Question 1: Are you Sunni? Yes (in the sense that I am not Shia). This has NEVER been a secret !!!!.

Question 2: Are you Hanafi? Yes.  This also has never been a secret!!!

I will not be answering any more questions [ w.r.t this topic ]. I prefer to identify myself as simply a Muslim. And if that is not good enough for anyone then such a person can seek guidance from others and just leave me alone.


Salam maulana

I want to ask about the wahaabi sect. I belong to sunni sect (in documents but consider myself muslim only) met some friends who belong to wahaabi sect(although they call themselves nothings but muslims) i found that they follow quran, sunnah which is verified in books of hadiths…should i follow them? bcz we sunni reject certain things claiming that hadiths in bukhari and other books are weak on no grounds…please guide as my parents brought me up simply and the knowledge of these sects came to me from surroundings as i grew older…i am worried only because what these wahabis/ahl e hadiths says about bida’h i found it right e-g rituals related to dead,eid milad un nabi,etc etc…..and if you say that i should not follow any sect and just be same like as prophet Muhammad and sahabas were then from which source i should extract sunnah(no question rises about authenticity of quran)…..i am strongly strongly convinced that these wahabis follow a bit better path than ALL other sects but i am also confused by your booklet THE CALIPHATE THE HEJAZ AND THE SAUDI-WAHHABI NATION-STATE and think that like shia may be these are also misguided…..please guide me may allah bless you here and here after.


wa ‘alaikum assalaam!

Although Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) was rightly-guided there are many Muslims today who are misguided. When anyone criticizes and condemns such misguided Muslims such does not reflect as criticism of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam).

I have never commented in my writings (such as in my book entitled ‘The Caliohate The Hajaz and the Saudi-Wahhabi Nation-State’ and in my lectures on whether or not I consider Muammad Abd al-Wahhab to have been misguided. And I do not intend to do so now!

with love,

Imran N. Hosein

I have long held the view that the authentic armed Islamic resistance that is resisting occupation and brutal oppression in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in that region constitute the emerging army from Khorasan that will eventually liberate the Holy Land. They are the Abdal who will give the Bai’ah to Imam al-Mahdi in Makkah.

I do not wish to identify any party or group within that armed Islamic resistance – hence I no longer use the word Taliban.

Jizyah exists in the Qur’an. What the Hadith clearly implies is that Jizyah in Qur’an will be cancelled or abrogated at that time when ‘Isa (‘alaihi al-Salaam) returns. The question which must be addressed is whether anything within the Qur’an can ever be sunjected to Naskh.

Saudi disinterest in restoring the Khilafah has nothing to do with the state of the Ummah and the Iman of Muslims.

Those who control power in Saudi Arabia know very well that their Zionist masters whom they serve will not allow them to do such a thing until and unless it serves their Zionist interests.

“In these countries you have governments which have sent their armed forces to Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. And these armed forces are waging unjust war… War with no law of ethics….
War in which you kill women, and kill children, destroy homes… and you don’t care at all about it. You call that collateral damage.
Islam has a higher standard of Morality than that. Islam has something far superior to offer to mankind.

So out of respect of the blood of my people; out of respect for those who are fighting you so courageously sometimes with only stones in their hands, out of respect for them and in solidarity with them I choose not to put my foot in your territory.

I do not do so with arrogance, I do so with profound sadness.”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.



I have stopped visiting USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and other such places for the same reason that the Hijrah took place, i.e., fleeing for safety from those who are waging unjust war on those (Muslims) who steadfastly uphold the truth and will not bend and subserve a system of falsehood and oppression.

“I want to direct attention to one book of his entitled ‘Imam Al-Mahdi & The End Times’. And when I read that book I was profoundly disturbed. Because he expressed views in that book which appears to me views that could also come from the Israeli Mossad.
When Isa (A) returns, the Qur’an tells us the Jews & Christians (The Ahlul Kitab) would have to believe in him.
According to Harun Yahya, there is an end of history, in which Jews, Christians and Muslims will all believe in Nabi Isa (A) and as a consequence will become a fraternity, a brotherhood, all living together with fraternal feelings for each other. And he continues to argue; ‘if that is what is going to happen at that time, then should we not reach out to Jews & Christians to build that fraternity now?’

…This is not what Prophet (SA) told us. And this is not the proper interpretation of the Qur’an. This is False. This is deceptive.”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.

“The first step in responding to that is that, you and I must stay away from everything related to sectarian movement. Do not be a member of any sectarian movement. It is only when you stand outside of the sectarian divide, only then you have credentials to address it. After you have declared that, I am not this and I am not that, I am a Muslim, now you have to work to bring the Sufi and the Salafi together. Is it possible? yes it is….

The way to unity is to begin with the Masjid… And in the Masjid we strive and struggle to ensure; only that is permitted in the house of Allah, which is based on the Qur’an and on the universally accepted Sunnah. Whether you are a Sufi or a Salafi, or Shia or Sunni, or this or that or the other, when you come to this Masjid and you accept the Qur’an and the Sunnah, then everybody will worship together in unity. This is my formula for uniting the people…

(For example) if I want to celebrate Miladunnabi The birth anniversary of Prophet (SA), that’s not in the Qur’an or Sunnah, but large number of Muslims do it. And they have been doing it for long long years, I think boxing gloves (making critical remarks on their beliefs) will be more damaging (for the unity of the Ummah) than beneficial. So if you want to wage war (against them) you go and do it, I’m not going to do it. I would say if you want to celebrate Miladunnabi, do it in the private, don’t bring it in the public, that’s all….”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.


Wa ‘alaikum assalaam!

I do not discuss sectarian issues. I firmly oppose sectarianism.  I am not Brelvi – never was and never will be. I am not Deobandi – never was and never will be. I am not wahhabi – never was and never will be.

However, my teacher who taught me was a Sufi Shaikh and I honor and love and respect him as well as all authentic Sufi Shuyukh.

My teacher was never Brelvi, never Deobandi,etc

Those who are in any way uncomfortable with me are free to turn to others for knowledge and guidance.

No more questions on this subject please!!!

Imran N. Hosein

“…You want to be my student; this is what you have to do.
You have to take a decision; I’m devoting this life that Allah has given to me. So others will work and buy their Mercedez Benz motor car, and they are going to have lovely homes… and you will not have that. You will have a little house, and you might be renting all your life. But the sacrifice that you make of the Duniya, is what is required in order to persue knowledge, and to emerge tomorrow as a scholar of Islam who will preach the Deen….
You can begin by reading my books and listening to my lectures. Many of the things I now teach you, I did not have anyone to teach me…”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.

“What is The Khilafah? Khilafah is state and government in Islam.
What is Islam? The definition of Islam is submission to Allah.
What is submission to Allah? Submission to Allah is; submission to Allah as Al Malik.
In some translations in English, you will find meaning of Malik is King, but in regards to political terminology, meaning of Al Malik is Sovereign. Lahul Mulk, Sovereignty belongs to Allah. So to admit to Allah in Islam is to submit Allah as sovereign. To submit to anyone else as sovereign, to declare anyone else has sovereignty is to say goodbye to Allah.

To submit to Allah is, to submit to Allah as Al-Akbar. And He reminds you that He is Al-Akbar, because every time you perform Salah you cannot move in Salah without (saying) Allahu Akbar. Al-Akbar is someone who has supreme authority.
And so the Khilafah is a state and government which submits to Allah’s authority as supreme. For a Muslim to submit to anyone else as supreme is to say goodbye to Allahu Akbar.

Islam is to submit to Allah as Al Hakam. Al Hakam is the Law Giver; who not only gives the law, but His law is the Supreme law. And when He makes something Haram, it must be enforced as Haram. And when he makes something Halal, it must be enforced as Halal.

So anyone who submits any law other than Allah’s law as the supreme law has said goodbye to Allah SWT as Al Hakam. In the political terminology of Islam this is called SHIRK.”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.