The French have a proverb: ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose’, i.e. the more it (appears to) change – the more it is (in fact) the same thing.

Muslims are being slaughtered in Afghanistan, North-West Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere, and we anticipate more of the same “from the river of Egypt to the great River Euphrates’ as well as in Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran and elsewhere. Yet many still do not recognize the falsehood of the claim that all the intimidation, bloodshed and mass slaughter is being perpetrated in the name of establishing democracy. In fact the substance of the Judeo-Christian European alliance which drives the current barbaric Anglo-American-Israeli world-order does not appear to have changed in the last 150 years. Consider the following words of Chief See-at-hl, delivered in a speech directed at the President of America in 1855. This same address could have been delivered by Malcolm X 100 years later in 1955. And if we had the eloquence of those two men we could speak the same words today, 150 years later, in a world now ruled by the same white slave-master who now hides behind a deceptively innocent black face.

Imran N. Hosein

I would like to acknowledge a dear student of mine, Siti Rabeah Abdul Malek (Umm Ridwan), who very kindly directed my attention to this great speech.


“The Great Chief in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land. The Great Chief also sends us words of friendship and good will. This is kind of him since we know he has little need of our friendship in return. But we will consider your offer for we know that if we do not do so, the white man may come with guns and take our land. What Chief See-at-hl says, the Great Chief in Washington can count on, as truly as our white brothers can count on the return of the seasons. (more…)

If Mumbai’s recent spectacular act of false-flag terrorism does not quite create opportunity for an Indo-US attack on Pakistan, another such act of provocation that could function as causus bellum will have to be cooked-up in order to justify a destruction of that Muslim country’s nuclear plants and its elimination from the nuclear club. That Sunni Pakistan will be so attacked is certain, but that Shia Iran will also be attacked is not quite certain.

The first implication of such an attack on Pakistan would be confirmation that the ruling alliance in the world today is Anglo-American-Indo-Israeli. The Saudi-Wahhabi State, and other such clients of the alliance, function as mere pawns on their chessboard. The ultimate agenda, pursued by that alliance for the longest while, was explained in my book entitled ‘Jerusalem in the Qur’an’ (available for free download on my website It was published 6 years ago in 2002 and as yet the explanation of that ultimate agenda has not been refuted. The alliance seeks to impose its absolute rule over the whole world in such wise that a Pax Britanica, and subsequent Pax Americana, would make way for an ultimate Pax Judaica. Hence there is a critically important religious dimension to this subject that will forever remain beyond the reach of stubbornly secular scholarship.

Secondly, the Russians are not fools. They know about false-flag terrorism that functions as a means through which a State can pursue strategic goals. They have dabbled in it themselves while dealing, for example, with Muslim rebellion in Chechnya. The Russians would certainly react to an attack on Pakistan by confirming their recognition of the ruling alliance’s most strategic goal of absolute rule over the whole world – including Russia! Hence the NATO nuclear encirclement of Russia would be understood for what it really is – i.e., part of the plan for Russia to suffer the same fate as Pakistan.  (more…)

This Essay was written in late 2008 and is of importance to understanding events which are now occuring.

The financial/monetary summit which is now being arranged is certainly linked to Dajjal’s phase three.

It is through a study of events which led to the passage from Dajjal’s phase one to phase two that we can anticipate and recognize events now unfolding, and soon to unfold in the historical process, which would indicate the passage to phase three.

We have long anticipated that the creation of a new international monetary system to replace the tottering Bretton Woods Accord would be precisely such a sign.  (more…)

I slept through the night without any consciousness that it was old year’s night, and I went to the Masjid here in Cape Town this morning for Salaat, came back home and made me a nice cup of coffee, and then went back to work on this Bhutto essay without any consciousness that Pope Gregory’s New Year had dawned. That represents startling evidence of the anti-systemic character of my being and consciousness.

The Anglo-American-Israeli triple alliance which now rules the world from London, Washington and Jerusalem, and which wages unjust war on Islam and Muslims on behalf of the Euro-Jewish State of Israel, has lost in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto one who proclaimed herself to be their dearest friend and supporter. She walked the extra mile, and talked even more than that, to convince them that she was a sincere friend and ally. She did so because she understood perfectly well that Pakistan, like Saudi Arabia, was different from most other countries in the world in the sense that the ruling Jewish-Christian alliance that had created the world-order would never tolerate the survival of any regime in either country unless it was subservient to them. While this was also true of nearly all of the rest of the world of Islam, it was emphatically so in respect of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Even so, I believe that they suspected Benazir’s sincerity, and that they must be quietly relieved that she is no more. After all, they knew what they did to her father, and she knew it as well; and the possibility existed that there must have burned in a daughter’s heart a deeply held desire to avenge the gruesome and humiliating assassination/hanging death of a father she adored.

It would be rash for anyone to dismiss the possibility that the events we now recall were in some way related to her assassination. Indeed a summary dismissal of our arguments will raise more questions, rather than resolve the problems posed by the essay.  (more…)

Trinidad and Tobago’s highest national award was designated the ‘Trinity Cross’. This essay was published in 2004 in a full-page of a local newspaper, and it provoked a major Hindu organization to join hands with a Muslim body to take the matter to court. The judge ruled that the national award was discriminatory. The government which had procrastinated on the issue for almost 40 years, was forced to respond and change the award.

Some declare, with their heads buried ‘ostrich-like’ in the sand, that there is no ‘Trinity Cross’ problem facing this country, or that it is a ‘non-issue’. Others recognise the problem but choose to do nothing about it, or to peddle disinformation and scurry around inventing flimsy and irrelevant defences for an unjust and, hence, indefensible status quo. We are saddened by this, but not surprised.

While we understand their predicament and sincerely sympathise with them in their difficulties, we are quite frankly disappointed and distressed by the lack of leadership qualities in the successive governments of this country who have found difficulties involved in the ‘Trinity Cross’ problem to be insurmountable. We are distressed because it poses grave danger for us all. In these dangerous changing times real leaders must have the courage and integrity to uphold ‘justice’ and what is right (amr bil ma’aruf), while opposing ‘injustice’ and what is wrong (nahi ‘anil munkar), regardless of the political or any other price they may have to pay! There are other vastly more urgent and dangerous problems facing this beleaguered country, and real leadership is indispensable if they are ever to be resolved. (more…)

How should we, Indian Muslims in the Caribbean, commemorate the event of our arrival in the Caribbean almost 200 years ago? If we do not ourselves respond at this time to this subject in a manner consistent with our faith in Allah Most High, and with our mission as Muslims in the world, then our great grandmother’s tears would be shamelessly exploited by those who pursue a sinister agenda on behalf of the slave-master who brought us from distant India to these shores, and who still rules the world.

It was in the quaint town of Ladysmith in South Africa that I met Dr. Adam two years ago. I had just delivered a lecture on Islam in which I lamented that my audience was almost exclusively Indian, despite the fact that they were Muslims and they had ‘arrived’ in black South Africa from their native India generations ago. I mentioned that I had the same depressing experience when I entered the Masjid in Bridgetown in the Caribbean island of Barbados and felt as if I was in downtown Bombay. And even in my own native Trinidad there were so-called Islamic organizations that were not only almost exclusively Indian, but also went out of their way to preserve and promote their ‘Indian’ identity. One of them even banned this writer from lecturing on Islam, and declared that he was “a great security risk”. Now it is only proper that we should lovingly recall the great sufferings and trials experienced by those who came before us, and whose blood, sweat and tears are soaked in the ground on which we now live far more comfortably than they ever did. It is only proper that we should honor our indentured Indian ancestors and seek to preserve their memory. But it is quite another thing that we should remain imprisoned in a time-capsule and fail to respond dynamically to an ever changing environment.

And so I told my Ladysmith audience that I found it strange that every Indian Muslim home I visited in South Africa, and I have traveled extensively in that country, had several black women employed as domestic servants. I wondered aloud what it must be like in white homes. As a visiting Islamic scholar who enjoyed some prominence in the South African Muslim community I took some liberties such as initiating conversation with the black women servants. And so I would ask, “What is your name?” to which she would answer, “Elizabeth.” “No! No! I want your black African name, not your colonial European name.” (more…)

The demand for ‘hanging’ of condemned murderers has provoked many to respond negatively. The basic argument raised by the critics is that capital punishment does not function, or no longer functions, as a deterrent to the crime of murder. They argue that even if all those on death row were to be ‘hanged’, the killings and murders would still continue, and may very well increase despite the ‘hangings’. Since the impression was created that the decision to resume hangings was a political response to runaway crime (including murder), it was not unreasonable to infer the rationale for that decision, to wit, that a resumption of hangings would deter would-be murderers.

We write from the perspective of Islam to agree with the argument that while ‘hangings’ can still deter acts of terrorism, they do not deter today’s random murders or, at least, can no longer do so. From whence do we derive this view? Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prophesied the coming of a Last Age (which would culminate with the return of Jesus, the true Messiah), with a momentous sign of ‘killing’ and ‘murders’ becoming so random, commonplace and senseless, that “… the one who was killed would not know why he was killed, and the killer would not know why he killed” (perhaps because the paymaster did not inform him). He also prophesied, “… each time would be succeeded by one that would be worse than the previous”. Hence murders would constantly escalate with governments helpless at that time to prevent that calamity. We now live in that Last Age in which Prophet Muhammad’s prophecies are constantly and dramatically being fulfilled to the ever-increasing dismay of those who rejected him and declared him to be an imposter and a false prophet.  (more…)


We begin with Allah’s blessed name. We praise and glorify Him as He ought to be praised and glorified. And we pray for peace and for blessings on all His noble Prophets and Messengers, and in particular on the last of them all, the blessed Prophet Muhammad.

The last Prophet warned that “before the Last Hour there would be great liars – so beware of them” (Sahih Muslim). We recognize this to be the Last Age, and we seek refuge and protection with Allah from the international bullies who hid behind a mountain of lies and deception in order to plan and execute the 9/11 attack on America, as well as the 7/7 attack on London (i.e., July 7th, 2005), and to then put the blame on innocent Muslims. They did so, the first time, in order to exploit the opportunity to brutally attack and colonize Afghanistan and Iraq (while again hiding behind a mountain of lies) and to take control of Iraq’s great rivers of water and huge oceans of oil. This second time around the attack is on the religion of Islam itself, the institutions of Islamic learning, and the rightly guided scholars of Islam.

We must now prepare ourselves for attacks on scholars of Islam who would be defamed as homosexuals, or exposed in manufactured photographs of them in bed with prostitutes. We can expect concocted emails or false tape recordings of fictitious telephone conversations with terrorists, or illegal drugs planted in their homes. We are targeted by enemies who have already assassinated the illustrious scholar of Islam, Prof. Dr. Isma’il Faruqi, and the courageous Muslim rulers, King Faisal bin Abdul ‘Aziz of Saudi Arabia and General Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan, and who removed Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef from office in a plot that is still unraveling, and who will use any means in pursuit of their goal of ruling the world from Jerusalem. (more…)

What is the legitimacy of the modern secular state when judged according to the religion of Islam? Is it Halal (permissible) or Haram (prohibited) for Muslims to vote in elections of the modern secular state? This essay attempts to answer those questions.

A US-based Egyptian Islamic scholar declared in a widely circulated Fatwa (legal opinion) that it is Wajib (compulsory) for Muslims to vote in elections of the modern secular state such as USA. The preposterous implication of that Fatwa would be such that if Muslims were to refrain from voting in such elections they would have committed a sin!

On the other hand the outstanding Pakistani Islamic scholar, Dr. Israr Ahmad, has categorically declared that it is Haram for a Muslim to participate in the electoral politics of the modern secular state (i.e., the state which is established on the basis of a secular constitution). He has prohibited all members of Tanzeem-e-Islami, the Jama’at (community) of which he is the Amir (leader), from voting in elections of the secular state. He also disclosed that Maulana Maududi (rahimahullah), who took a stand in favor of participating in electoral politics, subsequently changed his position before his death and opposed such participation.  (more…)

Dr. Morgan Job has questioned our continuing failure, as Muslims, to establish constitutional democracy in the Muslim world (Conference on Constitutional Reform, November 28th 2004). But modern political democracy originated in modern secular western civilization, and required the adoption of political secularism as the basis for the establishment of polity and state. Political secularism, however, like all other applications of secularism, denied religion any significant role in the public order. This, in turn, facilitated the decline of religion and of absolute moral values, and has led, around the world, to the emergence of ever-changing materialistic values and, eventually, to an essentially godless way of life.

Let us recall that when the British colonized countries such as India they found Muslims with a political culture derived basically from Islam. British colonial rule imposed European political secularism ‘at the point of the sword’ as the alternative to Islam. Both Hindus and Muslims eventually challenged the new European religion of ‘secularism’, and sought to restore and preserve their own indigenous political culture. This led eventually, and alarmingly so for the British, to an ominous political alliance of Muslims and Hindus in what was called the Khilafat Movement — a struggle to preserve the institution of the Islamic Caliphate located at the very heart of Muslim political culture. Gandhi himself forged the alliance with the Muslim Khilafat Movement since he, also, wanted to restore (for Hindus) indigenous Hindu political culture and a Hindu model of a state. (more…)