Assalaamu ‘alaikum warahmatullah!

O YOU who have attained to faith! Shall I point out to you a bargain that will save you from grievous suffering [in this life and the next]? You are to believe in God and His Apostle, and to strive hard in God’s cause with your possessions and your lives: this is for your own good – if you but knew it! [If you do so,] He will forgive you your sins, and [in the afterlife] will admit you into gardens through which running waters flow, and into goodly mansions in [those] gardens of perpetual bliss: that [will be] the triumph supreme! Surah As Saff 61:10-12

The Islamic Network, an organisation dedicated to the propagation of Islam and the establishment of concepts taught by our teacher Imran N Hosein, has embarked on an extensive Da’wah and development project.  South Africa is a strategically important country due to the favourable political climate for Muslims, who are an influential minority amongst the 44 million inhabitants. The many similarities between Islam and the African Traditional religion make it fertile ground for active da’wah and we pray to Allah for His divine aid and to bless the effort with success.

However disunity amongst the Muslim communities has been a factor impeding the growth of Islam in the region. The project will see us embark on a revitalisation of the Muslim communities of South Africa, as well as inviting non muslims to the beauty of Islam.

The strategy is two fold, mediation within Muslim communities to solve disputes preventing unity and social action, as well as embarking on intensive, structured Da’wah missions, directly and via our television & radio media partners. Already we have initiated promising mediation between Muslim organisations and have been active in developing the silver dirham, educating and caring for the destitute.

Our organisation is made up of people who volunteer most of their free time for the cause of Islam, but this will not be enough to embark on such a daunting task. Our activities thus far have been funded by members and occasional donations, however this does not allow us to expand our efforts. To this end we would like to employ a full time da’ee (a scholar charged with propagation and teaching duties) as well as develop young media professionals (to produce programs so as to widen our reach using mass media). An essential component of the strategy is to market and suggest the Muslim Village as a solution to some of the social imbalances in the country and hereby build capacity for the establishment of this important task.

It is only by Allah’s permission, and with your assistance that we can make a success of this initiative. We humbly request your donation toward this effort,  we need approximately R110 000 for one year of operation, which is about USD 14 500.  If only 200 people contributed USD 72 each we would be able to continue and expand our mission for a whole year! 

To donate please use the PayPal button on our website – Progress of collection will be reported back monthly insha Allah. For donations from South Africa, please email us at for details. Also kindly remember that, according to our teacher Imran N Hosein, the use of credit cards is Haram, so please use your debit/cheque card if you are sending money with Paypal.

We thank you for taking the time to ready this appeal and pray that Allah accept the sadaka of those who contribute and increase the nur, taqwa and toufeeq of all our brothers and sisters in Islam. We also pray that Allah assist all those striving for His cause, ameen!

Mogamat Abrahams
Islamic Network South Africa.
14 Ada Avenue
Lotus River,
Cape Town, South Africa.


Cell: +27829238001

Behold We have willed that all beauty on earth be a means by which We put men to test,
(to determine) which amongst them are best in conduct!
(Surah Al Kahf 18:7)