“…There is a tendency to use the word ‘Ghazwa’ for a war which will take place in Akhir Az-zaman against Hind. Hind is that entire area which today comprises India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. And there are Hadith… I am not in a position to assess the authenticity of these ahadith, that a Muslim army will conquer Hind.
A Muslim army fighting in Akhir Az-zaman will have to be an army of ‘Mujahideen’. I don’t know, and perhaps you can correct me and help me, are there any armed forces in the world today including Pakistani armed forces who have ever described themselves or will ever describe themselves as Mujahideen?
Do please correct me and do please send me the evidence; that the head of the armed forces of Pakistan ever described his soldiers as Mujahideen engaged in Jihaad. I don’t think armed forces of secular nation states use that kind of a language. ”

Transcribed and posted by Deenuzzaman Choudhury from Malaysia 2011 Lecture Tour.