and having iron shackles between his two legs up to the ankles…….”

[It should be matter for methodological reflection that this description of Dajjal’s physical person makes no mention of him being blind in one eye.]

2. My understanding is that if Dajjal was in chains then the implication would be that he had not as yet been released by Allah Most High. Hence he would not as yet have traversed a day like a year, or a day like a month, or a day like a week, etc. mentioned in the Hadith in Sahih Muslim narrated by An-Nawwas b. Sam’an:

“……….We said: Allah’s Messenger, how long would he stay on the earth? He said.. For forty days, one day like a year and one day like a month and one day like a week and the rest of the days would be like your days……….”

The Hadith narrated by Fatima bint Qais confirmed such when Dajjal declared that he would soon be released:

“……..I am going to tell you about. myself and I am Dajjal and would be soon permitted to get out………”

3. My opinion is that we human beings cannot actually see Dajjal in the form of a human being (in contrast to seeing him in a dream or vision) unless and until his day is like our day, hence when he is in our world of space and time.

4. In order for Dajjal to be seen in a day which is like our day he would first have to be released, then he would have to live that period of his life in which a day would be like a year, then the period in which a day would be like a month, and then the period in which a day would be like a week.

4. It is therefore clear to me that it is not possible for Dajjal to been seen as a human being while yet in chains.

5. Since the Hadith declared that Dajjal was seen as a human being while yet in chains I have interpreted the event to have occurred as a vision. And Allah Knows best!

I trust that you will not be annoyed with me, or think ill of me, if I kindly request that no more emails be sent to me on this subject until, Insha Allah, I have completed writing my book on the subject.

with love,

Imran N. Hosein