The Qur’an firmly prohibits Muslim friendship and alliance with a Jewish-Christian alliance. Yet around the world of Islam today most governments violate that divine prohibition. They, their supporters and followers, pay a price for such conduct. They lose their Islam and become, instead, part of the Euro-Jewish/Euro-Christian alliance that is waging war on Islam. It is the first such alliance ever to have emerged in history, and it wages that war on behalf of the Euro-Jewish State of Israel. Both the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him) have provided information that makes it possible for us to locate Gog and Magog within the ranks of those two actors, i.e., Euro-Christians and Euro-Jews, who wage that war on Islam.

Suriname’s Shaikh Ali Mustafa and I climbed a hill in Morvant (in my native Caribbean island of Trinidad) to the top where a Christian Church was located, and we then sat down to catch our breath (mine more than his) and to eventually participate in what we expected to be a friendly Christian-Muslim exchange of views.

The false and vicious attack on the Qur’an and on the person of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), to which we were subjected, was hardly friendly. It was indeed shocking and manifestly sinful. However, we quickly located the source of that distinctly un-Christian behaviour in the ‘war on Islam’ that the Gog and Magog ruling alliance was waging around the world. We also understood the motive for that strange behavior in their frantic need to contain the spread of Islam among the poor in the hills of Laventille and Morvant.  (more…)

A strange ‘obsession’ with Islam explains the Euro-world order’s relentless war on Islam and the ‘biting’ questions that continue to be posed concerning the continuing failure to establish constitutional democracy in the Muslim world.
We believe that an explanation of that strange ‘obsession’ is located in Islam’s view of the End of History, and, in particular, in the prophecies in both the Bible and the Qur’an concerning Gog and Magog.

We respond to the questions, however, by reminding critics that modern political democracy originated in modern secular western civilization, and required the adoption of political secularism as the basis for the establishment of polity and State.
Political secularism, however, like all other applications of secularism, denied religion any significant role in the public order. This, in turn, facilitated the decline of religion and of absolute moral values, and, around the world, has led to the emergence of ever-changing secular values and, eventually, to an essentially godless way of life.

Let us recall that when the British colonized countries such as India they found Muslims with a political culture derived basically from Islam. (more…)

She was as beautiful as a Princess from Sudan, this Muslim girl of African origin from Deigo Martin who was married at the San Fernando Jama Masjid last Friday to the distinguished Afro-Surinamese Islamic scholar and my beloved brother, Shaikh Ali Mustafa Seinpaal. In fact she had an African name which meant ‘queen”.

Her father had passed away, and so she asked me to function in his place and to give her away in marriage. I thus became her Wakeel. She was the only Muslim in her family, but her family members were present for the wedding. Her mother informed me with a warm smile that she had come from Grenada, and, typical of Grenadian people, she and all her family were so friendly to us Muslims.  They could not, and would not, be part of the wicked ‘war on Islam’ now raging around the world.

The Princess had become a Muslim because of the impact of Maulana Siddiq Nasir’s lectures that were broadcast on radio. She listened to his words and they touched her heart, and she came all by herself into Islam. Last year she became my student and I was amazed at her sincere dedication to the pursuit of knowledge. I must confess that it was I who first spoke to the Shaikh a few months ago about her.  (more…)

‘Jesus in the Qur’an’ is someone in whose birth, life, and departure from this world, ‘appearance’ and ‘reality’ constantly and amazingly differed from each other. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him, and upon all other prophets) described his eventual return as one in which ‘appearance’ and ‘reality’ would again amazingly differ.

And since his return would mark the end of history, the implication is that only those with religious insight can penetrate the ‘reality’ of the world today, its looming political and economic slavery, globalization, etc., – as we now approach that dramatic end. The event of his birth ‘appeared’ to involve Mary’s wrongdoing, and those who based judgment solely on external observation (i.e., modern western epistemology) were so convinced, and hence slandered her. The internally blind always misjudge people.

The ‘reality’ was that an innocent virgin had miraculously given birth to a baby-boy. Internal intuitive spiritual insight (i.e., seeing with the inner eye) should have forced the people to probe deeper into the matter before rushing to judgment. (more…)