If We Can Fast For Allah, Why Can’t We Live For Allah?

“When I fast, I fast for you (Allah). I give up food for your sake. I give up drink for your sake.
So Allah sends a message to him. Every day you’re fasting, that message comes to your… heart.
He (Allah) says so,
‘Qul, Innassalati Wanusuki, Wamahya ya Wa mamati, lillahir Rabbil ‘Alamin’
‘Say: Verily my prayer, and my service of sacrifice, my very living and my dying, all is for you’.

But not for the fella in Brooklyn. The fella in Brooklyn says, ‘Lord, everything for you but not my Green Card., you see that US citizenship, I need that passport.’

If anything in this world is dearer to you than Allah, then you are worshipping that, not Allah.

They are going to say I’m a terrorist now. Because anyone who lives for Allah, are prepared to die for Allah.
If a man is prepared to die for Allah, you can never defeat him. You can kill him. You can send him to Guantanmo. You can silence him. You can throw him out of your country. You can do what you want with him, but you can not defeat him. Because someone who is prepared to die for Allah is prepared to die for the truth. And the truth can not be defeated. That’s power. No nuclear weapon in the world can destroy that power. ”

Assalaamu ‘alaikum!

My immediate spiritual and intellectual lineages do not follow the traditional Sufi silsila. Rather they are inseparably woven together and go back from Maulana Ansari to Dr Muhammad Iqbal to Maulana Jalaludin Rumi. Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui was the spiritual mentor of my teacher – but he has not played any significant direct role in my intellectual or spiritual life. I am, of course, poorer because of this.

with love,
Imran N Hosein.


wa ‘alaikum assalaam,

‘The test of the pudding is in the eating’ – is an expression that accurately sums up the subject of Sufism. It is remarkable that none of the Sufi orders, to the best of my knowledge, have been able to recognize paper currencies to be a hoax, bogus, fraudulent and Haram. The pursuit of Islamic spirituality does not require joining a Sufi order. Such a thing might assist but is not a requirement for the pursuit of Islamic spirituality.

I am not a Sufi Shaikh. I am not a Murshid in a Sufi Order. I no longer belong to any Sufi Order. My association with Sufism does not entail any belief or any religious practice that is not firmly founded on the Qur’an and Sunnah.

We are all shepherds, and we will all be questioned about our sheep. In this sense I am a shepherd.

with love,

Until such time as the Khilafah is restored, Baiyah should be local i.e., with an Ameer and in a Jama’ah that is physically present.

My choice is to mark the occasion in intense individual solitary private spiritual devotion rather than collective public celebration. I suggest that my students do the same.